Rear-view cameras instead of side mirrors - add on in the future

Rear-view cameras instead of side mirrors - add on in the future

Saw that the Model X has side view cameras instead of mirrors.

I've read that the side mirrors can add a lot of drag, I've seen figures of one point (.01 increase to the CD). This seems like it would make a relatively big difference at highway speeds, and going with cameras instead of side mirrors could possibly increase the range by an amount of around the magnitude of going with aerodynamic wheels.

The Model X's side cameras are awaiting approval due to regulations. Any chance the Model S would have cameras too? If not, it would be really cool if they made the Model S have all the software/wiring/etc needed to have cameras, but just put in mirrors. This way in the future, if the cameras are approved, we can get side view cameras as a future add-on upgrade, and it could become an option in the future for first time purchasers too.

But, other than the aerodynamic advantages, side cameras are just SO COOL. :)

- Tony

Brian H | February 21, 2012

Yes, 0.1 sounds about right; I heard "5%", and 0.1/.22 ~= 5%. Quite amazing, really!

Volker.Berlin | February 22, 2012

Brian H, more like .01 which is ~5% of .22. You've got your % calculation reversed. A Cd of .21 would indeed be (even more) spectacular.

Robert.Boston | February 22, 2012

Any regulatory change will take years, not months. I think it's fair speculation that, if Tesla can get approval to replace the side mirrors with cameras that we will also see this change in the Model S v2.0.

Brian H | February 22, 2012

actually, I just forgot a zero. The eye-brain connection was misbehaving. ;p

Suggestion for the mirrors, interim: make them one-way, and hide a camera behind the mirror glass so that the driver gets both! Construct it so that when the camera-only system is approved, the outer mirror shell can be removed.

cerjor | February 22, 2012

On the model X, I think the camera images are on the center console screen. That will take some getting used to. What if each camera is attached to its own small screen (3in) tucked into the dash very close to the site line to the side view mirror?

EdG | February 23, 2012

For me it's more important to keep the car's side information in front of me than to reduce the air drag. And no need for yet another display.

dborn | February 24, 2012

I would like the mirrors to at least be prewired. The place to display the results would be on either side of the dash screen directly in the line of sight of the driver ( either side of the speedometer). No need for additional screens - just picture in picture.

Timo | February 24, 2012

I think that is exactly where Model X does put the side camera screens. In both sides of the dash screen speed/RPM meter. It looked like that in one of the videos I saw.

thwang99 | February 28, 2012

Timo, that would be great, maybe it would be possible to add the side cameras in the future, then!