Tesla Reps Will Lie To You

Tesla Reps Will Lie To You

While I'm not a fan of duplicate postings, I believe buyers should be aware of authentic sales mishaps and hopefully both consumers and Tesla will learn:

DJung | February 7, 2013

There will always be misinformed representatives within any company, just a fact of life. He wasn't really lying, he just didn't have his facts straight. Lying is when you know a piece of information is wrong but push it out as the truth and that certainly wasn't the case.

lolachampcar | February 7, 2013

Lie assumes intent.
Yes, I've had a few issues that had to be resolved as well but there was never any hint of bad intent. Tesla has more than succeeded at removing the unpleasant dealing with the normal Dealer Sales Manager and that is a big plus. I've written about this in other posts but, in short, I think there are at least two issues at play-

(1) I do not believe there is a good enough link between the Sales Reps and Delivery Specialists on the "rim" to the business managers/decision makers at the hub (think sales manager at a standard dealer). This makes it difficult to properly set expectations and manage $100K capital transactions.

(2) I sense a certain amount of hubris on the part of some Tesla management. Call it an Apple mentality where there is less urgency to address issues to the benefit of both parties. I've found the initial responses to be very one sided. It is my opinion that this will wear off quickly when the idealism of Silicon Valley Tesla management makes its way through compliant early adopters and runs head long into the mainstream luxury car sales cycle. This is just my take on it and only time will tell.

Tâm | February 8, 2013

Hi Big Tex:

Sale reps talk a lot, but when it is time to seal a deal on pricing and options, smiling, verbal speculations and grandiose "best of both world" don't count. Make sure that they put it in legally binding receipt!

Sorry about the heated seat confusion but if you are not buying the biggest battery because you rely on reassurance from a sale rep, you might feel even more "lied to" with the quoted specs once you get your car and drive in real world conditions.

I would forget about the heated seat pricing problem and get resources/finances (1.49% from in order to get the biggest capacity battery you can find!

campsalvage | February 8, 2013

Big tex
I for one am annoyed at your need to repost and find ur claim that u occasionlly look at the fotums as disingenuos. The details u list in ur post clearly are from someone doing thier research. I found the short hills reps extremeley honest and willing to confirm information they were unsure of. Furthermore, the configuration specialist called me back to tell me everything hevtold me the day beforewas wrong. Itoo work with startups and know thvalue of ood relations. Tesla should have honored what they quoted but was it a lie no, others have pointed that out and yet now u repost. So who is being deceitful now?
My two cents

Big Tex | February 8, 2013

@Jeff- If you took a second before you gave your two cents you would have noticed I posted this the same day I posted the one in the general forum which I did to get maximum coverage to hear from others and warn prospective buyers to confirm and re-conform any information given to them by a rep and to share my experience. I absolutely looked at these forums on an occasional basis to see if there were any problems I should be aware- not necessarily looking to confirm information I took as truth from a rep. So, how am I being deceitful again?

Glad to hear your experience has gone smoothly. Mine and others have not. You're right in that Tesla should honor information given by a company rep.

lolachampcar | February 8, 2013

Big Tex,
They did in my case. It just takes a bit of time to get to the right people.

If those people are anything like me, they probably react better to a persuasive accounting of the facts as opposed to a hammer and polarizing words like lie. I think it is the language that is putting people off more than the issue itself.

Shelmire | February 9, 2013

OMG, let it go.

They are a bunch of energetic young people trying to do their jobs.

Can you imagine the onslaught of adult Tesla groupies calling over and over again multiple times a day?

Every time I called to find out my delivery date I was treated with respect and yes they screwed up my delivery times by UNDER promising (got it WAY quicker)but overall, this is a well trained group of kids at the forefront of a national phenomenon fueled by hysterical, impatient, well to do type A personalities.

We owe it to them to act like adults and understand the logistics are not like a conventional car dealers experience. Dude, get a grip.

drp | February 9, 2013

I really have nothing but positive comments for all but one of the Tesla employees or representatives that I have spoken with. One out of that Many is a very far outlier. They're all enthusiastic, energetic and typically tell me if they do not know the answer. I find them all to be honest. Although I am in my mid-50s, I can tell you that I have not come across any companies off the top of my head that have been so honest and forthright.

TikiMan | February 9, 2013

I haven't met a car dealer yet in my life who actually could answer solid factual info on the cars they sell. At least with Tesla, I didn't feel like they were desperately trying to qualify me. Most are fairly nice people who are there to just monitor the showrooms.

You can find all the SOLID information on the MS right here on this web site. To be really honest, I usually always do mountains of research on-line, before I buy anything over $100.00.

For me, my MS is working out exactly as I expected it to (and I am a Sig owner). For me, it's a LIFE CHANGING vehicle that nothing else on the planet can match. However, with that said, it is still somewhat I work in progress, in that things are constantly being upgraded with this car, and the software engineers are constantly fixing bugs, and adding new features (unlike any car on Earth).

Is the MS for everyone?... it's new, innovative, and ground-breaking, however, it's not yet the end all vehicle for everyone, no more than a Ford F150 long-cab or Lamborghini is for mine. It has it's limitation, as do all products.

Do your research, and you will find the perfect vehicle for YOUR lifestyle.

Big Tex | February 9, 2013

Update- Thanks for the comments everyone. The issue has been resolved to both mine and Tesla's satisfaction. Excited to take delivery!

Brian H | February 10, 2013

An NDA? That's no fun ...