An off-road capable tesla

An off-road capable tesla

I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts on whether Tesla should develop and off-road-capable vehicle that could compete with the Grand Cherokee and the Range Rover; while maintaining the cars familiarity with paved roads (in other words, not a Wrangler, or a G-wagon, or Land Rover Defender).

My thoughts are that they should really consider it, because there are a lot of people who enjoy off-roading very much, but those people probably don't like paying for the gas for their gas-guzzling SUV. Tesla already has air-suspension and with maximum torque at 0rpm with is great for off-roading. The regen braking system could account for the hill decent control as well.

Dwdnjck@ca | October 28, 2013

The battery is the bottom of the car and is only 5 inches off the ground. It would take some severe suspension mods to make this platform off road. Most suv's never leave the pavement.

Brian H | October 28, 2013