road trip on a single charge

road trip on a single charge

Hi - just wanted to write up a day trip report. (S85)

Drove (with 2 people) about 90 miles from the peninsula (sfbay) up to santa rosa, highway + through SF (up/down hill). Window open (drag) for most of the trip, on freeway hitting the "speed limit"+... so certainly not trying to be conservative on energy use, just regular driving, little bit on aggressive side.

then from santa rosa to sonoma and back, about 45 miles roundtrip, 3 people in car, airco on, then back to the peninsula, slower traffic (lots of stop and go, or slow down, accelerate) and in the city basically 1 hour stop and go slow (pride parade traffic). When I got home I still got 42 rated miles. All of this in hot weather, most of the way it was 95-100F.

I charged to 100%, rated miles in morning was 263. So basically in a non-ideal situation at full charge I do get the 260ish miles out of the car and I did a really nice trip without any worry.