Rear passenger window won't roll up

Rear passenger window won't roll up

I was driving the other day (temp was really hot) and heard a bang behind me. Turned around and didn't notice anything.
A few days later I opened the passenger window behind the driver seat and it'd not roll back up. Been waiting for a call back from the service center for 2 days now.

Curious to know if this is a common issue?

Velo1 | April 25, 2013

I've only had a few issues, unrelated to yours, but both times the service center had me remove and reinsert the fuse for the specific function. Both times problem solved, never to return. This might be a good first troubleshooting step for you. Check the owners manual for fuse chart.

nside | April 25, 2013

I think my problem is mechanical.

riceuguy | April 25, 2013

I had that happen in a previous car where the rollers or whatever it is that grips the window inside the door just broke, plain and simple. I'd agree your problem sounds mechanical. I wouldn't keep waiting for a call back as the service centers are swamped with getting deliveries ready; I'd be a bit more dogged in calling them back!

nside | April 25, 2013

@riceuguy interesting. Maybe it was the heat.

I just got an email from the service center and will send the car next week for repair.

shs | April 25, 2013

Same thing happened to me on Monday. My problem is also mechanical it would seem. It took a few days for service to get back to me, (some changes in that area are being made it would seem), but when they did they bent over backwards to fix the problem and accommodate my schedule.

negarholger | April 25, 2013

Or they got the mechanism from Daimler... broke 6 times in 5 years on our Benz. Hope it is under warranty.

cpetrush | April 25, 2013

I had the same thing happen. Took it in for service. Broken something something arm. Fixed while I waited, about 2 hours. Hey, it happens, no big deal.

negarholger | April 25, 2013

When the window is mechanical loose... then go to a home store and buy a $12 double suction cup bathroom handle, pull the window up with your hands and secure it with the handle. That way at least your window doesn't stay open. If smarty pants asks you what that is that then tell him it is your internet hot spot.
I have practice... 1st time it happened we were on a road trip and it was freezing cold... no way I wanted to get sick.

niks | May 4, 2013

I just had that same issue occur yesterday. It was 90+ outside and when I got back to my car after work in the evening, the rear passenger window simply slid down with a thump when I opened the door. Was a bit surprising and it clearly appeared that something mechanical was broken. Been trying to get a hold of Tesla service all morning without any luck...

mrh302 | May 10, 2013

I've now had it happen with both rear windows. Same hot weather issue both times. Concidence? I don't know. In any case, Tesla brought me an incredible P85 while they fixed the first window issue. I had no trouble reaching the tech support folks. This time, same story. No problem reaching tech support. Hopefully I will once more be rolling a P85 after they pick up my S. That said, I do wish the car was defect free. It is a little embarrassing, especially the second time...

susanv | June 10, 2013

This happened to me last week. It wasn't hot that day, but we had had a few very hot days the previous week. I had gotten in the car and driven a couple miles when a heard something slide and bump. My front window was open so I didn't notice the rear window had opened on its own until I got on the highway and closed my front window.

Turns out the window regulator broke and needed to be replaced. Disappointing since I've only had the car 2.5 months. However the Watertown service center did a great job fixing it and making it as convenient for me as possible (picked up the car and dropped it off afterwards). They also mentioned that there is a plastic clip they now have to prevent the windows from sliding open when the regulator breaks and will install it when they get them back in stock. Sounds like they are only available for the rear windows, as they are the problematic ones, and that anyone can get them installed the next time they are at a service center.

J.T. | June 10, 2013

Perhaps nickjhowe should add this to the checklist.

rloehler | June 10, 2013

I had this happen to me this weekend. I walked outside after my car was in the hot Florida sun and found that the window was inexplicably rolled down. Took it in this AM and they replaced the regulator. Heard about the clips that will soon be available, but they were not in stock as yet. They were really good at fixing it promptly, though.

isom | June 17, 2013

This happened to one of my rear windows. Apparently they have a new regulator supplier as they had numerous problems with the old one. They flew a service tech out to fix it in my garage. Very prompt response with amazing service. The car has been otherwise perfect and I could not be happier.

riceuguy | June 17, 2013

Could those with the issue post their (approximate) VIN numbers so we can make an educated guess as to when this got resolved at the factory level? I live in a hot climate and park at the airport and could end up with a window down for days on end if I'm not careful!

Mark.Brisbane | June 18, 2013

If you can get the part, replacing a regulator is pretty simple and quick. If your alternative is to not use the car because you can't close the window it is something to consider.

Brian.S | June 23, 2013

Live in Phoenix. Hot as hades. Noticed the rear passenger window had slipped this morning on my way out the door. Broken regulator number 2. Other passenger window regulator broke last month. Service center fixed the first window quickly- within 24 hours. Sounds like the heat is hard on this particular part of this vehicle.

ziggy | June 23, 2013

Yes this happened to me. Got if fixed and they were quick about it. Apparently there is a gear and cable system that holds the window up and the cable comes off or breaks.. Seems like a very common issue.

VIN P07108

Klaus | June 24, 2013

Had my car in for another issue today and while they had the car, the techs added a small metal clip over the end of the cable that operates the window. Apparently extreme heat can cause the notch where the cable attaches to begin to spread and eventually the end pops out. Was told that it is predominant in darker colored cars that absorb more heat.

I recommend everyone bring in your car when convenient and have these clips installed.

ravidgupta | October 16, 2013

I just had the same thing happen to me today. Wow, seems like a common issue. I appreciate the suction cup fix tip, looks much better than taped up garbage bags to keep the rain out until I can get the car to the dealer. Tesla did seem accommodating though, which is nice.

PBEndo | October 16, 2013


You can also use packing tape on the outside of the window to hold it in place instead of the suction cup handle. That worked for me and if you take a few minutes to do it, you can make it look acceptable.

Chuck Lusin | October 16, 2013

I had the same problem, fixed at the Service Center:

Complaint Narrative: Service Bulletins to be Applied
Pay Type: Warranty
Cause: Service Action (Bulletin)
Correction: Install Reinforcement Clips on LH and RH Rear Window Regulators
Installed Reinforcement Clips on LH and RH Rear Window Regulators
Part Qty

Complaint Narrative: Customer states: Window won't move (RL)
Pay Type: Warranty
Cause: Window regulator cable snapped.
Correction: Window Motor/Regulator Assembly - Rear - LH
Removed and replaced RL window regulator
Part Qty

SCCRENDO | October 16, 2013

It's a service bulletin for early models . Vin 77--. From April. 1 week before my 12000 mile service I returned to my car and the left rear window was down and could only be pulled up manually. Drove with a duct tape window for a few days. Replaced the regulator and placed clips on both rear windows which is part of the service bulletin.

gmsaul | December 11, 2013

Have now had window regulator fail twice on same door. Stopped by and service center and they were too busy to take car, so they taped it up. Just called to schedule a repair and nothing available until late next week. Also, they no longer provide tesla's as loaners, they have a deal with enterprise rent-a-car across the street (and by the way, you have to show up by 5 cause enterprise closes). I'd say customer experience is rapidly heading downhill, which is too bad.

SCCRENDO | December 11, 2013

@gmsaul Which service center? Looks like my duct tape idea is catching on.

ColonyGolfer | December 11, 2013

I had my Sig Model S in for service yesterday for the first time, Dania Beach FL. They gave me a loaner P85 with 1100 mi. for the day...I returned it the next morning as there were 20 service updates for my 1 yr old car, one of which was rear window regulators. I didn't report this to them, so possibly they are repairing all the cars window regulators.

gmsaul | December 12, 2013

So quick update on my earlier post. Tesla Palo Alto picked my car up at home this morning and took care of the window regulator, also provided a number of other updates including replacing my FOB key which was functional but outer housing was coming apart. They returned it same day, and even washed it on top of everything. Nice recovery and thanks for great follow up!

jim.bartel | December 13, 2013

gmsaul, your experience was a carbon copy of mine in August ...except I took my car to the Burlingame Service Center. I too had a popped rear window regulator. They repaired it while I waited, took care of a couple service bulletins, and replaced my key fob for the same reason (top of mine was showing small cracks). Car was given back to me after a wash. All in all, a great first service experience.

jbunn | December 13, 2013

Dang, this window hasn't rolled up for 8 months now. Is it ever going to get fixed?

eoretout0991 | October 20, 2015

My right rear window opens for the door handle but never goes back up. If I repeatedly open and close door, i can essentially roll the window incrementally.

Rocky_H | October 20, 2015

@eoretout0991, Is this only related to the auto-movement from opening the door? Can the window switches in the car move the window up and down? | October 20, 2015

I had the same thing happen.

I just got in car, closed door, rolled up window, and issue was fixed.