Top Ten Reasons to Choose Model S

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Model S

OK – Two weeks ‘til launch. We know the car mag writers and bloggers are going to explode, and some will be bent to take down Tesla. We all know their main argument – range anxiety. Let’s take control of the debate, get people off their fixations and misperceptions, educate a few writers, and help some poor folks who might have fallen prey to the hyperbole. Here are my Top 10 reasons for choosing Tesla Model S:

1. Range Extension – I can go 1,000 miles in my new Model S for the same price as going 250 in my ICE.
2. Design – Model S blends the intuitive and artful with the scientific and demonstrable.
3. Performance – The combination of the lowest coefficient of drag and center of gravity of any production vehicle.
4. The Quiet – Oh Model S, I can’t hear you…
5. Simplicity – The flow from inside to out – sorry to many but this car had to, had to forego excess console and cupholders to get to a new state of elegant simplicity that matched aesthetics with engineering.
6. The Touchscreen – Why haven’t people who have been making cars for 100 years figured this out?
7. The Stores – Love ‘em!
8. The Marketing – Do you recall the Leaf generating one thimbleful of the excitement that Model S has?
9. Elon – This feels like buying one of Edison’s first light bulbs.
10. Made in America – Hell Yes!

So what are yours?


EdG | June 7, 2012

Newspapers, etc., sell stories by how interesting they are to read. Among other things, fear sells well. So range anxiety is a good hook for an EV story.

On the other hand, looking forward to 2015 and beyond, do car buyers of today really want to be holding onto an ICE vehicle? If battery prices plummet while capacities increase, spending that $40K or more for an ICE car right now might not be the best decision. [Fear of making a stupid purchase.]

As long as the only product coming out of Tesla Motors is a car most people can't afford, the general media is more likely to focus on how those rich people are in it for the "green" and can afford to toss their money around, unless a real argument can be made for long term savings and a great ride while doing it. When (if?) Bluestar rolls around, that story will change.

The car mags, etc., don't have the money issue: the more money you spend on a car the more envied you are. For those readers, the ride, safety, fuel and maintenance savings, modernity, etc., will be more impressive.

Volker.Berlin | June 7, 2012

You may want to look up some answers/opinions to these questions in these two older threads. The perspective from today, as the production cars are around the corner, may be slighly different, but it may still be an interesting read:

pdesamours | June 7, 2012

My top reasons (not necessarily in the order given) for choosing Model S

1. Style - I would find this car attractive even if it where an ICE
2. Convenience - The performance of an A-list sports car with the usefulness of an SUV
3. Economy - Items in # 2 without getting robbed by oil companies
4. Environment - Items in # 2 without polluting the air
5. Durability (perceived) - In the end I could be wrong about this but the design simplicity suggests it

I have more reasons but I'm not compelled to continue, Cattledog has already stated them and I would have bought this car at # 2

Brian H | June 7, 2012

#5 seems very plausible, indeed. The proven robustness of electric motors and of a "skateboard" frame seem like unbeatable advantages.

Every time I think of the fact that 2 yrs. ago TM was just acquiring the (unused, filthy) NUMMI factory, it blows my mind. The parallel situation with SpaceX (successful orbital launches by a company with total capital and build and launch expenses <

Brian H | June 7, 2012

Oops, carets killed the rest. Fixing ...

#5 seems very plausible, indeed. The proven robustness of electric motors and of a "skateboard" frame seem like unbeatable advantages.

Every time I think of the fact that 2 yrs. ago TM was just acquiring the (unused, filthy) NUMMI factory, it blows my mind. The parallel situation with SpaceX (successful orbital launches by a company with total capital and build and launch expenses <<the cost of one incomplete Orion capsule hardware model) increases both my confidence and awe.

This is something new under the sun, folks.

bsimoes | June 7, 2012

I have been looking into electric cars for years now, but they all looked so cheap,small and unsafe. I want to have a clear conscience about the environment and my impact on it. That has been and always will be my first reason. Cars have never really intrigued me; they were just a way to get from point A to point B. When this car popped up, it was beautiful:love at first sight. Then I saw the storage capacity--front and back?? Wow...Then, I read about its stability, safety, and that it can go 300 miles on one charge. I maybe will drive that much in a day just once a year or so. I am thrilled to see that charging stations are becoming a reality (I never thought that the hydrogen thing would take off), and that it's an American-made car is just icing. Although I love this country deeply, I have never been a flag-waving kind of person, but I'm so glad that I'm not supporting oil production. It feels quite patriotic! This will be the first American car I've ever owned. I am not wealthy at all. This will take most of my savings. But as they say, you can't take it with you, and until then, it will be a hell of a nice ride!

Brian H | June 7, 2012


Just to see how it feels, for the first week or two you should find somewhere to wedge a couple of those little American flags on the car! See if it causes any comment, and opportunity to brag it's all American (except for the batteries Made in Japan!).


Sudre_ | June 7, 2012

I don't have to comment except to say, what bsimoes said :-)

The real range this car has is a big one. I also think Elon is the only 'rich' guy that uses his money to advance the human race and I want to support him. Buying stock and his car is what I can afford. If not for Elon the big car makers would just be pointing figures saying, "It can't be done. We tried it already." NASA would be paying Russia to resupply the Space Station for the next 20 to 25 years if not for Elon drive.

Teslamodels4me | June 7, 2012

My TOP reason: NO MORE GAS Other reasons to buy the Model S and no other EVs.
Other automakers will not build an all electric car with this kind of range and acceleration.(100 mile limit)
Tesla Motors is not focusing on keeping a gasoline powered engine and all the spare parts that go with them.(sorry Volt).
Because this car company is doing what I could only dream about for more than 10 years now.
High quality product.
I trust the CEO, (I have never said that before about a CEO) I have said it before but I will say it again THANKS ELON.

jerry3 | June 8, 2012

No gas engine.
No "service advisor".
Cool tech.
(Too bad about the styling though--guess you can't have everything)

BYT | June 10, 2012

It's hard to choose just 10, every time I think of something that is an advantage of buying a Model S, I think how much more a pleasant surprise it is. I would one day like to write and organize ALL the qualities of going with a Model S so I can bombard the first person to hit me with, "Wow, you spent over $100k on that car? Why?"

bsimoes | June 10, 2012

All of the above of course, but let's not forget its five star safety reason, as well!

Brian H | June 10, 2012

6-star, according to Elon. "Above and beyond" all the 5-star requirements.


Volker.Berlin | October 12, 2012

I just noticed there's a sibling thread to this one, linking it for the record:

Timo | October 13, 2012

1. Convenience: Not needing to go to gas station. Ever.
2. Performance: Insane acceleration.
3. Quietness: No ICE with loud noises
4. Price: That's right, this is cheap for its quality.
5. TCO: Cheaper to own too (than equal ICE car).
6. Storage: A lot of room into car.
7. Smell: No gas or oil fumes.
8. Handling: Low CoG makes it corner well.
9. Handling: Best TC into world for this price category.
10. Handling: Very easy to drive really slowly with precise torque when needed, no clutch burning.
11. Handling: Single foot...oh right, only top ten reasons...

Brian H | October 13, 2012

"Timo goes to 11!"

mrspaghetti | October 13, 2012

@Timo: almost +1

(1 or 2). Convenience: Not needing to go to gas station. Ever.
(1 or 2). Quietness: No ICE with loud noises
3. Reliability/Simplicity: a fraction of the number of moving parts and interacting systems
4. Value for the Money: It's expensive, but you do get something for your money - and more than with equally sticker-priced ICEs
5. Sexy: I am looking forward to the turned heads :)
6. Storage: Ginormous storage space vs other cars in this class.
7. Handling: Low CoG makes it corner well.
8. Performance: Insane acceleration.
9. Perks: Front row parking!!!
10. Smell/Leaks: No gas or oil fumes, or spots on my garage floor

s_curve | October 14, 2012

12.Maintenance. - With effectively one moving part to propel the car forward, the hardly isn't any.

Volker.Berlin | October 14, 2012

s_curve, except for the $600 annual maintenance that is required to not void your warranty... Sorry to spoil No 12 for you, but only 10 were asked for, anyway. ;-)

BYT | October 14, 2012

But VB, reliability is still a huge plus on the Model S even after the initial 4 year $450 annual maintenance fees. If your going to get it, take advantage of the discount!!

Mark K | October 14, 2012

My Top 10 Reasons:

1. Our Kids' Future.

2-10. Absent #1, the rest doesn't much matter.

mrspaghetti | October 14, 2012

@Mark K

Government mishandling of finances is a much more immediate and verifiable threat to our kids' future than continued use of ICEs, in my opinion. But I respect your principled position.

Mark K | October 14, 2012

I strongly agree with that. The collapse of sovereign financial responsibility is global, massive, and untenable. That topic is the province of other forums, so I'll leave it at that.

TM addresses a completely different problem whose moment of crisis is brewing but not yet imminent. It is nonetheless essential to secure our future.

Let's hope more of us wake up to what's needed, and stand and deliver.

s_curve | October 17, 2012


A $600/year maintenance cost pales in comparison to the current 4-figure maintenance cost of my ICE vehicle. post was a follow-on to Timo....who clearly posted 11 reasons. :-O

jerry3 | October 20, 2012

mrspaghet -- Government mishandling of finances is a much more immediate and verifiable threat to our kids' future than continued use of ICEs,

While that might be true, we can't really do anything about that because monied interests always win in politics (regardless of which side you vote for). We can purchase a BEV and show people that they would be getting something better.

Getting Amped Again | October 22, 2012

This sounds trivial, but I've been cleaning brake dust off of BMW alloy wheels for nearly 20 years and I'll be happy to not be doing that on my Model S. If you don't stay on top of them almost weekly, an impervious black coating forms on every nook and cranny and it takes lots of elbow grease and solvents to get it off. With regenerative deceleration and braking I bet my Model S wheels always look sharp!

mrspaghetti | October 22, 2012

@Getting Amped Soon

Not to mention it's not all that healthy to breathe brake pad dust...

Mark E | October 24, 2012

Getting Amped Soon: Next time you clean your wheels, use some wax on them. You'll find that the brake dust comes off much easier.

Volker.Berlin | October 25, 2012

Or maybe this product (which may amount to effectively the same at a higher price, I don't know):

I came across this video because the same guy did the most comprehensive video reviews on the Fisker Karma ever: