My intention with this thread to is offer confirmed (evidence based) information on existing and new supercharger locations in the Northeast AS WELL AS TO offer encouragement to Tesla to remedy the dearth of SuperChargers in the region. This is a huge and relatively compact market for Tesla: the population of the Northeast is 56 million, 18% of the total USA. Yet, the population centers of Boston, Hartford, and Philadelphia are inadequately connected -- and links to Montreal and Toronto are completely missing.

Just 4 new superchargers will do this:

Sturbridge, MA (should be a no-brainer)
Edison, NJ (which is underway)
Albany, NY (who knows what is going on there)
Canandaigua, NY (midway between Albany and Toronto) (This would also serve Buffalo and Rochester)

High payoff for 4 new SuperChargers (one of which is underway, so really 3). How 'bout it, Tesla?

UPDATE: 07/17/2014: if you add the population of Quebec and Ontario, this area is home to 77 million people. But much of the area remains WAY under served. Grateful for Tesla Motors recent post that the Quebec to Toronto corrodor is scheduled for Superchargers but this needs to be connected to the 95 corridor. When complete, a potential market of 77 million people will have access.

UPDATE 04/13/2016: It's taken a long time BUT! a minimum coverage of the Northeast is finally in sight! Two SCs are currently under construction, Harrisburg PA and Southampton NY. The Harrisburg site is critical for connecting Pittsburgh to Philadelphia on the PA Turnpike. There are five -- 5!! -- other SCs under permit, two of which will solidify connections between Montreal and Quebec City to points south (like Albany, NYC, and Boston). The other three make things easier between Buffalo and Cleveland, the MASS Pike, and finally, the one way up in Rivière du Loup, QC, where my Grandfather happens to be buried (honest!). I have been very critical of lack of progress to date so it's important to give credit when due.

Last gap is the I-80 corridor in northern PA to connect Ohio and Pittsburgh to NYC and all points further to the east.

Baribrotzer | September 23, 2016

Laurel, MD, has just opened, pushing SCs in the US to the 300 mark.

AoneOne | September 23, 2016

What's next for I-80? At the Ruby Tuesday in DuBois, OH? Another in the Youngstown OH area to shorten the 167-mile gap between DuBois and Macedonia? That would complete I-80 in PA.

plusplusjames | October 10, 2016

As of October 10th, more activity in New York to report! The Kingston SC is supposed to go live tomorrow -- this is exit 19 on the Thruway.

And a new one is under construction in Tarrytown off I-287. Downstate NY is easy driving from eastern Long Island through the Hudson Valley. Thank you Tesla!

plusplusjames | October 19, 2016

Kingston is live! NYC to Montreal is now a snap! I expect heavy northbound traffic on November 9th if the wrong candidate wins.

tes-s | October 19, 2016

Kingston is between Newburgh and Albany, which are 100 miles apart. Easily doable in a 60 in -10 weather.

But Kingston does add capacity for November 9 - good planning on Tesla's part. If he wins, and half the people who said they would go to Canada actually do, it will be important for them to get to Canada quickly before Canada builds a wall.

Run4Waffles | October 21, 2016

Lincoln, NH is in permit status!!!!

Thank you Tesla!!!

Run4Waffles | October 21, 2016

Will Lincoln, ME be getting one?


jordanrichard | October 22, 2016

tes-s, that's too funny.... well done/said.

So instead of the NY Thruway being shut down because everyone is heading to Yeager's Farm, it will be because of the mass exodus to Canada.

plusplusjames | December 28, 2018


plusplusjames | December 28, 2018

Decent progress in the Northeast over the last 2 years. PA, especially around Philly, is a fail.