RECARGO - IPhone program to find charge stations

RECARGO - IPhone program to find charge stations

I advice everybody to download from Apple Store this application. It shows hundreds of charge stations all over the US. Mostly they are not supercharge stations but at least you should know the closest place to charge. You can also go online and go on their website.

alfafoxtrot1 | December 15, 2012

Looks like a cool App. Thanks, ylyubarsky!

Brant | December 15, 2012

I think CarStations app is a bit better (finds more chargers) in my experience. Both are free though so load up.

timdorr | December 15, 2012
TheAustin | December 15, 2012

I have PlugShare too, it's got a great interface.

timdorr | December 16, 2012

Also, I should point out while these apps are great, they are all missing one very important thing: RV Parks with NEMA 14-50 hookups. There are tons of them around the country and they can let you charge up, sometimes even for free. I

'm planning a trip to middle GA that will be in the relative boonies and doesn't have any EV charging stations around. However, there is a local RV park and I've confirmed they've got NEMA 14-50 hookups that I can use for a few hours.

I don't know if there are any RV park searching apps, but I would look into those alongside PlugShare.

jat | December 16, 2012

I like PlugShare better.

@timdorr - the database is mostly community-maintained in PlugShare, so you can add any entries you are aware of that aren't there.

Do the RV parks want to charge a normal RV rate to use the power?

Brad Holt | December 16, 2012

I love PlugShare too! They're constantly updating the app as well. They pretty recently did a complete redesign of the app and added several types of plugs that you can filter out on the map. I'd expect that if you sent them some feedback they'd get straight to work on it.

Teoatawki | December 16, 2012

I made a trip from Seattle to Minneapolis for thanksgiving. Then back, naturally. 3525 miles including local driving in Minneapolis. In Minneapolis, I charged with Chargepoint 30A chargers. (Free, although most of the charging I did was in a pay ramp. (Ramp is mpls-speak for parking garage.) All the rest of the charging was 50A connections at RV parks. I believe I am the Model S owner who has spent the most time in the car waiting for charging.

krogers | December 16, 2012

Most of these apps allow and want drivers to update them about places to charge. It's to the community's (that's us) to update the DB's by sending feedback to the app developers. Some of the apps allow drivers to upload photos, and other information to make the location entries more complete. For out of town people it's quite useful for people in the know to add information about attractions nearby charging locations and any experiences using the location. We have a distinct advantage being able to plug-in where we find 14-50 or 110v outlets, so it could be up to this community to add those locations to all of the apps.

Teoatawki | December 16, 2012

RV parks are still at a loss for what fee is appropriate. I was treated to free charging in one spot, $5, $10, $20 in others. Night charges at a couple KOAs where I rented a 'kabin' I indicated in the online reservation comments I also needed a 50A connection to charge my car. They were very accommodating and gave me a nearby RV space to charge with no extra fee. I'm not sure what they'd do when the park was practically full.

Across the north, I had to be careful to make sure the RV parks were still open.

DouglasR | December 16, 2012

KOAs with cabins are an ideal solution. I'm planning a trip from Seattle to San Francisco, and found a KOA on Recargo in Mt. Shasta, CA. Recargo had lots of info. I called and found out about the cabins.

While the supercharger network (when it's finally up) will be great for getting from one city to another, I find it disconcerting how few hotels within the cities have chargers for use during overnight stays. For example, Eugene OR is a convenient distance from Seattle. I found one Hilton with chargers in their garage. The Hilton is expensive, plus they will charge $50 non-refundable for my dog, plus $15 to use the parking garage, plus Blink will charge $1.50 per hour for the charge. If I can make it another 50 miles down the road, there is a Motel 6 where pets, parking, and I believe charging are free, and the room is cheap. The point is, with so little choice, if the charger is not working or is in use, you may be stuck.

shs | December 16, 2012

CarStations has filters that allow selection of what sort of charging stations are displayed and one option is RV (N14-50) chargers. A friend and neighbor is responsible for CarStations and that is what I am using, at least for hypothetical trips as I have no car yet. As of yesterday, however, I do have a N14-50 circuit in my garage!