This SHOULD be in the tech package!

This SHOULD be in the tech package!

While there is a thread for apps that one would wish to see in the car, this one is available for integration now and has been for some time. It is also one that could and and should be integrated with such a ground breaking high tech car. As it has numerous functions from adaptive cruise control to automatic headlight dimming, it deserves it's own thread.

haansberger | February 2, 2012

Just to start the list, I'll post a few things that pop into my mind :
- Head Up display : I sat in a BMW 5 series yesterday and was impressed with the info displayed on the front screen. Speed, guidance from the nav kit, max speed allowed... - it all hovers over the nose of the car. Excellent ! Add night vision to it and you are the King !
- some kind of anti-theft system via the 17" screen. As an example, one might have to punch in a 4-digit code, answer a secret question, select a picture out of a mosaic.. anything additional to just stepping into the car with the key and drive of.
- mentioned before in a thread : valet mode. Via the screen, lock the car into a mode that allows limited speed/range/access.
- why not add some kind of video surveillance as seen in stores. It could help solve discussions after an accident, you might access the info online to see were the car is if stolen etc..

As you read, I'm totally into tech stuff :-) Assume other people come up with more down to earth stuff...

Timo | February 2, 2012

I think that anti-theft system is already standard. After all it is really really easy to make for a car which entire drivetrain is dependent of an computerized logical circuit. You remove access to that program and car is going nowhere. No hot wiring for BEV.

Also valet mode is probably standard.

soonhyeok | February 2, 2012

Definitely BlindSpot Sensor

Thumper | February 2, 2012

Blind spot sensor +1. Sadly, I think its absence is already confirmed for first production run. I lobby again as I have in other posts for any necessary additions to the wire loom to make retrofit of blind spot mirrors possible in the future.

stephen.kamichik | February 2, 2012

The SAE once published a paper on how to adjust mirrors to eliminate the blind spot. Rest your head against the driver's side window and adjust the driver's outside mirror to just see the side of the car on the inside edge of the mirror. Lean towards the passenger side and adjust the passenger's outside mirror to just see the side of the car on the inside edge of the mirror. When a vehicle is in the "blind spot" it will be visible on both the outside and rear-view mirrors. My mirrors are adjusted like this and there are no more blind spots.

EdG | February 2, 2012

@s.k: I've adjusted my mirrors to that angle for more than 20 years. But I'd still appreciate having more information instantaneously available - without having to glance over. There are times when it's not full sunlight and a car moves nearer from two lanes over.

When an emergency maneuver seems imminent ahead, I'd like to know that no car has just moved closer. There's no time to look at the mirrors.

A blindspot sensor would be good, video of the areas to the rear on both sides displayed within my central vision area (preferably on each side of the speedometer screen) would be better.

David70 | February 2, 2012


Other cars switch to an adjacent lane just as I'm about to switch to the same lane (from the other side) is usually one of my concerns too. And often they will do it from behind while traveling faster than you.

EdG | February 2, 2012

Wouldn't it be great if, while looking forward, you could see them coming up and toward you?

Volker.Berlin | February 2, 2012

Hands-free hatch opener: An kick into the air towards/under the rear bumper triggers the electric hatch to open.

First seen in the Volkswagen Passat (I think), most new German premium models seem to have it as an option in 2012. It's one of those inventions that make me wonder "why didn't someone think of this years ago?".

discoducky | February 2, 2012

I think the heads up display is great and would like to see how TM can make it better than any other car company...however, if I had to compare what BMW has done with the LED driver display I'll take the later.

I'd like park assist so I never have to worry about anyone who parks the car to hit anything. Don't want anything touching the paint or rims.

And I too hope there is valet mode and/or some way to add extra security to ensure the car doesn't get stolen. Really like the idea about limiting speed/range without a proper code.

Mel. | February 2, 2012

I agree. With haansberger, the heads-up display would make me very happy.

Volker.Berlin | February 2, 2012

Of course a thread like this is fun and I happily participate. On the other hand, Tesla has to get to core functions right. Not "about right", but 100% right. They must produce reliable cars, and must minimize failures of any kind. That's required/appreciated by marketing and press just as much as by the actual customers.

The more systems there are, the more things can go wrong. As it stands, Tesla seems to focus on a few very unique features (17" touch screen, no knobs, virtual gauges, largest sunroof, retractable door handles) and a few essentials that a car of this class simply cannot go without.

They intentionally leave a lot of the whistles and bells available in other high-end sedans (as pricey options!) for later. I think that's a very good idea. Get the basics right, and then incrementally add more options/gadgetry. Keep in mind that every option must be carefully integrated into the system as a whole, technically as well as from a design and usability perspective, and must be thoroughly tested in combination with the presence and absence of all other options... That takes a lot of time (and money). I want my Model S asap, and if that means that I have to exercise shoulder checks -- which I should do, anyway -- then so be it.

stephen.kamichik | February 2, 2012

I agree with VB. I think we shall be able to write third party APPS.

engle | February 2, 2012

On our 2011 E350 Bluetec (diesel) sedan, we have:

Distronic Plus (adaptive cruise) with Pre-Safe Brake (automatically brakes to slow down/stop if you don't),
Active Blind Spot Assist,
Active Lane Keeping Assist,
Parktronic with Parking Guidance,
Pre-Safe (Predictive Protection System),
Attention Assist Driver Drowsiness Monitor,
Active Curve Illumination, and
Adaptive Highbeam Assist.

I use #1 all the time on the freeway, and will really miss this feature. The E-class B-pillar causes a terrible blind spot with the seat far back the way I like it, even with the mirror adjusted correctly, so #2 has been very useful, too. Although I almost never need to parallel park, I also like #4 just for pulling all the way into the garage. For me, #3, #6 and #7 have no utility. #8 (adaptive highbeam assist) is just convenient - not really safety - and I won't miss it.

I specifically asked about #1 (adaptive cruise) at the factory in October. The engineer said they are working on it for a later release of Model S. I understand they can use anything in the Mercedes (Toyota also?) parts bins. I think the hold-up may be they have to write custom code for all of the above features to integrate them with their Tegra-driven in-dash LCD and the 17" touchscreens, and test, test, test. They wouldn't want this to delay shipment of the Model S. And, they certainly wouldn't want a defect in an enhanced safety system to ship, cause an accident, and damage their product's reputation (e.g.: Volt post-crash battery fires problem).

I decided the EV benefits over ICE are more important to me then having these features. Never having to visit a gas station, no emissions, and the performance's 0-60 time (I really miss my 2007 CLK 550 cabriolet which was ~4.9s when paddle-shifted :-). Next time I visit Santana Row I need to figure out where to plug-in my radar detector. :-)

At the same time, I'm hoping at least #1 will be available by the time our S ships (P#4,491) in Dec. 2012 or thereafter.

I predict all of the above, plus night vision and heads-up display, will be available whenever Model X ships in a upgrade package and/or options. We plan to reserve one of those to replace our aging ML 320 gas-guzzling SUV. I'll be watching the web streaming of the "reveal" with keen interest. As a stockholder, I like the way Tesla follows Apple's model to turn their new product introductions into a highly-anticipated media event. Inviting some customers to interact with the media is also a great strategy, IMHO.

I also predict 85 kWh will be the largest battery "revealed" for the X. However, by the time it ships, there will be an even larger capacity battery pack available using newer, energy-denser cells.

EdG | February 2, 2012

I'm not asking for sideview cameras to be worked into the screen as of day 1. I'd just like the cameras to be installed and wired so that a Tesla programmer can actually get the data so that a software update can make them functional. Given they've already signed on for a backup camera, HD or otherwise, this shouldn't be too difficult.

stephen.kamichik | February 2, 2012

I am wondering if webcams could be plugged into the USB ports. They could be used with the outside mirrors.

EdG | February 2, 2012

Fine with me, but for neatness I'd like an extra USB port or 3 under the dash to do it.

Robert.Boston | February 3, 2012

Next time I visit Santana Row I need to figure out where to plug-in my radar detector. :-) -engle
The only 12v outlet in the Santana Row car was under the central cupholders/arm-rest. Or perhaps you can plug it into one of the USB ports, which will be under the touchscreen.

For me, #3, #6 and #7 [Active Curve Illumination] have no utility.
Interesting, Active Curve Illumination is one of my absolute favorite features on our BMW. The last 10 miles of road down to our place in Maine are winding and unlit, so this feature really shines (if you'll pardon the pun).

cmlaff | February 3, 2012

The blind spot issue was solved for me about 8 yrs ago when I put one of those small "fish eye" mirrors on each of the side mirrors. It takes about 3 days to adapt to them and now I can't live without them. Even added them to a rental car in Oregon a few years ago. I recommend trying them out on the car that you currently have to see if they will be helpful on the S if needed.

stephen.kamichik | February 3, 2012

I have installed a wide-angle rear-view mirror in my car. I would not want to be without it.

David70 | February 3, 2012


on the mirror on the interior of the car?

stephen.kamichik | February 3, 2012

On the mirror inside the car. It is a clip-on which I bought at Pep Boys several years ago.

dborn | February 3, 2012

The topic of this thread is about a technology which is designed to totally integrate with the car and probably display on the small panel in front of the driver, avoiding their round display unit, (which could match its appearance electronically. Probably far too late for the first units off the line, but not for those from 2013. Imagine, rear camera, already provided for by Tesla in the tech package, PLUS forward camera which can be used as a parking aid, not to mention automatic headlight dipping with approaching cars and proximity sensors for lane keeping pedestrians and other classes of obstruction, AND it is being fitted to competitors cars... This is meant to be "the worlds best car". I would say that Tesla absolutely should be in negotiation with the supplier to integrate it and as they say on their site it takes about 1-2 years to integrate, and Tesla is NOT listed as a company with whom they are in discussions.

As to parking aids, i for one have a bad neck and without these fore and aft, i can't really drive. i even reverse quite long distances on mirrors and sensors. For me, therefore these aids are a necessity, not a luxury. Side blind spot cameras, would be a major bonus for me on the same basis. While probably not possible to integrate these latter now, prewiring in the loom, and a push out panel in the mirrors to allow their retrofitting and programming would be a major boost.

David70 | February 3, 2012

Thanks Stephen.

I'll give one a try and see if I can get used to it.