New Model X Sightings

New Model X Sightings

I know they have one on display in Hawthorne. But has anybody seen one being tested on the road, I imagine with Beta due soon they should be testing them in camo out and about

ian | September 18, 2013

I doubt it will be out just yet. Elon did say they were doing some "tweaking" to the design. I bet they're shooting for a beta (Alpha 2.0?) for the winter to get some testing in. Of course winter can last pretty long in the northern climes so I wager it's still a ways out.

sofaguy | September 18, 2013

Have x on order, and can't wait to actually touch one!

Code4Ever | September 27, 2013

I swear I saw one in Glen Ellyn about 4 months ago, it was a Tesla and back wasn't anything like a model S (which I have) and taller. I know I have seen someone with a tesla around that had "Founder" on the back - not sure what that is.

newscutter | September 30, 2013

I'm hoping for a PR coup when Elon takes his family road trip this Winter. Would love to see him whooshing from one Supercharger ribbon cutting to another, all across the country, in a shiny new prototype Model X. Imagine!

Brian H | September 30, 2013

Would never work. Speeches and travel time are incompatible.