Navigation Snafu

Navigation Snafu

I had to go to 38 Discovery Drive, Irvine, Ca this afternoon. I used a voice command and after processing, the nav screen correctly identified my destination. Unfortunately, the listed choices weren't even in Irvine. I've had my car for almost 8 months and have been impressed with the navigation abilities. This is the first time it was completely off. Fortunately, my assistant had google mapped my destination and had handed it to me upon leaving. Any one else having similar problem? It was able to return from Irvine flawlessly. I don't know if was a one-off glitch, a symptom of something else or a failure of google rather than Tesla. All I do know is that if my assistant hadn't gotten me a map, I'd have been in trouble.

riceuguy | October 8, 2013

No snafu by the navigation system...your assistant is just smarter than you and the car! :-) It's actually just "38 Discovery" not "38 Discovery Drive." The car is quite literal; as we all know that's what made Knight Rider so unrealistic...that KITT could interepret figurative statements.

J.T. | October 9, 2013

...that KITT could interepret figurative statements.

I could never figure out why the show seemed so unrealistic. Thanks, riceuguy, you solved that one for me. :-)

redacted | October 9, 2013

And that is why the Mach 5 was far more realistic.

Brian H | October 9, 2013

The semantic net etc. will resolve all that.

info | October 10, 2013

@rice: You're exactly right. I said, "Discovery" instead of "Discovery Drive" and the correct route appeared. It's hard to believe that the addition of "drive" would screw things up so badly. But it did.