rear deck

rear deck

Can someone who has actually seen the MX tell me about how much of a drop there is from the read hatch opening to the flat surface created by the 3rd row seats being folded? TIA!

ian | October 11, 2015


ian | October 11, 2015

That I can remember. Sorry. Looking for a photo that confirms. Will post a link when I find it.

bp | October 12, 2015

In the Model S, when the rear seats are folded down, there is a relatively flat area extending from the back of the car and along the back of the folded-down rear seats, with only a slight "bump" between the seats and the rear "floor".

Below the "floor" is an extra compartment (where the gas tank would normally be in an ICE).

In the Model X, behind the 3rd row of seats, have the made the "floor" lower to provide more storage? And if that's true, when the 3rd row is folded flat does that produce a drop-off between the back of the seats - and the bottom of the storage area, at the very back?

Even if there is 60" of space between the back of the car and the back of the 2nd row seats, with the back row folded down, if that area has gaps at the front and back, then that could limit what items can be transported, because the usable "floor" for that area would only be the length of the 3rd row seat back.

Looking forward to either see some pictures - or seeing a Model X in person, when they start shipping them to the local stores...

lkashworth | October 12, 2015

I did see some image from the launch that showed exactly what bp describes...a drop of some distance from the rear hatch opening to the floor of the cargo space. I'm hoping to find someone who knows what that vertical distance is. Thanks!

clublon | October 12, 2015

There is at most a quarter inch drop. I have photos taken at the event. There is a large drop if you take the rear deck board out. The rear seats fold flush. I was there when rear seat was folded flat and second row seat tipped forward and the distance of 60" was measured.

lkashworth | October 12, 2015

Thanks clublon!!

If you have a good photo of the rear of the car with the 3rd row seats down, I'd love to see it here. :)

Tâm | October 12, 2015


Are you looking for these pictures from Mark Z?

Folded left third row seat for your reference:

Rear trunk with folded third row seat on left and upright seat on right.

Tâm | October 12, 2015

Let's try again, those links didn't work.

Hear again:

Pictures from Mark Z:

Folded left third row seat for your reference:

Rear trunk with folded third row seat on left and upright seat on right.

ian | October 13, 2015

Rear cargo well, 45x15x18" deep, above the cargo shelf, 18" to the curve of the hatch (lowest point). 12" from back of 3rd row to hatch (approx) at top of seat, 15" at bottom of seat back.

3rd row folded, 50" from back of middle seats to hatch when middle seats are all the way back, 60" if they are in their full forward position. 27.5" from folded rear seats to C pillar cross beam, which appears to be a constant as there's a beefy support for the FWD hinge there the full length of the back.

In 6 seat config. You have a 15" gap between the middle seats and an 80" linear space to the back. One of the test ride cars was configured this way with a center console that provided an arm rest.

Frunk is about 44" wide, 22" deep and roughly 15-18" long. (I wasn't able to get that measurement with the crowd)

A 6' man can easily stand up in the 3rd row seat area with the FWD open and the middle seat in forward position for 3rd row access.

Adaptive FWD open/close is amazing to watch with people nearby.


lkashworth | October 13, 2015

Thanks Peter! Your numbers are VERY helpful. I thought there was 60" available in the back with the 2nd row seats set normally. I have a 57" item that I carry 2x per week. Hmmm... My jr high math tells me that if the back is 44"x50", then the diagonal is ~66". That should do it! Yippee!!!

ian | October 14, 2015

Not my numbers. Be sure to follow the link over to and thank user pvogel. ;-)