Model S P-85 Factory Pickup on 5/4/13

Model S P-85 Factory Pickup on 5/4/13

Hi All: I thought I would share some inside information I picked up at the factory while touring the factory and picking up my new Red P-85. First: the car is awesome!! I had to back off a couple times yesterday until I get used to the power and torque at all speeds. Second: Everything worked and the car was perfect except for the fingerprints left when we opened/closed the "frunk" by hand. Third: My brother is quite envious (retired Lockheed engineer/mgr). He is younger than me, but managed to own a Vette and a couple Camaros in the past. No comparison according to him. Fourth: While we were out by the car talking with a nice young man explaining how things worked, a nice guy came over and introduced himself. Turns out he is the main car light guy for Tesla. He has years of experience in the industry ("Elon doesn't hire rookies".) He and I talked a bit about the fog lamp kerfluffle. He explained why Tesla discontinued them (not enough space here, but a very sound - logical reason). He said Elon will have them installed if someone really wanted them and relied on the original design which included them so they don't feel "shorted". Having heard his reasoning, I do not intend to ask for them even though they were in my car's original list of features. I told him that one of the things that really impresses me about Tesla is the ability to update the car. But, that does mean change and some folks will have relied on Plan A and get their feathers ruffled when Plan B rolls out without proper communication. Noting Tesla's core value of continuous improvement and change, I suggested that their business model might be improved with increased transparency and communication with the car owners when a change is made and why. Fifth: He said that Tesla absolutely monitors the Forum on their website and responds to customer input/ideas. For example: the software change providing for delayed start times for charging (saves money for me) was "frontburnered" as a result of all the comments here. So we are - in a way - helping to design and update this car by participating in this forum. Finally: I may name my new car. If I do, its time for a twelve-step program. WFM

SamO | May 5, 2013

Can you please give us the short version of why the fog lamps have been eliminated?

mkidding | May 5, 2013

So how can one "really insist" about the fog lamps?

Mike C | May 5, 2013

Yes, would be great to hear about the fog lights - take as much space as you need...

rdalcanto | May 5, 2013

Hopefully they have been reading about getting stuck from radio interference, and will write a software update allowing for passcode entry to drive the car if the fob doesn't work.

AlMc | May 5, 2013

wmfknm thanks for the information. It is nice to know that Tesla is listening. Enjoy the ride!

Brian H | May 5, 2013

Is the short version that fogs are redundant and purely cosmetic?

wfmartin1945 | May 6, 2013

Hi: The Tesla guy in charge of car lights said the original fog lights overlapped (lighting-wise) right in the middle in front of the car causing a very bright area right in front of the car (not good in the fog probably) and it was quite distracting as I understand it. I am sure that some smart lighting engineer could have come up with a fix, but he said that it was felt the lighting was more than adequate without the fog lights, even in the fog. As to how to get fog lamps if you relied on them when ordering, I am unsure -- call Tesla customer service?? I drove the car last night for the first time - - lighting equal to or better than lighting on any other car I have owned (including LS 400). Finally, I gave my 91 year old mother a test ride yesterday with her husband (she was in the center seat in the back). She remarked quite audibly at the acceleration. I always wanted to do that. Both were smiling broadly when we finished the short trip (which included a detour past Tesla Headquarters - parking lot full on a Sunday PM).

portia | May 6, 2013

thanks for the post, enjoy your car! is your VIN Above 10000? just curious.

wfmartin1945 | May 6, 2013

VIN 9465: BTW -the Tesla light guy said he has worked really hard for the last 3-4 years. Apparently Elon "doesn't sleep".

FLsportscarenth... | May 6, 2013


Thanks for the great info!

Thrilled to hear that they read the forums, is a great focus group for them and the comments from owners driving around in the real world sold me and likely many others on the MS. Hope they gather a lot of useful ideas from here and maybe have a few laughs - Dinosaur package Tesla?

Will make a similar report from the Tesla Factory when I get the tour in about 2 - 3 months (if the banks give the green light) or slightly later if they do not cooperate (MS WILL be next car! even if I have to pay cash!)

kback | May 6, 2013

Thanks for the post. This is an amazing company and an amazing car. I'm thrilled to be an early adopter - though nowhere near as early as lots of others on this forum. I accept the risk that there will be changes and improvements that we may miss out on.

Portia - regarding VINs, I got mine today - 10,423.

Musterion | May 6, 2013

I also picked up a Red S on the same day at the factory (Saturday May 4) and went on the tour. A funny story is that there were so many Reds there that the first one they introduced to me as mine was in fact the wrong car (the first thing I checked was the VIN and then had to convince the befuddled delivery guy who said he was sure he drove the right car inside and someone else must have moved it). We eventually found mine after it emerged from a sea of other Reds. When I inquired about the fog lamps, my delivery person said they had the "lights guy" around and he later came to talk to me. [By the way, the guy they introduced to me as the lighting expert is the same guy who does the official Model S walkthrough video on vimeo--my father who I brought along recognized him as the "video guy" earlier milling about.] The "light/video" guy did in fact tell me the same story as relayed above, although my (quite possibly flawed) interpretation of what he was trying to say was that the fog lamp directional beams crossed with the normal headlamp low-beams, thus producing a bright spot or spots. In any case he said quite emphatically that "many people complained about it" and it was removed because they decided the cornering lights were better. Of course he verified that the cornering lights are never both on at the same time, so I don't see how they can be a complete substitute.

Regarding VINs, I personally saw VIN 10050 and 10031 in final assembly in the factory, including one with the elusive "cold weather" option.

Had a fantastic drive home from sea level to 3000'. The car is awesome.

Cattledog | May 6, 2013

kback - When do you expect delivery?


kback | May 6, 2013

Delivery expected by May 25, possibly sooner.

Brian H | May 7, 2013

just imagine how smart Elon would be if he slept!

mlehms | May 7, 2013

please let me know for those who picked up there cars recently the wait time, i ordered today and am excited to learn how long it will be til i take mine home

AlMc | May 7, 2013

I placed my order about April 2, was finalized on the 16th and expect deliver on the east coast the first week of June. Seems right now about 8 weeks from order date.

They do have some ready for immediate delivery at the factory but you have to take them with whatever options they have or don't have