Model S reservation resale

Model S reservation resale

I’ve got the Hong Kong Reservation #61. Since the back facing child seat is not available as an option in Hong Kong. I am planning to order a model X instead. Tesla offered early bird discount HK$17,000 for my reservation. Anyone interested to take it?

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Captain_Zap | February 22, 2014

Tesla would not recognize the sale of a reservation.
Many tried previously.

jbunn | February 22, 2014

You have a reservation for YOU to purchase a car. You do not have a marketable commodity for resale.

NomoDinos | February 22, 2014

... although if you go through with purchase the car, maybe you can sell it at a high premium. Give it a drive first, though - you might have second thoughts ;)

Jolinar | February 23, 2014

Buy it and then sell it as used. If Tesla gives you discount, it's the obvious thing to do :)