Model X Accessories

Model X Accessories

What kind of products or accessories do you think will come to market because of the Model X? Tents or camping gear, racks, body kits, wheels, campers--what cottage industry will the Model X spawn? Who'll be first?

jjs | August 28, 2015


Dos Equis :)

jacksiart | August 28, 2015

@jjs - the Dos Equis could be stored in the new Tesla Electric Frunk cooler. The electrical outlet would have to be added, of course. | August 28, 2015

Don't forget the bottle opener in the middle of the spoiler.

jjs | August 28, 2015


johnse | August 28, 2015

Auto=deploying tent-rooms on the sides when the FW doors open and from the rear hatch--like the Coleman tent-trailers, but better. Pull into a camping space and Deploy the campsite.

Lucythesplainer | August 29, 2015

I'd like to see some kind of canopy to fit around the open FW door(s) and hatch for cabana/tiki parties.

Don't really want to camp so much, but adding to the tailgate scenery would be a plus.

ernie | August 29, 2015

Time for an ad hoc FW / Frunk / Rear Trunk accessory committee.

jjs | August 29, 2015

Would our Model X forum president, george, please convene the meetings committee to explore the possibility of calling a meeting of the accessory committee to begin deliberations on how best to gather information on how best to gather accessory information?

Red Sage ca us | September 2, 2015

National Lampoon's Coneheads European Vacation (2016)

rbi | September 3, 2015

optional whirl-pool instead of 2nd row seats (with cover if used in ludicrous mode)

Ross1 | September 3, 2015

The 2nd and 3rd row seats are actually inflatable / deflatable sculptures..

By touching the pad below "ludicrous mode" you can engage "absolutely stupid" mode and the seats will disappear .

Pressing twice will cause a black truck bed liner to appear so you can carry a ton of road metal or sand. In vehicles with all white leather, this color is changed to match the black rubber by holographic imaging.

The front end loader at the store will access through one or both FW doors. This helps to ensure the load is balanced centrally.

All is not as it appears. This is the future.

tmaz | September 3, 2015

well this thread went nowhere fast.

johnse | September 3, 2015

Oh... I think it went far, far afield.

Brian Vicars | September 3, 2015

Will the second charger and winter wheel package require ordering from the accessory website? | September 3, 2015

The after market feature fulfillment subcommittee is on break at the moment. The next item on the agenda is the snowplow attachment.

Certain third parties have approached the group with ideas that may be considered. Newspaper delivery people foresee a potential productivity improvement. Driving with FW doors open, double-barreled newspaper cannons, GPS enabled, offer a 50% increase in efficiency with the Ludicrous mode activated. Insurance coverage approval is pending.

Wineries foresee a possible grape-picking robot attachment that reaches out of the FW doors to pluck grapes off the vine. This requires video-based pattern recognition to guide the robot arms to the grape clusters. Nav system will require training to enable following the vineyard planting lines. This could reduce dependence on migrant labor.

In Europe beer delivery could be facilitated in cities with narrow, winding streets that trucks find difficult to address. FW doors can aid unloading cases with an attachment that drags them out of the car.

The Ringling Circus clowns have been playing with an idea that includes a dozen clowns popping out of the car, including the frunk but that is only in the talking stages.

One Texas rancher foresees the X as being a better vehicle than a pickup truck for checking on cattle herds. The possibility of using the FW doors to nudge cattle back into the herd is especially intriguing.

The U.S. Army foresees the X as a potential field vehicle with FW door mounts for machine guns or, alternatively, rocket launchers. They find the speed of the vehicle to be especially interesting. They have initiated a joint project with Tesla and Solar City to look into trailer mounted, deployable solar chargers to keep the vehicles running with no logistics overhead to worry about.
It's too expensive for the Marines...

Son of a Gunn | September 3, 2015

I like it! Can we have illustrations of that? | September 3, 2015

Secret like many aspects of the Model X.

We know nothing.