Tesla Wheel Trade?

Tesla Wheel Trade?

I have the factory silver wheels on the blue roadster and I would really like the black wheels. IS anyone in the opposite situation who would like to trade? I am located in Baton Rouge.

Bobfitz1 | July 12, 2011

Hi brooke1lyn,

a swap might be possible. I'm getting a Roadster Sport 2.0 this weekend that is Siver with the black alloy wheels. When I've used the design tool, I've like the appearance better with the silver alloy wheels. I'll know better when I see the car in person this weekend. If you'd like to discuss, email me at


rsdio | July 24, 2011

Factory silver wheels are cast aluminum, but there are also forged wheels that look exactly like the black wheels except that they are silver. Those are the three wheel types available on modern Roadsters, but there are a couple of other variations from the past. The local Seattle Tesla Store has five different examples of wheels in total, and only a couple are mere color variations on the same wheel.