Model X vs X signature

Model X vs X signature

I was wondering what the difference between the model X and the model X signature was. I would guess that the differences are the same as with the model S. But frankly I couldn't find any specific differences between the S and the S signature either. Is there a difference? Why is it much more expensive to reserve a X signature than a regular X?

jk2014 | May 13, 2013

My guess is we'll hear more details maybe at mid to late summer.

Thank You. | May 13, 2013

Do you know what the differences between the model s and the signature s where?

jk2014 | May 13, 2013

I'm guessing maybe p85kwh (or possibly p100kwh+) 0-60 in 4.1 seconds or better, all the options included(pano, etc...) AWD, and signature Tesla red...

ian | May 13, 2013

The difference is you get your X before all the Production X's get delivered. The main difference anyway.

Vawlkus | May 14, 2013

Mostly stylistic differences IMHO.

petero | May 21, 2013

My guess: Signatures delivered before Production, perhaps a unique color (possibly Sig. Red), and some badging.

carlgo | June 1, 2013

Even fancier wheels and tires, maybe a special color or two, unique upholstery with special stitching and such, higher-end sound system with rear seat entertainment (even though I hate that), of course every option and the most available motors and power.

Maybe, maybe a slightly more capable battery, but that would upset the others.

Earlier delivery. You pays for the privilege.

jk2014 | June 1, 2013

Driver/passenger controlled tinting for panorama roof and side windows.

carlgo | June 3, 2013

jk, yes, controllable side window tint is a good idea. My now-old X5 has the rear passenger shades and I have found them very useful. It keeps the sun off of kids and it makes it hard to see in and that is a crime-stopper if you leave stuff on the back seat.

I hope for manual shades if the tint idea isn't used.

QAtesla | August 23, 2013

Sorry if this has already been said. New to Tesla, have put down the GP deposit for Model X. If I upgrade to signature, will I have to buy a more expensive car than I would if I ordered GP, or it is just that I have an option to get some special features not otherwise available but they are not mandatory? I will want 85kwh and AWD but not every bell and whistle.

AlMc | August 23, 2013

If TM duplicates what they did with the Signature S...Yes, it will be a 'loaded' car. You have the choice to drop back to the Production group if you decide you do not want all the items. I believe that you will be first in line for a production series if you drop back...but better ask a TM representative to confirm this last part.