Ready to Finalize ! Cold feet please help !

Ready to Finalize ! Cold feet please help !

I currently drive a BMW 330i, Test drove an 85kWh @ SantanaRow, could not wipe the tesla grin for an hr ! what an Amazing drive. I've been lurking around forums here and teslamotorsclub for quite some time (countless hrs).

60kWh,White,Tan,Obeche Matte, Tech, Air, Super Charger - All ready to hit the finalize button. None of the software issues or lack of x,y,z, features or interior, battery degradation, charging issues ... mattered BUT Here is what's stopping me

> The doors, door handles

* Doors closing and opening was iffy, doors on the car @ SantanaRow were not closing shut solid !
* I read a couple of posts about doors not opening or opening by themselves
* Door seals having too much water after car wash etc
* I read / watched reviews that "squeaks and rattles are low to none", but how is it after a couple of months ?

Could folks having the car comment on how the doors & handles are holding up ? I understand TM is addressing them fairly quickly, but hard to accommodate the downtime with the busy schedule.

Being an embedded Software Engineer myself I have a stomach for software issues and to a point hardware but, as basic as doors and windows ! I'm still dreaded by couple of the annoying issues I had with BMW e46 - window regulators, rattles all over the place. Don't want to get to the same state.

Thanks a lot for the amazing posts in helping me decide the options.

mbcaffe | February 4, 2013

I have had my 60 KWH for two weeks now. no problems!. if you do not like the doors opening by themselsve on approach, you can turn that feature off.I washed my car myself two times. No more water than my previous 535i. Also the 60 is plent quick.

ViewAskew | February 4, 2013

I've had my S for right around 6 weeks. I could go on and on about what makes it special but why bother, you already know these things. I can tell you this...

a.) I live in a "cold climate" area so the issues mentioned with the door handles concerned me. As it stands now I have NEVER had an issue with my handles. (knock on wood) The only person I know of that had a problem in my area/climate with them was michiganmodels. From understanding Tesla was EXTREMELY quick to resovlve it and they've gone out of their way to assist him.

b.) Yeah... there are a LOT of spaces for water to hold on the S. What's worked for me is my air compressor. I've used it a couple of times to blow out water with great results. These are things that take time, I understand that. The reality is I plan on spending a couple hours washing it anyway. Worth the effort.

c.) You can still hear a pin drop when I'm in the car.

David59 | February 4, 2013

I have had my S60 for just over one week and I have not seen any problems with the quality or technology of the car yet. I did not get the tech package but I did get the air suspension option. The tech package has not been missed and in my opinion is a waste of money.

I don't think I will be going to any car wash other than my driveway for a very long time, if ever. Let my car be mauled by strangers with wet rags, never!

scriptacus | February 4, 2013

There are few threads on this at TMC. The first has a decent number of replies from people who have had their car for quite some time.

The second is a very similar question to yours, with responses.

Personally, I've read about every single issue I can find about the car and I am not having second thoughts in the slightest. The average customer experience as described by those who have had issues has helped a lot with that... Tesla seems very on the ball.

sandman | February 4, 2013

No issues with the doors opening on their own or the door handles not presenting when I wanted them to. From the users who have had issues, Tesla's been pretty quick to replace the faulty handles from what I've read.

I won't take mine through a car wash and the washing I've given her has been low water washing but been through a rain storm or two now and no issues with the water collection yet.

On the odd noises/rattles question, I think you are really asking about the overall build quality/reliability. I've put 1000 pretty hard miles on mine because I've given a ton of test rides to friends. No additional noises coming from the car that weren't there at delivery which is to say there are no noises ;)

Hills | February 4, 2013

My car is 8 weeks old now, and I live in the Bay area. It is an amazing driving machine, but you know that. I am not a "Tesla is perfect fanboy". I have posted elsewhere a long list of small problems (as have others), none are deal killers. To address your concerns specifically,
- Door handle: this was a major concern of mine for 6 months prior to delivery. I still think it is cool and all but unnecessary. However, I have had no problems.
- No water problem. I also washed the car myself twice. I understand others report problems, but I did not observe myself.
- Door itself. I don't like the door at all, but it is a personal preference thing, the door works fine. No seal problems, no water problems. There are many things I don't like about the door. Prefer it to be framed rather than frameless. The door is very very thick, and yet has zero storage pocket (because of the motor for the handle?). The door does not close with the nice thud like all other high end cars. The door does not automatically suck itself close. But to repeat, no problems.
- No squeaks, no rattles. Now what I am about to say may upset people. I don't consider the Model S to be quiet at highway speed. Yes, it is silent at low speed, but I think the car is merely average at highway speed.
- To sum up, you know the Model S drives amazing....Having monitored the company closely for over 2 years including numerous personal visits to Tesla, I know the quality of assembly was challenging for the first few hundred cars with tons or rework necessary to pass final inspection(sorry to say this, early Signature owners), but I believe Tesla has overcome most of the manufacturing issues. Finally, you have easy access to Tesla's service center, and my interaction with them is that they will fix defects.

I am sure you will make a good decision.

kingkoti | February 4, 2013

@mbcaffe - "Also the 60 is plent quick." - Thanks for this, In my back of mind I had this, if 60 is not as nimble as 85

@ViewAskew - "You can still hear a pin drop when I'm in the car" - excited to hear feedback on cabin noise or the absence of !

@David59 - I agree with you on the tech package, but its more of a wife thing she doesn't use a smart phone and believes in onboard NAV & better night lights (xenon + fog)

@scriptacus - Thanks for those links, firsthand feedback helps !

@sandman - Thanks for the feedback on cabin noise

@Hills - I'm in bay area too, one of the worst places with broken highways, I share the same experience during the test drive and later visit about the door "FEEL" not sure if its due to the open frame or otherwise, they don't feel / shut solid. I exactly feel the same about the way doors close on high end cars (BMWs, AUDIs) - Thanks for your feedback.

Hills | February 4, 2013

The door is solid works fine, you just have to push a little harder than other high end cars. You will quickly get used to it. The car has 20 little faults, but it looks and drives amazing, and no gas no exhaust!

nickjhowe | February 4, 2013

My next door neighbour just bought a brand new fully loaded Cadillac CTS Sedan. Went for a ride in it yesterday. Seems like stepping in the past. It's amazing how much ICE cars vibrate; you are so used to it you don't realize until you have spent time in an S.

bradslee | February 4, 2013

I have had the 85 S since last December and no problems with the door handles or doors. So far I have not encountered any problems that are often mentioned by other Model S owners. Besides that I agree with some Model S owners' comments on the interior design being some sort "cheap", the Model S quality is absolutely as same as BMW or Audi ( I also own both BMW 335i and Audi A4), not to mention the Model S 's great exterior styling and innovative technology.

WSC | February 4, 2013

I've had my car 5 weeks now with no issues concerning the door or door handles. The car is at least as solid as any of the German makes I've owned or currently own.

As for water seals, I wash my car by hand every week. I have noticed some accumulation of water in the door panels (more than the other cars I have, but it is easily resolved once you open the door, the excess water seems to drain quickly. There is one seal issue that has persisted on my car and I've noticed on some of the other cars I looked at (I know 9 owners) and that is around the rear passenger back up lights. Water accumulates inside the light. I have had my rear light changed out and still have the same issue. I am planning to take it back again. This hasn't cause any issue with the functioning of the light, but I am concerned that at some point it may cause a short.

No squeaks or rattles after 1500 miles.

kingkoti | February 4, 2013

Thanks guys for the feedback, I'm all set, waiting for papers to sign

bsimoes | February 4, 2013

My question would be how convenient is it to get your car to a service center. As I'm reading of cracked windshields and doors that won't open, I'm wondering if these are fixes that rangers can do "in the wild."

gumdoc | February 4, 2013

Hello all.
Getting ready to sign this week. THANKS for helping me "feel better" about my decision to buy. Have followed the threads for months and now it's my turn! The problem: Dark Grey or White?

Shelmire | February 4, 2013 it. Jump!

jat | February 4, 2013

I've had mine for a month and absolutely zero hardware issues and only a couple of minor software glitches that were easily remedied. Absolutely the best purchase I have ever made.

ThomasK | February 4, 2013


Tâm | February 4, 2013

I got my car for over a month and it's amazing even if it's not perfect.

Door handles: I love them and everyone else who see mine love them too. It is not a cheap trick! It is amazing!

Doors closing and opening: Mine open and shut fine. Mine shut solidly. It just takes a second to realize the different feel.

Doors not opening: Mine open fine. Not a single problem so far.

Opening by themselves doors: Never happen to mine. You now got the Android app to make sure they keep on locking.
Door seals having too much water: All the seals do their job by keeping the water out of the car, but leave them at trenches and grooves.

Squeaks and rattles: Only low volume road/wind noises and heating/cooling noises which would be drowned out if there's a gasoline engine. It's a very quiet car even at very high speed! The only clue is the G-force but no noise, no vibration, no effort, no hesitations.

There's no way to completely describe the Tesla grin. It's such a great car and it is worth every penny!

cmlaff | February 4, 2013

Had mine about 10 weeks with 4k miles. No door problems, minor software issues easily solved and a driver's side reading light break that was rapidly fixed by the stellar service center in San Diego.
BUT here's the biggest problem; there is crack cocaine in the air conditioning system! You will be so high driving the car you won't believe it and then when you stop driving it you'll immediately seek out a reason to drive it again. Be forewarned it is VERY addicting.

Mark Z | February 4, 2013

Have enjoyed the P85 since early November. Over 3,500 miles. No door handle issues. Service Center made a small adjustment to the rubber seal to help the passenger door close easier, much better. The driving experience is wonderful, especially the entertainment value of the Slacker Internet Radio. Software updates have made the current drive better than when I took delivery. I find myself driving extra miles to enjoy extra time in Model S. I need to sell my old cars because I am not using them!

bradslee | February 4, 2013

Like WSC mentioned earlier, my Model S also has the water accumulated inside the rear passenger back up lights since I received the car. Have no idea how that happens. Would like to know if it will lead to a more serious problem in the future?

jbunn | February 4, 2013

I've had the car for 6 days. Tech package so the handles present when I approach eiether front door. No issues, no rattles, no wind noise. Everything is completley perfect.

mrjohnlnguyen | February 4, 2013

I picked up my 60w last week from the factory and used the super charger to drive back to Orange County. The drive was great and free because of the super chargers. I experienced every weather condition except snow. All of the mirrors strangely turned brown, even though they say there aren't any heater in the mirrors I beg to differ! The next day after software upgrade to 4.2 my driver side door would not open, no big hold down the bottom and bamb all the windows roll down. Took it into the Costa Mesa location which is literally 10 minutes from me and a day later the car was all good. The guys said they and the engineers never seen this before? The service was great with no problems, they give you a rental no questions asked. Someone buying this car needs to understand that it's a brand new concept and company..these things are going to happen and you just roll with it. I still LOVE the car and don't have any regreat buying it. The car excelerates like no other and is a dream to drive. Now when the sunroof is open I hear something loose and some wind noise from the side mirror, no biggie..I just don't to give up my car for a day!

scriptacus | February 4, 2013

@mrjohnlnguyen - it's not heaters, the mirrors are electrochromic and darken automatically under certain conditions. It sounds like yours were stuck on the dark setting.

eltonf | February 5, 2013 get the pearl white. I get comments about how beautiful the car is daily.

Mark22 | February 5, 2013

Had ours for about 4 months, 5800 miles.
Door handles work great, doors work very well although I also would prefer framed doors.
My biggest problem is my wife is driving ours most days, we need a second one!

info | February 5, 2013

I've had my car for 600 miles and three days. I want to sleep in it. I tuck it in before I go to bed at night. Mine is pearl and it's beautiful. There will be some problems. Mine was delivered with a noisy computer screen fan which would have been fixed at the factory but my pick up was on Saturday and the choice was to wait until Monday or have it fixed later. The noise is minor and had to be shown to me. With the radio on at all, it disappears. Anyone who can afford this car is a fool to drive anything else.

I've had an S Class Mercedes and other high end vehicles. I've had problems with all of them that had to be fixed in the first 90 days. The car isn't perfect and there are some features I'd love to see that they've missed, but compared to everything else ever made it's simply the best. Don't doubt yourself. The wait is getting shorter.

I can't explain how good this car is but when you get it, you'll know. There isn't a bad color. When I picked up mine people were getting blue, green, white, silver and black. They all looked great. Once your inside, you won't care if it's purple with pink polka dots, you'd drive it anyway----and be proud of it.

kingkoti | February 5, 2013

Great feedback so far, as someone mentioned in some thread - people who have issues come on to the forum more often than people who don't.

Now I'm content with my decision to go ahead with purchase ! now waiting for papers to sign !!

GLO | February 5, 2013

Buy the car! 2 weeks and can't wipe the grin off my face. 60kw pearl white, air suspension, tech pkg. etc.