Time To Build Europe

Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

martijn | January 24, 2013

So Sig-EU delivery won't start in april, but in june, as it seems.

Car-El | January 24, 2013

Pleace make a note here when you get your TTB-mail for #1435. My number is 1005 behind yours. And my blood pressure is rising every day! :-)

TheFlyer | January 24, 2013

Sig-EU production will start in April, as stated by Tesla. Expect delivery at least 1-2 months later because of shipping by sea from LA to Europe including waiting to get on a ship in LA. Then all sorts of time consuming stuff like final assembly in Holland and shipping to the place in Europe where you are.

martijn | January 25, 2013

@Julius, I most certainly will

It would be nice if EU-res holders will post here when they are invited to configure.
So that we can estimate in a while when we may expect our TTB-email.

TRex | January 25, 2013

Sig. 147 / Will finish my configuration tomorow in the Tesla Store in Zurich.. Last minute decision about dashboard. HipHipHurray!!!

Brian H | January 25, 2013

The approved Tesla Cheer is "WooHoo!"

TRex | January 26, 2013


spentan | January 26, 2013

Can I confirm, is this only LHD European orders? Or is this RHD as well?

Just wondering if there is my chance us Aussies will see our cars any earlier than early 2014

tomas.hutters | January 26, 2013

EU Signature #45, but have not received the invitation yet. TRex, is it correctly understood that you have received yours?

rlpm | January 26, 2013

@spentan - from:
For those in the U.K., production of right hand drive Model S is planned to begin in late 2013, with final pricing to be announced approximately four to five months prior to the start of deliveries. The same €1,700 (local equivalent in GBP) deduction will apply as long as you have a reservation prior to end of day on December 31, 2012 and finalize your order within four weeks after receiving your “Invitation to Configure” when the time comes to build your car.

Unfortunately, there is no specific info for Aussies in that post (but see its comments section).
And you should email and call ownership!

TRex | January 27, 2013

Yes. Finalised my order yesterday in Zurich and received an e-mail that they are preparing my paperwork!
And yes; I am 102 behind you. May be they messed up with your e-mail. Have you checked your MY GARAGE?
No button to finalise?

tomas.hutters | January 27, 2013

Thanks TRex, and congrats!

They probably messed up something, would not be the first time ;-)

I better contact Tesla, but now the CR email has disappeared from the My Tesla area. Oh well, will find it somewhere.

I will post the result of my efforts here to keep us updated.

jeroens | January 27, 2013

I have only seen Swiss reservations holders reporting Time To Build, coincidence? Or to do with adaption to regional requirements/road approval?

Anyone in Europe aside for Switzerland got a Time to Build 'invite' yet?

tomas.hutters | January 27, 2013

jeroens, I was wondering if something like that could be the case - well, let's see what Tesla replies (sent a mail earlier today). I guess it can be justified as long as they do not deliver EU P1 to Switzerland before the last EU Sig has been delivered...

psirnes | January 27, 2013

according to
if one zooom in on Switzerland there is a concentraion of early Sig numbers: S2 S5 S7 S12 S14 S44
Perhaps they run configuratian in batche and use Switzerland as the earliset test area
But what abut EU SIG 1 located in central Stockholm, Sweden
Has he or she been invited to configure??

tomas.hutters | January 28, 2013

It seems like the Swiss thing is due to Roadster owners and high concentration of low Sig #s; this is what I conclude from my correspondence with Tesla Europe about the topic.

jeroens | January 28, 2013

My brother reached out to a top 15 signature reservation holder in Germany and he also received his invite last week, so it is not limited to Switzerland fortunately :)

FLsportscarenth... | January 28, 2013

@psirnes thanks for the link to the map... Really interesting! Do the data points drop off as the cars get delivered? Is the data from an incomplete source? Looks like a certain percent are missing...

jalleralle | January 28, 2013

psirnes: remember that that map is created by us. Not all the numbers are correct. S1 is not in Stockholm (it's in Bergen), and there are at least two EU S2 on that map...

Brian H | January 28, 2013

Robert Boston, member of teslamotorsclub, created and maintains it from volunteered info. I don't believe he eliminates delivered cars; that's not its purpose. It is a fraction of all ordered/delivered MSes, of course. There would need to be about 20,000 pins on it if it were complete!

Jovano | January 29, 2013

SIG #80 Belgium and nothing yet !

leonie6 | January 29, 2013

@rlpm RE: RHD production. The problem for us Kiwis and Aussies is that we have to infer our delivery time-line based on info directed elsewhere. We have not been told anything directly.

Brian H | January 29, 2013

The trouble is, down there you not only use wrong-hand drive, you drive upside-down. It's quite a technical challenge. Besides being rather weird.

EK | January 29, 2013

S2 told me he got his invite today

dirk.saenen | January 29, 2013

It seems that the waiting list in the US is getting shorter.
So hopefully the EU production will be in large batches and we all will get our car this year.

jeroens | January 29, 2013

For the reservation holders in the Netherlands it is vital we get it this year if we take delivery in 2014 we will (likely) lose some major tax benefits (in stead of 0% we will get taxed 7% of value of the car taxed as income, for the next 5 years).

Tesla please please make sure EU reservation holders get their car this year...

martijn | January 29, 2013

I've seen up to Sig348 and some Roadsters (no reported TTB in several EU-countries.
Getting the feeling TM might ship all EU-sigs (500) and EU-Roadsters-Model S's (269) in one batch.
Would be nice if they ship such a batch every month to EU to catch up on us.
But I have my doubts.
TM will need to install delivery capacity for almost 800 cars / month.
While reservation rate in EU is at ± 400/month.
So delivering 400 / month would make much more sense.
Though my current estimated window of delivery (aug-okt) implies some where in between.
P1435 (EU)

martijn | January 29, 2013

@ Jeroens
Same party for me. 2014 delivery would kill the deal for me.
Quite confident though with P1435. Whats yours?

jeroens | January 29, 2013

Still also confident but hope Tesla understands not hitting delivery in 2013 would kill quite a few reservations.

I'm P1208

leonie6 | January 31, 2013

@Brian H
The problem with us down here is this; to get the best car in the world we have to order it from a country that has their light swicthes upside down :)

psirnes | January 31, 2013

EU SIG 52 FINALIZE button appeared to day- Finalized Sig Red, non perf , Tan, Pano, Obeche matte. 19 inch weels

tomas.hutters | February 1, 2013

EU Sig 45 - Finalize button finally appeared yesterday!

jeroens | February 1, 2013

@psirnes, tomas.

Where are you from? Would be nice to see which regions/countries are currently being invited... :)

tomas.hutters | February 1, 2013

@jeroens: I am from Denmark

Superliner | February 1, 2013

Brian, There is no up or down in space. We have no idea how the Earth is oriented on an inter galactic scale. But it is a rather accommodating piece of space rock or dust to ride on, and the view out the window is heavenly !!

I'll like the view even better out of the pano roof !

dirk.saenen | February 3, 2013

what's the highest number so far ?

martijn | February 5, 2013

As said, i've seen S348 and some roadsters.
Seems like all Sig's and R's might be handeld in one batch.
But indeed waiting for a higher sig to report.

Hobart | February 8, 2013

OK, I have a different type of number, I presume because it is a Signature version. So with S223 when might I expect it to be delivered to me out here in Verviers, Belgium?

Hobart | February 8, 2013

Opps, didn't see the above posts. Nevermind

martijn | February 10, 2013

Got this info during Get Amped Tour in Antwerpen yesterday.
After the Sigs TM will build 100-150 / week for the EU.
TM also told me I can expect my P1435 (res. oct-2012) in oct. 2013.
So with the Sigs-deliveries in june/july ..... and the 100-150 / week, you could estimate yours.

martijn | February 10, 2013

And some other answers I got:
- Superchargers? yes, starting 2013
- On route du soleil? yes; when? don't know; in a year? might be, but don't know; in 3 years? most certainly sooner than that.
- Chademo? no
- Console options: yes, working on it and will be coming
- Hitch for an bike-carrier: looking in to that seriously

The best answer I got was from the car itself: O Yeah, you want me !!

Xfrank | February 10, 2013

are you in the dutch part of the TMC?

Jeronimo | February 13, 2013

Finalize button appeared today, also received the mail this morning. I'm in NL, S249.

Car-El | February 16, 2013

Do anyone who has an ordinary car (not signature) got "the button"?

glaserud | February 16, 2013

Julius: That probably won't be anytime soon. There are 500 signatures and 200 roadsters before the first P1. The highest S I've seen is 289 on Feb 7th. So another 411 to go to P1. Was told they'd do about 10 cars / day, but data gathered so far suggest a slightly faster pace.

Brian H | February 16, 2013

One month +?

martijn | February 19, 2013

Reported on feb 11th:
Europe Signature #268 - Just finalized configuration.
Delivery July - August 2013

martijn | February 19, 2013

@ Julius,
I'm EU-P1.435
Last indication was delivery in oct.2013.
Let's make that oct-nov.
TM told me they plan to build 150/wk EU-models S's to catch up, say 600/month.
Finalize button appears at this moment 5-6 months before delivery window.

This is my guess:

P1.200 - P1.800 delivery oct.-nov.; finalize may
P600 - P1.200 delivery sep.-oct.; finalize apr.
P1 - P600 delivery aug.-sep.; finalize mrt.
That makes sense with the Sig's windows up till now.
Sig's and R's: delivery jun.-aug.; finalize jan./feb.

So my estimate for P1 is like Brian's: next month

Would like to hear from other P's if their indication fit in this picture

Brian H | February 19, 2013

I believe you mean S1.

Car-El | February 19, 2013


So if I am lucky...

P1.800 - P2.400 delivery nov. - des.

I have P2440 --> Jan. 2014

May I say: POKKER! :-)