Scottsdale Driving Event

Scottsdale Driving Event

My son and I participated in the Scottsdale Driving Event yesterday. Since I had already driven a Model S in California last year, I asked my son if he wanted to drive. I was actually interested in being a passenger. And since the delivery window for my Red P85 is early next month, I should be driving my own very soon (however, not soon enough).

We drove in a Silver P85. I sat in the middle of the back seat. I wanted to experience the sensation of the ride. My son put the car through the paces. I became aware of muscles in my neck that I didn't know I had. And, I now know why virtually everyone gets out of their test drive either smiling, grinning or laughing. What a sensation! What a car!

I am anxious about my delivery. And I know that my Red Model S will be even faster than the Silver one.

Ken S