Northland More Bullish on TSLA Stock

Northland More Bullish on TSLA Stock

Northland Capital Markets appears to be coming more bullish on TSLA as indicated by this article today at titled "How Tesla (TSLA) Can Easily Go Up 300% From Here":

Brian H | July 12, 2013

"arguably the hottest stock in the market today".

Tesluthian | July 12, 2013

That's very encouraging article. I was wondering how long Elon would stay as CEO at Tesla ? My guess, early retirement to Mars for EM is 2033 when he turns 62. That gives shareholders 20 more years with Elon at the helm if EM chooses to stay that long.

By 2033, Tesla car production could be at 5 million cars a year. That would multiply all the figures in your article link by a factor of ten. This gives a possible share price of $ 5,000 a share by extrapolating from the article's metrics. A secondary stock offering at that price would yield 500 billion, enough to build more car plants, buy Panasonic, etc.

There is precedence for such returns. For exa, Berkshire Hathaway stock was bought up by Warren Buffet in the $30/share or so in 1964, and now sells for over $180,000 a share today, see link.

I believe Tesla gets high valuation not only for accelerating growth of revenue; but, also ADiiii or "Accelerating Disruption of or through Industries, Ideas, Institutions & Inventions".

Just look what Tesla has already disrupted or invented:

Battery packs. Battery Chemistry. Battery form
Battery supercharging. Battery swapping. EV motor performance
No dealers. No salesmen. Guaranteed resale value lease
Low maintenance. No profit maintenance. Software wireless updatable
Computer Screen Interface, Solar City tir-ins & partnering. SCTY Storage Pack Sales
Drive Train Sales to Mercedes/Toyota. Etc

Therefore Tesla is highly valued by shareholders to give it the funds to continue its proven ability to re-invent & disrupt. For example, what if Tesla leased their batteries & for the price of gas or less, you always have a battery forever without the upfront costs ? What if you could earn money back from the utillity by using your car battery to buffer electricity back to the grid at home or work ?

I believe further Tesla disruption will occur when Tesla builds their second car plant from the ground up, designed by Elon & team to make EVs.

As long as Tesla keeps innovating & disrupting, I expect Tesla to always have a high valuation & stock multiple.

Thanks for the article link, it was very good.