Scared the bageezus out of Tesla owner today (lady)

Scared the bageezus out of Tesla owner today (lady)

Gillete, NJ

I spotted a beautiful grey Model S, think it was a P85 driving the other way on Valley Road, so I swung a huey and followed her into the Kings/Old Navy Parking lot. Parked next to her as she was on the phone, went up to her window, knocked gently, and made her JUMP 4 feet off her seat. I must have seemed like a stalker. But I quickly recovered and told her how much I loved her car and Tesla in general. She told me that every time her husband sees a Prius he yells something like "gas guzzler!"

Good times, loving Model S owners

earlyretirement | August 6, 2013

Yikes, no offense but that would come across as "stalking" type behavior to me. While I can appreciate people that like Tesla cars, I think that would come across to me as a stalker.

ian | August 6, 2013

Couldn't you have waited for her to get off the phone? Or maybe even waited until she got out of the car and then paid her a compliment and engaged her in conversation? ;-)

I'm pretty sure I'd jump 4 feet too if someone snuck up on me like that! LOL!

AmpedRealtor | August 6, 2013

Walking up to the car doesn't freak me out, but everything you did prior to that does!

Carefree | August 6, 2013

Wow! Are you really this naive to not realize that your behavior was way beyond appropriate? If you did this to my wife, you'd get an ear full for sure. A little common sense goes a long way.

Orangeman96 | August 6, 2013

Looking back on what I typed, no offense taken.
I'm just smitten with the damn car and as there are few in my area, when I see one "in the real world," I get a bit psychotic.
Appologies to the forum.

Cattledog | August 6, 2013

Orangeman - I appreciate your enthusiasm. As long as people don't create dangerous driving conditions trying to catch me or driving parallel to me in my blind spot, I always welcome questions and comments. Hope you get one and can return the favor to a curious onlooker some day.

jonesxander | August 6, 2013

I tend to agree with the general consensus that, yes, that might have been too much.

It's one thing to be an enthusiast and feel like you belong to this pretty awesome group of misfits, but keep the excitement in check.

Oh I didn't say what the "other" thing to my one thing was. Oh well.

jbunn | August 6, 2013

Oh well. Can't fault you too much for being smitten. I still wave like a maniac at other Tesla drivers. sure I look like a dork.

carlk | August 6, 2013

Give op a break. He probably was too excited to see the MS and forgot that he dressed and looked like a transient. ;-)

Vicelike | August 7, 2013

I sort of like when young women do that to me... gets my heart pumping.

Tesla-David | August 7, 2013

I have had two incidents where someone followed me. Th first involved someone folowing my wife and I home, which freaked my wife out. On arrival at our house, a guy jumped out of his truck and asked if he could take a picture of my car for his son, who loved Tesla's. The other inicident involved someone in a Mercedes following me into a parking lot, pulling along side my car to say he loved the car and had just ordered his own MS, and just wanted to knw what I thought of the car.

mumanoff | August 7, 2013

You are damn lucky she didnt shoot you!

olanmills | August 7, 2013


Brian H | August 7, 2013

Headline: "Tesla owners victims of car stalkers!"