Time to Test Drive Europe

Time to Test Drive Europe

Yes, Europe is on !!
Just got this email

Book a Test Drive Now! Model S | Design | Options & Pricing

It’s time for you to drive Model S!

Our Get Amped Model S Tour is coming to several European cities throughout January and February 2013. We’re very excited to get you behind the wheel of your future car!

Time slots will fill up quickly and are limited. Act now so that you don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this amazing event.
Your driving session will be approximately 10 minutes long and will follow a predetermined route, designed to highlight the capabilities of Model S
◦ Please allow approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes for the complete Get Amped Tour experience
Due to anticipated demand, reservation holders will be limited to one test drive per reservation
A Tesla team member will accompany all test drives to answer questions and ensure you optimise your time in Model S
You may bring up to three guests to ride in the back seat during your drive
◦ For their safety, children under 8 are not allowed to participate on test drives
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time to check-in and receive a brief but informative pre-drive overview
Please ensure you bring a valid driving license with you on the day


RSVP → Munich
25-27 Jan 2013 RSVP → Zurich
01-03 Feb 2013 RSVP → Antwerp
07-10 Feb 2013 RSVP → Hamburg
15-17 Feb 2013 RSVP → Copenhagen
22-24 Feb 2013
*Please note that the next step in the test drive booking process will be in English.
If you require any assistance, please call us on +44 1628 450 606

Tesla Motors Ltd. | Kings Chase, King Street | Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 1DP | United Kingdom

martijn | January 16, 2013

Oh, dates and places got mixed up :(
Well, check your email

martijn | January 16, 2013

It is:RSVP, Place, Dates. And so on. I,m in Antwerpen Feb 9th

Xav1976 | January 16, 2013

I will be in Antwerpen Feb 8th ;)

Xfrank | January 16, 2013

feb. 10the in Antwerp!! between 11-12hour

fischca | January 16, 2013

I will be in Hamburg 16th February

Brian H | January 16, 2013

martin, you can use the <pre> and <H2> tags to make a pretty good table. Here's yours:

RSVP → Munich 25-27 Jan 2013
RSVP → Zurich 01-03 Feb 2013
RSVP → Antwerp 07-10 Feb 2013
RSVP → Hamburg 15-17 Feb 2013
RSVP → Copenhagen 22-24 Feb 2013

muller | January 17, 2013

I'm looking very much forward to this! Copenhagen 22nd :D

steven.maes | January 17, 2013


I will be in Antwerp Februari 8th, 16:00...


Osiris | January 17, 2013

I will be in Munich Fr. 14:00-15:00. I'm really exited

ChristianG | January 17, 2013

2nd february in Zürich 13-14:00

Damn those 10 min already sound short ;)

Norbert.Vienna | January 17, 2013

I am in Copenhagen Feb 22nd
see u there

Fred O | January 17, 2013

Antwerp on Feb 7th 14:00

Xav1976 | January 17, 2013


I will have the "joyride" a little bit earlier (12:00 to 13:00) than you... ;-)



Alastair.Nantes | January 17, 2013

Apparently, there will be more test drive dates added including one in Paris in April.
I have posted a topic on this subject in the "Europe" section.

Adrian Thomson | January 17, 2013

No dates for Norway?

Brian H | January 17, 2013

TM is trying to encourage the Rest Of Europe to catch up to Norway.

tomas.hutters | January 17, 2013

I have scheduled my 10 minutes of fame in Copenhagen, Saturday, February 23rd at 12PM. Any other Copenhagen test drivers apart from Norbert.Vienna and I?

SD Supercharger | January 17, 2013

We got the same 10 minute spiel in the USA. Turns out that its not too hard to extend this to 20 minutes---so don't get too discouraged. By the time your done, you will have a sufficient amount of time to get the feel of acceleration, handling and ride, but most importantly--YOU WILL LEAVE WITH THE TESLA GRIN ---Guaranteed! Notice to all---familiarize yourself with the car as much as possible before going out so you can focus on the things you don't understand, or the things that are important to you.

Norbert.Vienna | January 17, 2013

I am scheduled 22nd 14:00 on friday--fly in on friday morning
from Vienna Austria
SD Supercharger, thanks for your advise
I will study the manuals before

TheFlyer | January 17, 2013

Brian H + 1

fishtank | January 17, 2013

I booked feb 24. @ 10 in Copenhagen. I hope the early sunday slot will give me the most room to maneuvre.

Carl Barlev | January 17, 2013

For those who only recently reserved their cars and/or haven´t been following the forums, I believe Norway was first off the blocks for test-drives in Europe. We had about 4 weeks of test driving time-slots back in November and December last year. We had 15 minutes each on a set route from the showroom in Alnabru, Oslo - right next to my work :)

If you reserved since then and missed out, then consider booking a slot in Copenhagen instead. I have read other posts that lead me to believe that will be allowed.

nickjhowe | January 17, 2013

Check out the GetAmped threads in the forum (use to find them) for advice on the best way to get the most out of the test drive. 10 min goes by v. Quickly and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the nav screen, dash displays, handling, acceleration etc etc and before you know it, it is over.

Make sure you arrive early and spend time sitting in a car to familiarize yourself before the drive, that way you can enjoy the actual driving without getting too distracted by all the shiny toys.

sagebrushnw | January 27, 2013

I understand that the European S has amber rear turn signals and also rear fog light(s). Can anyone confirm that?

If they are part of the European model, could someone take some pictures to show where they are located on the rear of the Model S? I'm very curious to know as I wish that the US version had both. Thanks!

Brian H | January 27, 2013

Maybe you can get retro-EU-ized. Or order it as an option.

GeirT | January 27, 2013

@ Carl Barlev, The black one you refer to is back in Germany, or on tour, Tesla Oslo has however a silver with Norwegian registration EL18690 waiting for anybody's pleasure... Just book time.

martijn | February 7, 2013

Anyone been today in Antwerpen?

T minus 37h and counting towards saturday 10:00 am

dirk.saenen | February 7, 2013
martijn | February 7, 2013

Thanks !!