Software/electronics needs improving

Software/electronics needs improving

Have a red 85....
Love the car.....the electronics not so much.
The showroom said to post here as Elon and the boys actually read the forums
So here goes:

1). Can't play an iPod.....are you kidding me?

2). Need to update voice activation so you can dial a number without looking away from the road.

3). Gps needs to have a memory

4). Phone needs to have a voice activated memory

pvetesla | June 23, 2013

Ok. I'll add a few.
1. Fan speed adjustment. Maybe be able to swap it with what's a passenger volume control now.
2. FM / AM radio steering control skip needs to be skipping stations that are programmed not scanning FM/AM

TikiMan | June 23, 2013

1) It can, as you as you have an iPhone with iTunes.
3) It does, just look under 'History', and all of your former locations will come up.

The good thing is... likely will have ALL of the things you want (and FAR more, without having to buy a new one) Just wait.


1) You can currently set the right scroll wheel to adjust 'Fan Speed'.

pvetesla | June 23, 2013

Thanks @Tikiman.

Yes, I've been using that in place of the control I think I would prefer in place of the passenger volume control I never use. I'm not wanting them to get rid of the volume control....only program an option to switch it to fan speed if I desire.

Is there a place to officially send recommendations?

stimeygee | June 23, 2013

The thing is, I've also got a list of stuff I'd like to see in there, and none of yours are on my list. I imagine the most popular requests will win. The fact that they can update it at all, on your actual car and not just future models, is one of the amazing things about this car.

GReese | June 23, 2013


That's not the spirit of the comment. You should be able to save locations with meaningful names, not just look in a history. The difference between browser bookmarks and your browser history. Not the same thing at all.

And only Bluetooth enabled i* devices work with the car.

GReese | June 23, 2013

I agree with the list from the original poster, plus I'd add better navigation of iTunes playlists and setting repeat/shuffle.

Xerogas | June 23, 2013

iPod Touch and iPod Nano both have bluetooth. Should work fine.

GReese | June 23, 2013

I add one other thing. Because you can have only one Bluetooth device paired at any given point, the car should recognize other devices connected via USB. For example, to have my phone connected via Bluetooth for talk and my wife or daughter's phones connected via USB for music.

In other words, USB connectivity for iPod/iPad/iPhone is a must.

Bubba2000 | June 23, 2013

I got a few suggestions:
1. The browser is slow, even with with good 3G signal in a lightly populated area. Probably needs to be optimized.
2. The GPS needs to be able to switch so the direction is going forward, besides the North-South.
3. Voice recognition needs to work across apps and improved. It is very important to keep eyes on the road.
4. Need smart cruise control. On the highway the speed can be maintained steady and that saves energy.
5. Lane change assist like Mercedes Benz. Lane drift warning.
6. Park assist
7. Back-up cameras need markers
8. Collision avoidance - front and rear.
9. Heads-up display
10. Side mirrors need to be able to fold electronically especially since this is a wide car (86+")

A lot of this stuff sucks electricity and the user should have the ability to turn them off individually. I expect that over time, Tesla may had some of these features. I understand they had to keep things simple and within budget to get the Model S out at a reasonable price. For version 1.0, they have done an excellent job.

yonak | June 23, 2013

I also would like to see the fan control interchangeable with the passengers volume control.

Sudre_ | June 23, 2013

Take a look thru here and see how people are voting.