Tesla Motors at tomorrow's Apple Event?

Tesla Motors at tomorrow's Apple Event?

I don't know if anyone else saw this, but Tesla Motors posted an image of a Model S driving inside the Moscone Center on most of it's Social media sources today:
Now it's entirely possible to be a coincidence. However, it was posted a day before Apple's big event tomorrow at the center. It would surprise a lot of people for Apple's "one more thing..." tomorrow to be a Model S driving on stage. What I find especially interesting is how a lot of owners have mentioned that the smartphone, etc. integration could be much better in the Model S. Plus Apple has been talking about how iOS 7 will become integrated into more cars through their 'Siri in the Car' program. It seems like a long shot, but when there has been so much overlap in the company philosophies. While I do see similarities between Tesla Motors and Google; when it comes to products, they are very much Apple.

sunkat | October 21, 2013

Tesla is there for the Global Mobile Internet Conf

....but I like the way you think! :)

steve | October 21, 2013

Oh... That's disappointing.

theroundhead | October 21, 2013

Also, Apple's event is not at Moscone. It's at the Yerba Buena Center.

Mark K | October 21, 2013

Yeah, and Elon is pretty tight with Larry and Sergei too.

mrspaghetti | October 22, 2013

My enthusiasm for Tesla would instantly take a dive if they tied themselves to Apple.

carolinagobo | October 22, 2013

mrspaghetti- You are a business person.

thranx | October 22, 2013

Elon or Tim Cook to waiting car: "Hello, Siri. Drive the car out on stage".

Now that demo would turn some heads. | October 22, 2013

My enthusiasm for Tesla would instantly go up if they had better integration with Apple technology.

AmpedRealtor | October 22, 2013

If Tesla had to pick one, I think it would partner with Google. Google seems to be a better fit for the Tesla ethos and is also a natural partner for autonomous driving technology. Apple is doing nothing but promotion iOS, which has little to offer a manufacturer like Tesla.

steve | October 22, 2013 - Thanks, after my intitial post I saw that, a couple of the tech blogs had reported it differently. This post is really on the theoretical side of things, but good spot.

While it could be either company, Apple or Google. Apple does make a lot of sense from a materials and hardware acquisition perspective. Their global production of products using aluminum and lithium is immense. Given how much lithium batteries Tesla is using, they'd be able to corner a huge portion of the market. Apple is huge on buying components in large quantity to guarantee access. The most recent example of this being flash based hard drives. Tim Cook a few months alluded to an interest in doing the same with another product/technology, but like in traditional Apple style would not say more.

Google's interest in self driving cars is interesting, but Elon has even said Tesla is interested in doing it themselves. Now as Google and Microsoft are copying Apple's model more of building fully integrated products; it could be a wise move for them to buy it to make access to these goods harder for Apple.

Plus Apple is making a decent push into car integration. It was only about a decade ago they made cars with CD players seem old. Then everyone wanted a car with some sort of iPod integration. Eddie Cue (part of Apple's board) is also on the board of Ferrari and is a well know car buff. He has been really trying to use iOS 7 as the first Apple product to take on cars. Not sure how far it will get but it seems similar to their foray into the living room with the Apple TV.

KWTESLA | October 22, 2013


Tesla would not have the great touch screen if it had not been for Apple iPad etc. Better integration across all major platforms has always been a given with Apple products not so for Microsoft ,Android etc.
You try and manage 13 levels of OS at the same time. I'm glad Tesla is handling all that with their own auto software but allowing interface where needed.

Go Tesla Software development ! Thanks Tesla for improving products and updates.

DallasTXModelS | October 22, 2013


The screens arent from Apple they are from the same foreign supplier.

mrspaghetti | October 22, 2013

I still think it makes sense for future Teslas to just clone the screen of whatever device the user plugs into it. Then you have all the capabilities of that device (apps, etc.) without having to reinvent the wheel. Navigation is just one example of an app that is far superior on my phone.

DallasTXModelS | October 22, 2013

CNN report on Apple event said Apple announced a new lighter iPad called iPad air. No mention of Tesla at the event.

PBEndo | October 22, 2013

+1 mrspaghetti

It would great if you could plug in your phone and use the MS touchscreen to view and control it, like a remote desktop session between computers. Phone apps will always be way ahead of any app Tesla can make and integrate into the MS interface. Tesla should merely allow integration of the phone interface and leave the app innovation up to the Android/IOS/Windows phone developers.

DigitalSavant | October 22, 2013

@mrspaghetti +1

Car t man | October 23, 2013

Some of us would forget Tesla in an instance if we got any sense it is Apple like and is going down the cult and fanboy path..

It is certainly great if the access is there, so iOS, Android and other users could use the display to do the things mentioned here but no integration and Tesla is already suffering somewhat in reputation for some religion like zealousness of some Tesla owners.

gasnomo | October 23, 2013

Unfortunately for us iOS users, Elon specifically mentioned an Android emulator while in Germany :( and moving the web browser to Chrome...

Captain_Zap | October 23, 2013

If it goes to Chrome/Android will it spy on us via Google?
I've avoided all Google products at all costs successfully so far but they still manage to spy on me!

drp | October 23, 2013

I saw Elon in the crowd.

steve | October 24, 2013

Well this is an interesting development. Not quite to the same level as the original speculation, but interesting none the less:

AmpedRealtor | October 24, 2013

Tesla and Google seem to be more aligned, especially given all of Google's work towards an autonomous driving car. I believe Tesla is going to license this technology for Model E and in exchange, will offer Android and its apps to owners. It seems like a better fit than with Apple, which essentially has nothing to offer Tesla that would be especially useful or groundbreaking.