Tire rotation question

Tire rotation question

This is not Tesla specific - but here's the question: Why rotate every 6,000 miles? For the sake of argument, say the tires are expected to last 24,000 miles (With 19" I hope that figure might be low). If you rotate every 6,000 miles, that's 3 rotations followed by replacement. What if you simply rotated once, at 12,000 miles? You would save 2 rotations, and the tires would get the same time on front and rear. Is one possible answer that if you don't really know how long the tires will last, you can't forecast replacement time that accurately?

As a follow up - what have the higher mileage drivers been getting on a 60 with 19" tires driven reasonably?

info | February 22, 2014

The purpose of tire replacement is to even out the wear. Assuming that settings slip a bit, each wheel might be slightly off perfect. If the front wheel is wearing a bit more on the outside than it should, rotating evens this out. In addition, the front tires wear more because of turning while the rears wear more because of acceleration. They are different wear rates and patterns. By rotating every 6K, you even this out and may keep your tires a lot longer.

The real question is how to rotate. I had first learned that tires could not be crossed if they were radials (as all tires are now) This is no longer the case.

jordanrichard | February 22, 2014

You simply rotate or rather swap the fronts with the rears.

mallynb | February 22, 2014

The Owner's Manual says rotate tires every 5,000 miles. A diagram there shows same-side swap. Last week the people at our local Goodyear tire store knew this. (They had seen only one Model S before, a couple of months ago.)I bought their lifetime rotate-and-balance package for $78.

rick | February 22, 2014

I have been told that on my P85 with 21" that I CANNOT rotate my tires at all by Tesla.

Asim | February 22, 2014

@rick That doesn't sound right as I have had the tires rotated on my P85 with 21" wheels by Tesla. Do you have a P85+? Its my understanding that tires can't be rotated on a P85+ as the front and rear tire widths are different.

Bighorn | February 22, 2014

P85+ can't technically be rotated, but the rears can be swapped inside for out. Regular P85 shouldn't be a problem since they aren't staggered.

SCCRENDO | February 22, 2014

Tesla has been doing my tire rotations. 24000 miles. Just had my 4 th rotation. No charge. Included with my 2 services and intermediate ones were included. 5/32 left all round. 19" tires.

xradr | February 22, 2014

tesla stock tuning/alignment can be quite a bit off (it's not terribly consistent amongst all cars). There are quite a number of threads on this. I'm not sure if this is by design or by the automated hands free factory tuning/alignment.

The end result that this is often relatively asymmetric wear. Rotating tires with asymmetric wear becomes less effective evening out the wear as the wear asymmetry increases.

Brian H | February 24, 2014

P85+ fronts and rears are different widths, AFAIK. Putting wider tires up front would have odd results, I suspect.

drp | February 24, 2014

I have mine rotated every 6000 miles. I got about 19,300 miles on my 21 inch tires on my P 85, and then had to be replaced so I switched for the winter. For the winter, I went to 19 inch all season radius and plan on getting new 21 inch tires in about three weeks. I have 34,000 miles on my car and March 2 will be its one year birthday.

Brian H | February 25, 2014

Are you in a cool, snow-free zone? That's all no-seasons are good for.

jordanrichard | February 25, 2014

Look at the first number oof your tire size. I suspect the rears are a touch wider than the fronts, hence they can not be rotated.