Time To Build Europe

Time To Build Europe

S12 (EU) got his Time To Build email today and configured right away
Expected Delivery: 06./07.2013
Wondering when to expect my TTB-email
P1435 (EU)

krissu | May 6, 2013

Has anyone with higher order number, let's say 1500+, gotten also paperwork? It said about one day after finalization, but I see everybody here only waiting for paperwork? It gives an estimated delivery time, maybe they have'nt sorted all out yet and do not want to commit. Seems most important for Dutch to get their cars fast.

Hodne | May 6, 2013

P1646 (Norway) ----> Paperwork signed 30 April.

Car-El | May 7, 2013

Still waitihing for a paper to sign! One week... I though they say one DAY! :-/

Jackie425 | May 7, 2013

@Julius, North Norway
FYI It seems that countersigning paperwork can sometimes take a week or two - I don't understand why but that was my experience.

mik | May 7, 2013

Well, I got my paperwork countersigned in 24 hours...

Hodne | May 7, 2013


Took approx. a week to get my papers.

Car-El | May 7, 2013

I realt do not care if it take a year, if they say so.
Do not say a day, when it take a week. Or a week when it takes two.
Most of us waiting are acking like kids, we only want our cars. We do not care how long it takes as longe no one lies to us.

Car-El | May 8, 2013

Hurray, Hurray, my paper come today!
at 12:26 the mail come inn, so now I have to wait for my wife then we will do this together.
:-) :-)

by the way: #2440

Marco Sigma | May 8, 2013

#1845: documents signed. Expected delivery Sept-Oct 2013.

ronla | May 8, 2013

#1899. Documents signed. Expexted delivery Sept-Oct 2013.

GeirT | May 8, 2013

From todays press release...

"While we expect to build about 5,000 Model S vehicles in Q2, some cars will be in transit to Europe for start of deliveries in Q3. As a result, we expect to deliver slightly over 4,500 vehicles during Q2, all in North America."

That means 500 cars for Europe early Q3. I think my Sep-Oct window fro my #2145 is about right.

Car-El | May 9, 2013

Your paperwork is being countersigned!
:-)) We are so happy now. There is a timewindow now to get our car and that is fine. We know what we have and will come. And that is good.

henrik1968 | May 13, 2013

Finalize button appeared today for #2732(DK)

Now begins the "hazzle" of making final choices... :o)

haansberger | May 13, 2013

Finally things start to move for the Belgians as well : Finalize button today for #P665 in Belgium ;-)

scoops | May 13, 2013

Is the pricing the same across all the LHD European markets? Obviously excluding government tax breaks and incentives. Is Germany the same price as Belgium, Netherlands the same as Norway etc?

Fred O | May 13, 2013

@scoops: the base price of a MS60 in the Netherlands is 60.000 euro ex vat (21%).

dirk.saenen | May 13, 2013

bunch of people got the Finalise button today.

great !

OleJA | May 13, 2013

All norwegian reservation holders seems to have got their Finalize button by now. #3737 reserved on friday and got his button today.:-o

Brian H | May 13, 2013

a "hazzle" sounds like a real hassle! Don't let it get you down.

soren | May 13, 2013

No finalize here :(

C Bretaud | May 13, 2013

#1542 (Fr) - P85 Perf/pano roof/grey/carbon/sound package/tech package/19"/parking sensors/twin charger

Documents signed. Expected delivery Sept-Oct 2013.

Car-El | May 14, 2013

Our car is in production now.

soren | May 14, 2013

Finalized #3509 today :)

sethvandermeer | May 14, 2013

Got the countersigned contract today, now the order is sent to the factory. P2853, The Netherlands

svghome | May 15, 2013

Could configure the car today and did it straight away !
Now waiting for the paperwork to sign.

Much faster than expected .....

Expected delivery: Sept/Oct

RN 3670 (Netherlands)

igor | May 15, 2013

P2869 got finalize yesterday.
P85+ belgium

pbp | May 15, 2013

I got my finalize #2621 yesterday. That's exciting, although i do not know why numbers in the 3500 got finalize before me. That's almost 1000 reservations ahead?

paracord | May 15, 2013

Our car is in production now #2676 - big smile - BIG SMILE :-))

Brian H | May 15, 2013


Winnie796 | May 15, 2013

We in Norway have had a lot of our orders brought forward. ELON said Norway would be prioritized.

OleJA | May 21, 2013

On the norwegian forum we are trying to figure out how many firm orders there are for the TMS: On the 'invoice' (in 'My Garage') you get after your order has been countersigned, there are what looks like a sequence number. Currently it is in the range '67xxxxx9xx' for the most recent norwegian orders.
So there currently seems to be 900+ orders - Either within Norway or EU. The key here is likely whether the leading '67' is specific for norwegian orders, or if it covers entire EU.
What are you non-norwegian customers seing on your invoice?

Satsuma | May 21, 2013

German order here, my invoice starts with 62 so I would guess that 67 is specific for you guys.

Jackie425 | May 21, 2013

Netherlands here, mine starts with 68.

jeroens | May 21, 2013

Netherlands, 68 as well

henrik1968 | May 21, 2013

Starts with 65 in Denmark

OleJA | May 21, 2013

So which range are you seing for the last 3 digits? Does it make sense to assume that those digits are sequentially assigned within each country?

Totto | May 21, 2013

Yes, the 3 last digits is the order of finalizing in your country.

Jean PierreD | May 21, 2013

i see no 'invoice' although "the factory is building your ...'
only a design button
where is the invoice if any?

henrik1968 | May 21, 2013

@Jean PierreD:

It is found in the bottom left corner in "my garage", right below the model and EU order sequence #. I believe mine showed up once the papers were countersigned...

jsviddal | May 21, 2013

Jean PirreD
To the left of the text "factory is building your..." you will see "invoice". Click on the text and you get a new window with the date you finalized. Click on the text and your "invoice" will open in a new window...

sethvandermeer | May 21, 2013

68xxxxx255 Dutch

C Bretaud | May 21, 2013

63xxxxx011 France

TRex | May 21, 2013

64xxxxx009 Switzerland

P85_Norway | May 21, 2013

67xxxxx268 Norway
Upgraded to P85+ today.

rasmus.b | May 21, 2013

67xxxxx978 Norway

Car-El | May 28, 2013

Well, it seems that everybody have got TTB-mail and countersign and everyone is happy!

NOW! Please droop a note here when You get Your car.

Marcel.vdbosch | May 31, 2013

68xxxxx089 Dutch

svghome | May 31, 2013

68xxxx421 dated 24 May


Adrian Thomson | May 31, 2013

6700000458 - Norway, dated 08.05.2013

kbrianth | May 31, 2013

67xxxxx1199 Norway 30th of May 2013. Expected delivery sept-oct 2013