Sunroof cover?

Sunroof cover?

Hello All,

Is there a sun shield for the sunroof in the Model S?


jerry3 | November 24, 2012

There is a shade planned for it, but so far every Model S owner says it isn't needed.

Volker.Berlin | November 24, 2012

Manual sunshades and wind buffet arm are included. On even the hottest days, the innovative glass blocks 98% of visible light and 81% of heat to keep the cabin comfortable.

As jerry3 pointed out already, no one has ever seen those "manual sunshades", but quite remarkably, none of the owners has complained so far. To appreciate this fact you must take into account that there are numerous threads with complaints about badly placed cup holders, inadequate audio from the rear speakers, the lack of rear foot mats, let alone manual (rather than powered) folding door mirrors... Thus, if Model S owners don't complain it is because there is nothing to complain about, and personally, I expect that Tesla will silently drop the shades. The design originally did not account for shades, and the shades were promised in response to massive customer demand (before any of those demanding customers had ever seen a Model S in person). I am actually surprised that the above-quoted text is still up on the website.

Brian H | November 24, 2012

Yeah, that's what TM said originally, and so I think those plans are in danger of dropping off the end of the priority list.

ke-we | November 26, 2012

Very strange if Tesla has got hold of a completely different type of glass than my BMW and Ford. Hot summer sun, my kids always complain and use the shade!

Timo | November 26, 2012

I was hoping that instead of shades Tesla would use smart glass which can be dimmed by press of a button. Something like what this firm sells:

olanmills | November 26, 2012

Many of us (myself included) did test drives in sunny, hot weather this summer and I think the general consensus was that it didn't feel like you needed a sunshade.

@ke-we, it's not that strange if the design intention was to make a car without a sunshine. Tesla did not say they were considering including a sun shade until many reservation holder complained about it, and at that time, no one outside of Tesla had actually driven the car outside in the sun. Your the sunroof on your BMW and Ford were probably designed with the plan of including a sunshade, so they used glass that was matched their needs.

JMO | November 26, 2012

I was promised something soon. I think the sun in Miami will be too hot for a car with no shade. So far, I have not been needed it.

Brian H | November 26, 2012

Plastic green garbage bag and duct tape? ;0

Have you had any hot days?

kent | November 26, 2012

Sunroof is amazing at blocking light and heat. I thought I would want a shade, but after my first 3 weeks, I doubt that I would ever use it. I'm in Ohio and it's certainly not been hot the last three weeks, but we've had the occasional sunny day.

jd3tm | November 26, 2012

I think that, even if they are offered, I wouldn't want the sunshade. The tint in the Pano roof is quite dark and there doesn't seem to be any heat buildup when sitting outside in the sun.

I'm in San Jose so can only speak to "moderate" temps so far; but lots of Bright Sunshine!!!


BYT | November 26, 2012

Have my S, no issues from the sun up above and my Pano roof

Kevin Glassman | November 29, 2012

Just in case you've yet to take this car on a long trip at night in the cold, the sunroof/moonroof allows a great deal of cold air to conduct through the glass at night, and creates a very cold environment inside the cabin. I've already asked about a sunroof sliding cover or manual insulation cover for the glass roof for winter use.

Rhyalus | November 30, 2012

Thanks for the reply, guys.

I am bald... I hope it also blocks UV... :-)

As more owners take delivery, please post your experiences!


vouteb | November 30, 2012


Thanks for mentioning the automatic folding mirrors again!

Its becoming my pet project!
I really can t imagine Tesla not doing it(hired a specific engineer if I remember reading that somewhere, qnd space allocated for it)

There are at least 2 firm orders/deposits at risk and who knows what more

gagliardilou | November 30, 2012

I agree with Terry and Kevin. I more want something to block the wind when its cold than need it for the sun. On my BMW 545I, I hear and feel the wind unless I close the sunroof cover. I was not going to order the panoramic roof because of this reason but my wife really wanted it. I hope there is some type of covering for it.

Brian H | November 30, 2012

Oops! Another NNIC (Not Needed In California) issue.

Brian H | November 30, 2012

Oops! Another NNIC (Not Needed In California) issue.

Brian H | November 30, 2012

Sorry; the Validation Error glitch double-crossed me, and I dupe-posted.

petero | November 30, 2012

A gentle reminder, late fall and winter may not be the ideal time to finalize your decision on the merits and need for the sunscreen - especially if you live in Ohio. Imagine a bright, hot, summer day in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, your state when the temperature zooms to 100 degrees ++.

I may not need the sunscreen 75% of the year but there will be quite a few days when I will. TM, I for one want my sunscreen - eventually!

TV | January 22, 2013

Photovoltatic sunroof cover. easily removable ones for the side windows as well...when going down a long xxx hours stretch of a highway where you are constantly exposed to the sun. EG: Highway 5.

Thin Film Solar charging system a biggie. How about if you cross the desert and suddently (because you are an idiot and neglected to look) you run out of juice? Curl up and die? Road Service? I say:

A rolled up thin film solar collector, that can plug in the the electrical recharging framework of the car. Oh yes...

Timo | January 22, 2013

I wonder, which would produce more power, a rolled up thin film solar or folded up wind turbine of same size when packed? Depends of the place and weather conditions I guess. Wind turbine has advantage of being able to operate at night. Could make possible to drive thru places where you don't have any service infrastructure at all (gas or electric).

Sun radiation is weak and thin film solar has weak conversion ratio (but it is cheap/kW produced), so in order to get anything useful from thin film it would need to be large.

BTW, your "cross a desert and run out of juice" applies to gas cars as well. It is Darwin Award situation (unless you happen to use Apple map service in certain place in Australia. Google it).

For "sunscreen" I still think that smart glass approach is the best. A bit more costly option than shades, but doesn't take any extra space and is more convenient than shades.

Tylyoung | January 22, 2013

A Kia Optima has a similar split glass roof.... Push of a button electric shade closures.... I'm sure Tesla can, and certainly should, get this done! I'll be a test guinea pig this summer...YIKES!!... Phoenix area.. I'll post more info after out and about on a 107+degree hot summer day!!

jfeldman72 | January 23, 2013

I have never liked a sunroof and always kept my shade closed on the cars that I have had that had a sunroof. The only reason I got it was because my wife really wanted it. I was really hesitant. However, after 3 weeks with my Model S, I cant even tell. Could not be more pleasantly surprised that a shade is not really needed.

jrb | January 27, 2013

Moon roof covers provide 3 benefits:
1. They reduce heat from sunlight (apparently not needed with Tesla).
2. They reduce cold from the glass. This is certainly needed. When its cold out 10-40 degrees F) I can feel The cold in the 2-3 inches below the glass.
3. They reduce road noise from the glass roof. Also needed for this. The car has a lot of wind noise at greater than 60MPH.

Robert22 | January 27, 2013

If you're tall, follicle-challenged, and it's seven degrees out, you need the shade. If there are some that don't find it necessary that's fine, but the shade was promised to owners just like the cargo shelf, and I'm sure many expect it to be provided as promised.

Timo | January 27, 2013

Robert22, they give you a hat and call it shade :-)

Kidding aside, I hope that Tesla investigates possibility of using smart glass in sunroof. No extra fabric shades needed when glass itself does the trick. It could be made to go completely transparent too if you wish to see stars or aurora borealis at night (not useful for driver, but passengers might like it).

Shelmire | March 9, 2013

I dont care what any of you say, there IS glare from above, period. And it is not a glare I want to or will get used to. I need a hat when I drive in full sun. I was promised a sunshade when I chose the panno, but all of you were so convincing it would not be neccesary that I forgot about it. Wrong. Move to Texas. The glare is still there, I hate to say. Please offer us a fix. the heat is not so bad, but the glare is.

nwdiver93 | March 10, 2013

Did you take a trip to Mercury? I live in West Texas @ ~4000' and even on the brightest days I don't notice the glass unless I look up. ALL of my passengers have had the same comment.

Seraph | April 28, 2013

Is anyone having problems with heat as it is warming up and is a pano roof shade becoming necessary?

Carefree | April 28, 2013

I live at the hottest place in the country (at least today:-) We are hitting the 100F mark this afternoon. Heat from the sunroof is not an issue at all. The tint is very dark and keeps the heat at bay.

shs | April 28, 2013

I sat in the back seat for a few hours the other day as one of our passengers said she would get car sick in the back. I'm 6'6" and my head is only about an inch from the pano roof when I sit back there, but we got the pano roof primarily so I could sit in the back when necessary, and I am quite comfortable back there. The car had been sitting in the sun (Fresno CA) and it was quite hot inside, when we got in for the trip home. I had a real sensation of heat coming directly from the roof onto the top of my head. I put my fingers up there, and the inside of the roof was hot enough so that one wouldn't want to touch it for long and I was worried about the comfort of the trip home. With the AC running, however, in a few minutes things were quite comfortable in the back and the inside surface of the roof cooled considerably. No problem.

Robert22 | April 28, 2013

A sunshade is under development as promised. There is absolutely glare off of chrome surfaces. As the sun gets higher here in the northeast it's becoming more evident, especially around the instrument cluster. I'm sure it's not as simple as it may seem to retrofit the sunroof but Tesla did commit to it. In the interim just crank up the screen brightness. | April 28, 2013

Don't see a need for a pano sun shade...will not get it even if it is offered.

mollmason | April 28, 2013

I just added 3m Crystal 50% on my pano roof, because living in Az you can feel the heat and the bright sun was annoying me. My wife didn't seem to mind, but she enjoys light inside the car. She did comment that she was happy with the tint, because it wasn't too bright and made if feel a bit cooler in the car.

sanjiv1122 | June 14, 2014

As an owner STRONGLY that Tesla makes an retractable sunroof and pano roof shade that can block sunlight and reduce noise.
UV light may be not entirely blocked (can report that I have grown darker driving my car over the past 11 months-so definite risk of skin cancer that some enthuisiasts who disagree may wanna consider!

sanjiv1122 | June 14, 2014

As an owner STRONGLY suggest that Tesla develop a retractable sunroof and pano roof shade that can block sunlight and reduce noise.
UV light may be not entirely blocked (can report that I have grown darker driving my car over the past 11 months-so definite risk of skin cancer that some enthuisiasts who disagree may wanna consider!

tezzla.SoCal | June 14, 2014

Wear a hat!

jordanrichard | June 15, 2014

Tezzla +1.

Though I believe the roof blocks out something like 87% of the UV rays, that is 87% more than what you get as soon as you step out of the car.

It really baffles me when people don't do what I call "play the tape to the end". The roof is glass, if you don't like the idea of sunlight getting through, then why buy that option? What would be the point of a glass roof that already blocks 92% of the light, to then only cover it up. That's like buying a convertible and then complain about the sun.

2050project | June 15, 2014

@Rhyalus - It looks as if the Heat Shield brand makes custom-cut sun shields for all of the Model S windows except the pano roof: | June 15, 2014

jordanrichard +1

Any cover would take up space and negate the space advantages of the Pano roof. Why get the Pano roof if you aren't going to use it. Since the whole roof is glass, it would have to be some type of rollup device (unless they went to a translucent glass that you could turn on and off electronically but not sure how much difference that would make) which just sounds like another complex solution to a non-problem.

You are custom building your car; don't order if you don't want it.