Need help! I received a 12v battery warning this am...

Need help! I received a 12v battery warning this am...

It said 12v battery low. Car could unexpectedly shut down.

I'm afraid to drive it now lest it shut down in a bad spot.

Has anyone had this and if so, what did you do?
It's Saturday am and I have a call into Tesla but nobody is responding so far.


TikiMan | May 4, 2013

Mine has gone bad twice now in six months. Just take it in to your local service center (or call ranger service). It's a fairly easy fix.

nickjhowe | May 4, 2013

Definitely call Tesla Service. Is either the DC-DC system (there is a firmware fix that needs applying to older cars) or a bad battery (of which there was a fairly large batch)

bfranks273 | May 4, 2013

Service are usually closed on the weekend. Call the main (877) 798-3752. Or Are you saying that number gets no response?

JohhnyS | May 4, 2013

I had the 12V warning message. Tesla was able to remotely log on and determine it was a software glitch. They "pushed" the next software update to us and everything has been fine since.

scwins | May 4, 2013

Update. My car died a few hours later. I detailed the story in another post I made tonight.

I'm not feeling very confident about this car now. Completely dead. Tesla now has the car.

Joel N. Weber II | May 5, 2013

Does service that makes you wait 48 hours for an easy fix just because ``it's the weekend'' count as world class?

c.bussert67 | May 6, 2013

I had this issue when the car wanted to do the 4.2 update. I was in Vegas at the time and read about all the crazy quirks with that update. I drove for 3 days with the 12V warning cause I didn't want any issues. I had read it was just a software glitch, so I didn't sweat it. The car was working fine.
Got home and tried to do the update, but it refused because of the 12V fault. I called Tesla service, they eliminated the fault and told me to have the car update immediately before the fault showed back up. It cleared, I updated and never had that fault again.
Mind you, this was back in January, so it's old news but thought it was a relevant story...

David Trushin | May 6, 2013

Actually, i have world class 5/8 service on my caddy. Just like with any car, avoid breaking it on a weekend.

Joel N. Weber II | May 6, 2013

At least in the northeast corridor, Amtrak does more maintenance on a weekend day than a weekday, because on the weekends there's less demand for their service and they therefore have fewer trains carrying revenue passengers.

And Amtrak has been accused by one Congressman of being Soviet style. Then again, over at SpaceX, Elon is famous for doing things more cheaply than the traditional Soviet approach...

But I also wonder how hard it would be to build a 12V battery out of 16550 cells, similar to the full 85 kwh battery pack, but scalled down to have far fewer cells. It wouldn't surprise me if the 12V battery powers a few computers that supervise the startup of the whole system, and you'd need a way to get power to those without any computer controlling that process, but other than that, it seems like it should be pretty straightforward and might increase reliability if you could make it so that any one string of 16550 cells in the new 12V battery could fail, without preventing the 12V loads from receiving power.