Love the "storage nook" below screen, and center console thingie with front to back lines

Love the "storage nook" below screen, and center console thingie with front to back lines

Does anyone have a picture of this? I saw this during my test drive. I like how these look! Are there any other possible designs of potential center consoles/storage areas?

- Tony

DallasTXModelS | July 9, 2012

I believe what you are talking about is shown in the pictures on the TMC forum at the following url.

Teoatawki | July 9, 2012

During the Seattle test drive my handler stated the shelf under the screen is officially part of the mod s design.

This conflicts with my previous understanding, and a post I can no longer find.

Mea culpa!

Tesla229 | July 9, 2012

I think a center console that doubles as an arm rest, as I have in my Lexus, would be more comfortable, practical, and secure.

Just my opinion...

heems | July 9, 2012



My5bAby | July 9, 2012

The Vents for the Rear come through that area. This way people in the rear can have air blowing directly on them. I think that is a novel and welcomed approach.


thwang99 | July 9, 2012

Cool thanks for the link!

DallasTXModelS | July 9, 2012

My 2008 Dodge Charger (mostly designed by Mercedes) when Dodge was owned by Daimler-Benz has the rear ac vents there as well but plenty of room below the armrest which is hinged to cover the two level storage space below the armrest the lowest of which has a 12v outlet. The two cupholders are in front of this and between the control stack and the cupholders is the Mercedes 5-speed Autostick. Below the control stack is the same little open compartment to lay small items in. Since there is no transmission and no drive shaft the empty space would be appreciated.

ddruz | July 9, 2012

I sincerely hope the cubby below the screen is not now standard because that would mean Tesla missed the boat again. The storage space is very welcome, don't get me wrong, but it is only marginally useful because it is unconcealed. IMO that cubby needs a door or lid or cover of some type. CONCEALED standard storage space is desperately, desperately needed. There is a long thread on this over on TMC which DallasTXModelS referenced above.

Nick Kordich | July 9, 2012

@ddruz - perhaps something like this?

The electrical connector makes it appear as though it may be unfinished space, but there's definitely the possibility of concealed storage already in place under/behind the touchscreen.

Klaus | July 9, 2012

@ddruz, Use the glovebox.

Timo | July 9, 2012

Glovebox is quite far for driver. Not usable during driving.

ddruz | July 10, 2012

+1 Timo.

The glove box also seems to be an afterthought design without much consideration about how people use it or what they put into it. There is a gap between the open glove box door and the glove box in the only good picture I've seen of it. Things move around in the glove box when you drive and when you open it the items resting against the door will fall out onto the floor through that gap if they are not bigger than the gap. I can't remember owning a car where there is a gap between the glove box door and the glove box itself. I'm wondering how common this is on cars. Do others have cars where there is a significant gap between the glove box door and the glove box itself when the glove box door is open? I would love to hear.

Soflauthor | July 10, 2012

As I've said here and at TMC, the ideal solution to the center space is to provide options across a spectrum of needs and wants.

Miminalists will be very happy with the existing center channels and a small cubbie under the display. Great! But those of us who want a more substantial storage solution will not be satisfied with that -- opening the way for either a tesla center console insert (CCI) option (increasingly unlikely, IMO) or an aftermarket solution.

I'm continuing my work on a CCI design. The rather complex geometry of the center channel (asymmetric curves) complicates a design solution, but an insertable, low profile center console module is doable. I'm working on it and should have a pre-prototype complete in a few weeks. Mimimalists will probably disapprove, but the CCI is not for them, and they will certainly have no interest in it. That's okay.

In any event, once I have a physical model, I'll run down to my local TM store, insert it into a model S and take a few photos. I'll post if it comes out well.

Brian H | July 10, 2012

Is there anything in the space to hook a latch/release attachment to?

Soflauthor | July 11, 2012

@Brian H: If you're referring to the center channel area in front, I've studied it pretty carefully, and there doesn't appear to be any attachment mechanism that I could see.

Brian H | July 11, 2012

Well, in the "gap" where your CCI will fit. Can you latch (or lock) it down?

EdG | July 11, 2012

IIRC, there is a little cutout covering tossed into the bottom of the existing "tray". If you remove that, you see some bolts apparently holding the tray down. It looks like you could take a couple of them out and use them (or slightly longer ones, if needed) to bolt down a replacement or insert to the tray.

Soflauthor | July 11, 2012

@Brian H: A number of options exist, some will require a few small holes in the channels, others less intrusive. Vibration damping is an important issue and must be addressed. More to follow, but first, need to validate the pre-prototype.

wbrown01 | November 17, 2012

Please can we have an Update on the Factory "Opportunity Console". When will we see the final product? When will it be ready?