Tell Sierra Club they blew it

Tell Sierra Club they blew it

The Sierra Club has a new EV Guide that implies the Model S is only for CEOs and CTOs. They left out those of us who care about the environment \0/ and those who want to drive the best car ever built.

Take a look at their cute mockery:

Leave a comment at the site to let them know why YOU drive a Model S and let them know if you fall into the CEO/CTO category or not.

rdalcanto | July 5, 2013

I think that was tongue and cheek. They actually list the price as under $80K. They could have put the range up to $115K.

moorelin | July 5, 2013

Thumbs up for SC. I don't see it as mockery, but they have a sense of humor: "dressage miscellany." From their thumbnails:

How fun it is to drive (MS)
“This car slips silently as a dagger into triple-digit speed.” (Wall Street Journal)

How fun it is to drive (Prius)
“Acceleration is on par for a hybrid: far from quick, but plenty for most drivers.” ("

Dr. Bob Reinke | July 5, 2013

Yesterday, when a Wisconsin Highway Cop pulled me over to tell me that it was illegal to drive on Wiscosin roads without a muffler and front license plate, and I am still seething. From the time he spotted me coming over the hill at 65 MPH and with wheel spinning, tires screathing, huge clowds of black smoke from the exhaust, he burned 12.2 lbs of oil and produced about 23 lbs of stinking, life threatoning, carbon emissions with his huge gas-guzzling cruser while I produced no emissions at all. Would liked to have reminded him that he and Gov Walker(Koch Brothers)are both in the pockets of big oil. Instead, I pointed out that Wisconsin Stats, are very much out of date--electric cars don't require a muffler contrary to what the law says. Twice so far I have had to go to an inspection station to have the Tesla tested for amplified exhaust. He seemed unable to make the connection that he was unable to hear my answers to his questions because of the huge trucks, with no mufflers, speeding by, only inches from the side of my car and the poluting idling squad.

David Trushin | July 5, 2013

If I must be a ceo or cto, do I have a choice? If so, I would rather be a cto.

David Trushin | July 5, 2013

Dr Bob, move to the great socialist state of Illinois. We don't need no stinkin' mufflers (literally). And the koch brothers are just not welcome here.

Brian H | July 5, 2013

"Tesla tried to put a muffler on it to comply with the law, but they couldn't find anything to muffle!"

Philip2 | July 5, 2013

Obviously it's intended to be cute, but don't you think it sends the message to people that they shouldn't even consider the Model S?

Isn't the Sierra Club in the business of encouraging people to help protect the environment?

KWTESLA | July 5, 2013

SC is out in Left field again. When someone flies on a fuel sucking Jet Liner to Machu Picchu to do ECO tourist thats cool . But when you try to save energy , the air and really be responsible then you are avoiding paying your fair share of road use fees driving a Tesla. Which way is it SC don't you really just hate success?

wcalvin | July 5, 2013

It's all tongue in cheek. "Fold the rear seats and it’ll swallow your $10,000 carbon-frame road bike. And up front there’s a 5-cubic-foot “frunk” for your dressage miscellany."

djm12 | July 5, 2013

Sierra Club should be more careful. Elon is doing more to promote and create real alternatives to fossil fuels than any other person on the planet. The Model S is an integral part of a mastermind strategy that will lead to huge reductions in fossil fuel consumption.

portia | July 5, 2013

They had Fiskar Karma listed in the printed magazine, no Model S there. I wrote to complain, you can too.

You can submit letters to the editor by email to:

You can also submit letters to the editor at:
Mailing Address:

Sierra Club
85 Second St. 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105-3441

wheatcraft | July 6, 2013

It is hard to say whether the author of the SC article meant for the comments to be taken "tongue-in-cheek", which means basically harmless, not to be taken seriously, or whether it was meant as a sarcastic, flip comment, meaning that it was mean-spirited. The subtle difference is lost in the printed word. And that is the whole point, one shouldn't write such comments when the meaning could have only been discerned by watching the author deliver the comments orally - we could see if s/he delivered them with a nod and a wink or whatever.
So either way, my opinion is that it was the wrong approach.

Sometimes I think we get a little thin-skinned about "our baby", and maybe that is true here, but I would have rather seen a more serious approach to the comments.

Theresa | July 6, 2013

Dr. Bob, I am originally from Wisconsin and am transplanted to Iowa. I have a vacation house near Wisconsin Dells. Are you near thereby chance? Your story sounds a bit like Milwaukee area though.

RZitrin1 | July 6, 2013

I just read the SC comment and I find it hard to believe it was merely tongue-in-cheek. It sounded mean-spirited to me, like "either buy a Leaf or move on," or "Y'all are just BMW or Audi 7 series people who want electric."

It made this great car sound like the Fisker.

Lessmog | July 6, 2013

As an Alien I am not very well acquainted with the Sierra Club. What does one have to do (earn) in order to be accepted as a member? Is this a Club that would have accepted Groucho Marx as a member, or one that he would have spurned? Can anyone estimate the average mileage of a Sierra Club? What kind of a car is that, anyway, a Golf Kart? Who can afford those? Is it even a Ford? Or a VW?

All these serious questions. They keep me awake. Even in this midnight daylight.

Tesla-David | July 6, 2013

@Dr. Bob Reinke, your narrative sounds like something out of the Twighlight zone. Unbelieveable. I hope Wisconsin can replace your governor, although I hear he has his sights on running for Prez in 2016. The Koch brothers are truly evil, and I actively boycott any products produced by companies they own.

Brian H | July 6, 2013

Groucho would have spurned it.

portia | July 6, 2013

@LessMog, if you are serious, Sierra Club takes anybody who donates a few $, it is not like a real club. But being an environmental advocate, protecting the wilderness, the planet, etc. it really should know better about electric cars.

Lessmog | July 7, 2013

Thanks, Portia. No, I wasn't being serious, but I also didn't know about Sierra Club.

RZitrin1 | July 7, 2013

Brian H, +1. LOL.

Dr. Bob Reinke | July 9, 2013


Actually, the first time I was ordered to an inspection station was just south of Madison on I90. The snot-nosed whp claimed that he heard my car roaring by and noticed I had a loose muffler clamp under my Tesla. Ticketed same.

Couldn't resist showing the guys at the inspection station in the frunk that the engine also had fallen out. Likely still laughing there.

The second ticket: I was passing several semi's pulling a grade (no mufflers} South of EauClaire. But somehow the whp could hear the Model S "Exhaust" over the thundering Trucks xhaust. After the lecture about not paying gas-tax and not financially supporting the whp, all arguments that Tesla's have no mufflers because they have no ICE to polute the air fell on deaf ears. The cop sited some old statute about all cars must have a muffler to drive on Wisconsin roads.

Incidentally, I own a resort near Northfield, and live in Janesville, so I travel the whp trap weekly. (give 'em a gun and a badge and they believe they are a god)

Mark Z | July 9, 2013

@Dr. Bob; Could you add decorative pipes at the rear gray plastic bumper? Some shiny chrome stick on plastic ones may help. The poor cops see no exhaust and lick their chops at the ticket revenue. Wonder if they pull the Leaf over as well.

Thanks for the heads up. Guess I won't be visiting Wisconsin for quite some time.

LMB | July 10, 2013


Thanks for making me laugh out loud first thing in the morning. Good way to start the day.

bent | July 10, 2013

Does the archaic statute say that the muffler must be installed in some specific way? Because if not, get the smallest item that can reasonably be called a "muffler" and keep it in the frunk to show them when you're pulled over.

Neech | July 10, 2013

I spent a few years in wisconsin and couldn't wait to get out. Now that you have that anti- democracy Walker running things I feel even more vindicated to have moved back to Illinois. I am happily cruising the streets crime-free without a muffler.

AmpedRealtor | July 10, 2013

@ Dr. Bob, after your 2nd experience I would have sued the WHP because the 2nd encounter made it clear that you were pulled over for political reasons - that you don't pay your share of gas taxes and don't financially support the WHP... WTF? It sounds like EV owners are being targeted, and if that's true I smell a HUGE settlement.

In red states like Wisconsin, democracy takes a back seat to special interests. The only thing those people follow is money, and the only thing that will make them change is a big fat lawsuit that's going to cost them a lot of money.