Maintenance Savings on a Tesla Car

Maintenance Savings on a Tesla Car

Everybody talks about how much you can save from gas, but does anyone have a rough guesstimate on how much you would be able to save on maintenance from going to a Tesla? Obviously there is so many less moving parts from an electric car meaning less things can go wrong.

Sevenfeet | July 31, 2013

In the short term, the maintenance cost difference is just your time in the maintenance bay. For example, Tesla's 4 year, 50,000 mile warranty is exactly the same as BMW's warranty (and nearly every other luxury car make these days). So it's zero cost to you from the competition too. The issue then becomes "how valuable is your time?" The Tesla requires maintenance one a year. It's possible that a conventional ICE car would have to be more often, but these days with modern synthetic oil formulas, not much more often. I think my wife's Mini Countryman didn't ask for its first oil change until nearly a year of service.

The issue gets more unknown after the warranty expires (maybe the Roadster owners have some insight?). In theory, the Model S has far fewer moving parts so there is possibly fewer things that could go wrong with the drive train. But that doesn't mean nothing could go wrong.

Other possibles include regenerative braking reducing the need of actually wearing out the brake pads (the Tesla reps I talked to said as much).

Brian H | July 31, 2013

Yeah, many people have to deliberately do some 60-0 runs once in a while to keep the brakes from squeaking! Maybe they'll never wear out for most people. It takes a lot of 5-0 stops to produce brake wear.