Roadster shipped on Shipping Wars

Roadster shipped on Shipping Wars

Did anyone else catch that episode? Made me wince when The 'Rookie' got it and almost flubbed it.

Miffed about the harping on "if this thing isn't delivered in three days the battery bricks". That's just not right.

MG | February 18, 2013

Are You looking for this?

Download at:
Filename: Shipping.Wars.S02E19.HDTV.x264EVOLVE.mp4
Size: 92.602.790 Bytes
Tesla part starts at 06:10 mm:ss

The 'facts' in there are for sure exaggerated and funny.


Brian H | February 18, 2013

A 5-minute call to Tesla would have debunked the entire "3 days to bricking" deadline.

L8MDL | February 20, 2013

Next thing you know the folks from "Storage Wars" will find an antique Tesla in a locker--here's to BS entertainment!