Stolen ages

Stolen ages

I notice on the European pricing there is an option for an alarm. Most cars have an alarm as standard so was surprised to see this.

Does the US car have an alarm, or is that optional as well. Also does it have an immobiliser, or is that defunct with the keyless system.

Most car insurers in the UK insist on a tracking device to be installed in the car. With Tesla monitoring all the cars, does this act as a tracker? If the car is stolen can Tesla locate it and disable it? Do insurers know about this and take it into account?

Finally, has anyone had theirs stolen yet?

hfcolvin | May 9, 2013

Alarm is standard on mine. Option to turn it off/on in the settings menu. You can also track the car real-time on the iPhone app, but the ability to do this can be turned off/on from within the car's touch screen.

patrickclaerhout | May 9, 2013

Interesting question that one about insurers considering tracking possibility from Tesla as a valuable tracking devise. Tesla can do us, Europeans, all a favor by giving more details on their own system or better by trying to convince insurers of the impeccable function of their system. It could save us all time (discussions with our insurers) and money (lowers rates and no installation of an expensive third party tracking system).

mitchell.shon | May 17, 2013

Isn't there a way that Tesla can just add a password feature? That way even if a thief enters the car it won't engage into drive or anything unless a code is input in the touch screen to unlock the car...maybe could even be voice recognition.

ChristianG | May 17, 2013

If I understood right the additional securety system runs on a different battery than the normal one and therefore is harder to disable.

mrspaghetti | May 17, 2013


I predict this will eventually be added.

scoops | May 17, 2013

Be nice to pair a phone with the car, if a thief gets into the car and the car can't pair then a passcode on the screen has to be entered.

It would also be cool if Tesla (maybe as part of the service package) offered the ability to track and disable your car - effectively a built-in tracker. I'm sure insurers would like that and mean that they won't insist on a third-party tracker being fitted.

There could be an emergency button in the iPhone app. 'CAR HAS BEEN STOLEN' hit it and Tesla disables your car and send the co-ordiantes to the police.

jat | May 19, 2013

@mitchell.shon - nobody would want to have to enter a password every time they got in the car. It would be reasonable to allow some screen settings to be protected by a password, such as disabling remote access.

Haeze | May 19, 2013

I think the more important question is: How is a thief going to steal your Tesla if the key isn't near the car ? You can't shift out of Park without it being in the car.