Tesla Model C compact EV

Tesla Model C compact EV

I keep waiting for news of the up coming Model C, that will be about the size of a LEAF or FOCUS EV. Elon said it will be 25% smaller that a S, have 4 doors and be able to use the Super Chargers. It will have a range of 160 or so depending on technology jumps before 2015!

I even made a website to tell about it.

stuey81 | June 3, 2013

@jstack6, i believe elon said 20% smaller than a model s, and i schedualed for 2016/2017 model year, it will be 35k u.s (your lucky, it will be nearly double that price by the time it lands here in Australia) - yes us aussies get screwed, Model S will cost us over $140,000 u.s dollars by the time it hits our shores in 2014 if where lucky. - stuey

Timo | June 3, 2013

Starting at $35k. I bet top battery/performance with all the options will be much more expensive. Just like Model S, starting at 69900, max at well over $100k.

danielccc | June 3, 2013

Won't be much news for a while. They just aren't ready yet and probably haven't even locked down the battery chemistry or drive train specs. They probably do have a good idea of the overall configuration of the car though, and might be doing design studies and that kind of thing.

hobowankenobi | June 5, 2013

I hope they are not losing focus on this......

Very happy to see Model S success, but others are on their heels, and may beat them to market for a lower cost vehicle that start to get traction. Besides the Nissan and Ford models, now I see this coming:

Fiat e500

They say spring any day now? Granted range is still down under 100 miles I see, but for the price...will there be commuters tempted? I am wondering if we will see these types of entry level models gain range and/or power before the C hits the market? Good for us, but bad for Tesla.

Here's hoping that Tesla hits (or beats!) their ETA.

Brian H | June 5, 2013

2-seater. Not relevant.

danielccc | June 5, 2013

Brian, It's got four seats. All 500's do, including the e.

It's still not relevant as a competitor to Tesla due to the range and size.

Also, though apparently well executed, Fiat is treating it as a limited production compliance car. It's safe to assume it is not profitable.

Brian H | June 6, 2013

Gives real meaning to the word "coupe" (French for cut or severed.) Suited for small non-claustrophobic persons!

carlgo | June 6, 2013

Hot Italian actresses drive them and that is good enough for me. 10x more 500s than Smart cars around here.

Brian H | June 6, 2013

I'd be willing to share the back seat of a 500 with a hot Italian actress, I must admit.

jongable | June 6, 2013

the spark ev, fit ev, leaf, and 500e are all very similar and lease prices around $199 a month. I think it is safe to assume that by 2016 prices will be lower and range extended in most of these cars. I hope the Blue Star blows people away with its specs styling and value.

danielccc | June 6, 2013

A 500 is way better than a Smart.

It is a very practical daily car in dense urban environments and especially European urban environments.

Timo | June 6, 2013

It also isn't nowhere as small as original Fiat 500 just like new Mini is not even close as small as original Mini.

cloroxbb | June 7, 2013

Why, so you can correct her English? Hahahaha

Brian H | June 7, 2013

Nope. Picky up some racy Italian slang!

Brian H | June 7, 2013

typo: Pick up ...

hobowankenobi | June 18, 2013

My dad rented a 500 (ICE of course), and more roomy than you would expect. Totally usable as a 2+2, about like a Mini........not like a Smart room-wise.

I only wanted to point out that more "normal" cars are going electric.....or perhaps I should say more electric cars are getting to be the norm. This plus the surge of hybrids is steadily eroding the novelty or newness. You all can ponder if that will be good or bad for Tesla.


FWIW, I have had about 6-7 Model S sighting here on the Central Coast of CA.....with no big cities for at least 100 miles in any direction. New norm indeed....

carlgo | June 18, 2013



Tesla is going to have to put stations up in destination areas, not just along the obvious major routes.

Even the more enthusiastic car buyers will make the safe ICE choice if there is any fear of having to stop at the Bates Hotel for an overnight recharge.

Remember the old battery commercial that showed an obvious ghetto, at night, with trash blowing down the street and dogs howling...this is where you would find yourself when your car died because you didn't buy a new battery. You can be pretty sure ICE rivals, and perhaps the oil companies, will present a similar theme in the future if they can.

IMO the Fiat commercials are the best car ads on TV.

cpt.rhyder | July 11, 2013

I am looking forward to a more affordable electric car too. But not at the expense of them going back to "Golf Carts."

The fiat sized or two seater is a no go for me. Maybe something like the Civic or accord is ok, but as small as a leaf, aveo, fit? No! also any car that gets less than 200 Miles per charge (Which is like 130-140 in practical use) is also not worth the money.

I don't see Elon going as low as 160 Miles per charge. You did notice he scrapped the 45KWh battery originally offered with the Models S? I heard him say in an interview its because he will not lower the quality of Tesla vehicles by sacrificing range.
I'm holding you to that Mr. Musk!

Low range EVs are not the future which is why Elon built his vehicles the way he has.

Brian H | July 12, 2013

Volt, Fiat, Leaf. The Charge of the Light Brigade! Teslas to the right of them, Teslas to the left of them, into the valley of Death drove the 100s.

up north | August 3, 2013

the 2014 Toyota corolla is built with a flat floor and has a wheelbase of 106.3" the same as the 2014 Mercedes benz B class electric 106.3". will corolla have an all electric? and will the gen 111 have a 106.3" wheelbase?

carlgo | August 3, 2013

It can only be good for Tesla to collaborate with these two giants in the industry. For one thing there could be a partnership in charging/swapping facilities and that would make it easier to expand that system to what it really has to be.

James A. Merritt | December 15, 2013

I am hearing good things about the Chevy Spark EV (e.g.,, including that it is a lot of fun to drive. If you are now in the market for a small car of that class (e.g., Honda Fit and Ford Focus, which also have EV versions), and you live in California, where it is being marketed, the Spark EV might be a good choice. My only reservation is range, as this is yet another sub-100 m.p.c. car. As a Tesla fan of longstanding, I hope my present gas-drinker holds out until the Model C, but if it does not, I will definitely give the Spark a look. Maybe in a year or two they will have improved the range situation.

James A. Merritt | December 15, 2013

hobowankenobi, I see Model S everywhere between Santa Cruz and Monterey; are you further south? Paso Robles or SLO, perhaps? We will be staying down there over the year-end holidays, and I will keep my eyes open for that distinctive Tesla styling. :-)

ian | December 15, 2013

Can't believe I missed this.

@carlgo and Brian H - She's not Italian, she's Romanian. Her name is Catrinel Menghia. She does speak Italian though so you should be good to go on those Language lessons Brain. ;-)

Oh yeah, I hope the Gen III (model C? I doubt it), isn't quite as small as a 500.


Mike T | December 16, 2013
Haeze | December 16, 2013

@Mike T
Keep in mind, no Tesla employee (as far as I know) has ever been quoted calling the Gen III a "Model E".

Also keep in mind that the only reason "Model E" is in anyone's vocabulary regarding Tesla, is due to a Trademark that was filed right around the time Elon announced that for the Chinese market he would be looking into making a stretched version of the Model S with a larger back seat since the rich in China tend to be driven around, rather than doing their own driving. My bet is that "Model E" is the moniker that will be used for the Executive Tesla model.

Just because bloggers and lazy reporters who don't verify the source of their information are using the name "Model E" for the Gen III, doesn't mean that is what it will be called.

Mike T | December 16, 2013
Haeze | December 17, 2013

@Mike T
Very interesting, thanks for the link !

carlgo | December 17, 2013


Well then, hot Romanian actresses it will be. OK with me. I just thank their parents and realistically the Moms are probably my best hope anyway.

Teslas will certainly be bigger than the Fiat 500, although small cars have a way of growing. My brother had the original Mini Cooper and I drove that a lot. Very small. Now I see Minis and they seem twice the size.

One could see Tesla more or less eventually following the BMW example with sizes, and prices, from Series 1 to Series 7. The 3 size would probably be the most flexible as it is big enough for many people and translates well into various body styles, sports cars and SUVs.