Took an Andretti for a ride in my Model S tonight

Took an Andretti for a ride in my Model S tonight

Tonight I took Jeff Andretti, Mario's youngest son, for a ride in my P85+. His comment? "Amazing"

chrisdl | November 14, 2013

Yes, but will he buy one? ;-)

negarholger | November 14, 2013

Leilani - he would know what amazing means.

Chrisdl - being exposed is the first step. You don't know if he has the money lying around to just buy one. It took me some time to realize yes I can afford one and yes I want one.

jat | November 15, 2013

@Kleist - I'm guessing he can afford one.

rch1708 | November 15, 2013

Was his comment about the car or about the way that you drove it?


L8MDL | November 15, 2013

I would have let him drive. I'm sure he could teach me a few tricks!

Longhorn92 | November 15, 2013

I think Leilani was teaching him a few tricks!

GLO | November 15, 2013

Both, I suspect! Cool to hear he liked it!!

Captain_Zap | November 15, 2013

Next time, let him drive! That makes all the difference.

I couldn't tell whether or not 'The Stig' was impressed. Did you get any impression? 'The Stig' is certainly one cool customer.

Did you see that our family members that has the Tesla Psychosis is getting his new car in a week? That's exciting.

Thanks for popping in Leilani.

JoeFee | November 15, 2013

Tell him mine is for sale…but hurry before I change my mind!

leilanimunter | November 15, 2013

I would have let him drive, but he was drinking so he didn't even ask to drive. Next time I see him, I will let him take the wheel :)

JPPTM | November 16, 2013

Maybe his dad might want to drive -- oh, wait, he does those Magnaflow commercials and likes the audio sound track when he drives... :)

MarioA | November 16, 2013

Maybe his dad already has one.

leilanimunter | November 16, 2013

Mario just bought a Lambo. But if I can get him in an S I am sure he would be sold, like the rest of us :)

SamO | November 16, 2013

Way to be a great ambassador for Tesla Leilani.

NomoDinos | November 16, 2013

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG... his dad was my hero when I was a kid! Please tell him that "some dude in Los Angeles" thinks he's just plain awesome.

J.T. | November 17, 2013

@NoMo. You still sound like a kid, maybe like a teenage girl! :-)

NomoDinos | November 17, 2013

Jtodtman - that's actually how everyone talks in LA when we're excited. It's mandated by Governor Moonbeam.

J.T. | November 17, 2013

@NoMO :-)

chrisdl | November 17, 2013

Looking at Mario on tv right now. Saw Jeff during the grid walk as well. Didn't see you Leilani :-) Were you there?
(F1 Austin)

Brian H | November 17, 2013

Moonbeam Mandates have a history of ending in skrewops royale.