'Tired of links not opening up a new browser tab.

'Tired of links not opening up a new browser tab.

Perhaps it's just me, but I accidentally bump myself out of the forums (and the whole site) a couple times a week by forgetting that the link I just clicked on in a thread did NOT open in a new browser tab. I click the link, read whatever another member wanted me to read, and then reflexively close the tab rather than hitting the "back" button on the browser...and the realize I am off of the site. Within the Tesla Motors Club forums, links open up a new tab. I wish it was the same here.

Red Sage ca us | November 19, 2014

I do too. It would be nice if external links did that by default. In Linux or Windows you can right click a link, get a flyout menu, and choose open in new window or open in new tab. I think that on a Macintosh you must hold the Option key while clicking the link to get a similar menu. I hope this helps!

blue adept | November 19, 2014

If you access the settings in your browser and option to have links opened in a new tab your browser won't navigate you away from the site you're on.

AmpedUP | November 19, 2014

just an allusion .... this doesn't appear to be an option in Chrome. As noted in my starting post, this action seems to be controlled by the site visited (at least for Chrome). When visiting Tesla Motors Club using the same browser, links open in a new tab.

blue adept | November 19, 2014

I dunno know...Perhaps its a security/site integrity thing?

Red Sage ca us | November 19, 2014

This site does not seem to allow operation of the TARGET function of anchor tags, I've noticed.

Model ☰ | November 20, 2014

It's how the forum at TMS is configured. There they automatically add the "target" option to open links in a new tab, as does most forum software. Web-purists insist that the web should work like this forum does...

Btw: In Linux middle-click opens in a new tab, don't know about windows/mac....

JeffreyR | November 20, 2014

Click-hold on iOS in Safari will show the option to "open link in new tab", likely other browsers will too.
Shift-click on Windows using most browsers will open new browser or tab (browser preference).
Shift-click on OS X in Safari will add to Reading List.

Not sure about Web-purist's opinion on the subject, but unless a hyperlink specifies a 'target' the browser should re-use the same window unless the browser preferences have been set to do otherwise. In other words the end-user's preferences should be honored for even specified 'target' declarations, but if no preference is set, then it will do what is specified.

I have not tried to use the 'target' attribute in my links, but it seems @Red Sage has not had any luck w/ it.

It would be nice if this forum sw let you specify a preference too, and was aware of the differences among anchor links (#), relative links (../), absolute links (/), and fully-qualified links (http://) and behave accordingly. Hypothetically only fully-qualified can really be "spam" as the rest stay on

tom.chervenak@US-MN | November 20, 2014

I use Firefox/Mozilla and click the the scroll wheel to open in a new tab. It's just something I've gotten in the habit of doing on forums and it works with this one.

CT-Greg | November 20, 2014

Red Sage: Right-click brings up context menus on the Mac, too. Ctrl-click emulates it if you don't have a multi-button mouse (or no button is configured to send the right-click event).

Red Sage ca us | November 20, 2014

Oh, the forum does allow anchored hyperlinks (#), it just doesn't let you choose a target. You can even find those links to individual posts here by checking the source of a thread of messages. So you can link to a particular post on a specific page since all threads allow thirty responses per page.

Yes, it is often possible to set the browser preferences to open all links in a separate tab or window. That does not seem to be very helpful though. There may be some browsers that allow you to set that preference per domain though.

Since there is the single bar on Macbooks, and the single button on iPhone, I figured it best to presume Apple™ Purists© wouldn't stoop to owning a multifunction mouse.


Brian H | November 20, 2014

The 'Tab Mix' add-on for FF has numerous enhancements. The very first choice is where links open.

JeffreyR | November 21, 2014

@Red Sage

Oh, I know they work. My table of contents uses them and I have linked to specific comments too. My point is that the $#|+ sw still thinks any 'a href' is potential spam when that is provably ridiculous.

Also Apple Purists have long given up the single-button mouse silliness. The Super Mouse killed that idea and iPhone gestures kicked it while it was down. You can even get capacitive touch track pads for your iMac and Mac Pro now ;^)


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Red Sage ca us | November 21, 2014

It would be nice if the spam filter at least passed links to this domain without issue.

JeffreyR | November 22, 2014


Model ☰ | November 22, 2014

I use Firefox/Mozilla and click the the scroll wheel to open in a new tab.

Yes, it's just me that haven't got of the habit to call it "middle button" yet ;) It worked the same way with three-button mouses before the wheel. And, it's a Linux thing, not bound to Firefox. Works the same in Opera and Chrome.

@Brian H
The 'Tab Mix' add-on for FF has numerous enhancements.

Yes, that's a valuable add-on. Have used it - or more precise: 'Tab Mix Plus' - for years.

blue adept | November 24, 2014

All you really have to do is place your cursor on top of the link and right-click, then left-click on the "open link in new tab" option from the pop up menu...Done!