The Pain of early adaption

The Pain of early adaption

I've had my MS85 two weeks now. Live in Chattanooga TN (for those of you not familiar its 2 hours north of Atlanta.) My first out of town trip was made this weekend. I took the non-Broder route and planned everything. Stayed at a hotel in downtown Atlanta that was close to the meeting site but also had a public charging station. Left Nooga with around 200 rated miles and dropped the family off at the hotel with around 85 rated miles looking for my charging station. Easy to find on the 9th floor of a public garage. There was only one charging station and thankfully no one was using it. In fact i dont believe anyone has ever used it because the charging cable was wrapped so tight around the storage holder, it was obvious to me it was installed that way. no way someone took the time to wrap it that neat when they were done using it. Its a Blink station.....went through the commands on the screen....plugged in with adaptor.....and got the prompt "self test failed; reset plug" Went through this process three times before i finally used the toll free number on the screen to speak with a Blink rep. They ran an OTA diagnostic and come to find out they installed a bad station. ITS THE ONLY PUBLIC CHARGING STATION IN DOWNTOWN ATLANTA!!!! And its 33 degrees tonight. The guy from Blink was great though. very sympathetic and helped me find another station as close to the hotel as possible. Ended up being 3.2 miles away, behind a pub near the Carter Center for those of you familiar with ATL. Had to take a cab back to hotel and will have to take another one back tomorrow to retrieve my MS. So now i sit in a hotel room checking my mobile app every 10 minutes while my car sits at the bar getting juiced!!! The pain of early adaptation!!!

jbunn | March 1, 2013

For your Blink account, you can have it send an email or SMS to your phone when it stops charging, if that helps.

Sorry to hear about your travel issues, but look at this crazy story about some guy that took a new fangled petrol car on a road trip...

Hope this cheers you up.