Pano ceiling

Pano ceiling

Does the pano ceiling take some of the height of the backseat? The height isn´t all that good from the beginning of...

nickjhowe | January 17, 2013

@SverreA - headroom is much better with the Pano roof. You get about 5cm more.

kafahsholtz | January 17, 2013

My eldest daughter and I are both tall (she: 6'; me 6'3"), and the pano roof is the only thing that really works. I haven't sat in the back yet (are you kidding?), but haven't heard any complaints from her.

But, remember, the S is very aerodynamic, in the same vein as the "pretty" or "sporty" European sedans, and as such headroom in the back is sacrificed. It's kind of fun to see those in your rearview mirrors...



GreenMachine13 | January 17, 2013

When I sat in the back seat and tried to put my head back on the headrest I hit my head on the headliner that starts at the rear of the Pano roof. I had to lean forward to sit up straight. I'm 6' even. It likely would've been worse without the Pano.

nickjhowe | January 17, 2013

I'm 6ft and can sit ok in the back of my non-pano car. Yes if I scoot all the way back in the seat and sit really upright I touch the roof, but who sits like that?

Stu Hood | January 17, 2013

Between the lack of the center "bump", and the extra space afforded by the pano roof, the middle seat is actually the best of the 3 in the back.