Towing Capacity only 5000 lbs?

Towing Capacity only 5000 lbs?

I was "all in" and scraping together every last penny to buy a model X with "up to 10000 lbs towing capacity" as stated by Jim Chen Tesla VP.

according to screen shots posted of configurations screens for those early reservation holders, the towing capacity is stated to be only 5000 lbs.

Please don't kill the dream of an all electric SUV that can tow 10,000 lbs!!!

A Honda Pilot can tow 5000 lbs.

I will have to cancel my reservation and "settle" for an ICE vehicle that can tow like a VW Touareg or similar.

mclary | September 1, 2015

What is the point to your thread again?

vperl | September 1, 2015

Poor waltie
Glad your gone

Buy a KIA
Be happy, I am

Roamer@AZ USA | September 1, 2015

Who on earth would want to tow 10,000 lbs with a mid size SUV. Get a truck or a full size 3/4 ton SUV. You would be crazy to tow 10,000 lbs with a mid size small vehicle like the X.

That and you would never be able to go anywhere with a less than 100 mile range dragging around twice the weight of the tow vehicle.

Kutu | September 1, 2015

If you're going to pull 10,000 lbs for any distance you should have a minimum 3/4 ton truck. I would not do it at interstate speeds without a dually!

DonS | September 1, 2015

I never believed any of the speculation about 10,000 lb towing capacity. 5,000 lbs is the sweet spot for vehicles this size, and I would have been shocked if it was more than 6,000 lbs.

Blue85DCalifornia | September 1, 2015

Get a grip. A midsize SUV was never going to tow 10,000 lbs. Cancel your reservation; you'll make the owner behind yours very happy. And, anyone who thinks it will tow 5,000 lbs for more than 100 miles is also kidding themselves.

Iowa92x | September 1, 2015

Don't be stupid, similar size to a Pilot which also tows 5k.

TonyInNH | September 1, 2015

I thought it was stated somewhere that the X would be class 3 which is 5000 or under.

vperl | September 1, 2015

Gee whiz, you mean I cannot tow my 40 foot trailer to Aspen, or my cement truck to the construction site of my castle? What's up with that, kiddies?

EVino | September 1, 2015

Just for reference, this is 3500 lbs being towed by a RAV4. I think 5000 lbs is plenty.

walteryvr | September 1, 2015

Vw Touraeg tows 7700 lbs and is not as big

ilonauw | September 1, 2015

Ride quality would be greatly compromised if it was set up to tow 10,000 lbs. The percentage of people shopping for Model X and looking to tow this much just isn't there. I myself would by a used 3/4 or 1 ton Truck/SUV for the sole purpose of the occasional time I will need to row that much. As much as I would love to see model X tow that much it's just not realistic.

Ankit Mishra | September 1, 2015

Its a family SUV, not a truck.

Son of a Gunn | September 1, 2015

Troll. The F150 forum is over there.

Pungoteague_Dave | September 2, 2015

5,000 is fairly minimal. My small (25') World Cat offshore fishing boat is 8,500 pounds with two 250-hp outboard motors and 220 gallons of fuel. Our former Mercedes GL 320 is about the same size as an X and was rated for 8,000 pound towing capacity and I would "stretch" it to tow the boat. A standard Ford F-150 weighs about as much as the X (my 2015 F-150 weighs 4,874 pounds, compared to 4,650 for the MS, and the MX must weigh at least a few hundred pounds more, so is actually heavier than my pickup). The Ford pickup can be configured to tow 11,400 pounds and it is only a standard pickup, not a super duty. This is a disappointing rating, sits at the bottom of what small SUVs and compact pickups are rated for. It will be okay for the skiff or jet ski crowd, can't do any real towing. Range will be seriously impacted anyway.

Ankit Mishra | September 2, 2015

Its a good decision by Tesla. Concentrating on a niche too much is dangerous for a product. They have added towing capacity that is going to be enough for most people. They would like to build the product image as of a premium SUV and too much truck like behavior would be bad for it.

FactDoc | September 2, 2015

5000 is plenty

Son of a Gunn | September 2, 2015

Yeah but it can haul all your grandchildren to their soccer match and arrive in style a la Falcon Wing.

aesculus | September 2, 2015

I would be worried about such as massive load behind the smaller car. If it got out of kilter it would toss the X around. I even noticed that they have analytics and advanced breaking on the tow package to deal with trailer oscillations and swaying.

rdalcanto | September 2, 2015

It is on the low side. My Jeep Grand Cherokee can tow almost 8,000, so can the little Porsche Cayenne. Audi Q7 is almost 7,000lbs. I think my boat is going to be really close to the 5,000 limit. Can't remember exactly what it weights since it is definitely less than the limit of my Jeep. I might have to keep the Jeep, but if I have to use it only for the occasional tow, I guess that isn't too big a deal.

Son of a Gunn | September 2, 2015

It's towing a 2000 lb battery, so technically it's 7000 lbs towing capacity.

Ankit Mishra | September 2, 2015

@Son of a Gunn
Agreed. People are overlooking that fact. Plus add the weight of 7 people it will be carrying too.

rdalcanto | September 2, 2015

Please, that battery replaces a heavy engine and transmission. Elon's goal is to replace ICE vehicles with EVs. Can't do that if his vehicles can't tow the same as American and Germans SUVs (Japanese SUVs and pickups have never had great towing capacity).

Blueskies | September 2, 2015

Never in my wildest dreams, when I made my X deposit, did I even remotely consider a Tesla towing anything. Perhaps a little trailer for skies or a kayak that couldn't go on top.

Low and behold, beloved uncle Elon dazzles me yet again with a towing capacity almost on the order of a full size pickup truck or mid range work van.

Now if only I could opt out of free supercharging in exchange for a little emergency household power output...

Son of a Gunn | September 2, 2015

I saw a Toyota Titan towing a flatbed with an F150 on it. Here I thought all they made was the Hilux.

Ankit Mishra | September 2, 2015

Do people use Porsche, BMW, Audi 's +$100000 SUV's to tow 10000 lbs of stuff too? I really dont know, no sarcasm here.

rdalcanto | September 2, 2015

10,000 lbs no. 7,000 lbs, yes. I see it all the time here in Utah. If wealthy drivers of those vehicles are going to trade them in for a Model X, they will need it to do the same work. Does it affect all buyers? Of course not. But maybe enough to matter.

Tâm | September 2, 2015


Sometimes final version is not the same as described, so let's see what a reduction to 5,000 lbs means if you want to haul an Airstream trailer:

First of all, you can forget about forking out another $126,475 for a 31' 3" Classic model because it's 10,000 lbs.

You can forget about forking out another $146,362 for a 28'00" Land Yacht because it's 8,200 lbs.

In addition, You can also forget about forking out another $84,968 for a 25' 11" Eddie Bauer because it's 7,300 lbs.

However, the following are fine:

International series $64,048: 19'2", 4,500 lbs.

Flying Cloud $61,1706: 19'2", 4,500 lbs.

Sport $44,383: 16'4", 3,500 lbs

Ankit Mishra | September 2, 2015

Hmm, what are the factors that limit towing ability? X is a powerful car. Is it range?

rdalcanto | September 2, 2015

I think in this case it is the strength of the frame, and maybe cooling capability of the motors/inverters. I will be right at that 5,000 lbs limit, and will be curious to see if it will over heat pulling the boat up a big mountain to get from Salt Lake City to Park City. My Grand Cherokee with big V8 and almost 3,000 lbs capacity to spare starts to get hot by the time I hit Parley's Summit (close to 3,000 foot steep climb).

EVino | September 2, 2015

@rdalcanto, I think you're hung up on the towing capacity and can't see objectively.

Car and Driver puts the Model X in this class:

Her are the towing capacities in that class:
2015 Acura Mdx towing capacity 3500 lbs
2015 Audi Q7 towing capacity 5500 lbs
2015 BMW X5 towing capacity 5952 lbs
2015 Porsche Cayenne towing capacity 7716 lbs

The Model X is in that median. It can't win it all but let's be objective against the comps.

rdalcanto | September 2, 2015

Again, Q7 with towing package increases from 5,500 to 6,700.

Here are other luxury vehicles that will be in the same class as far as buyers go, with capacities all at 5,952 or much higher.

rdalcanto | September 2, 2015

I agree that for 95% or more of buyers, it is a non-issue. For those of us that would love to stop burning gas in our SUVs every time we go camping/boating, an extra 1,000 lbs would make a HUGE difference.

Ankit Mishra | September 2, 2015

Are we counting the natural racks on X for skis etc, huge storage space inside and 7 adult weight too? This might have limited the worse case scenario to 5000. Or maybe you are right and the cooling capacity might be responsible.

rdalcanto | September 2, 2015

If you fill the X with 7 adults, you might not be able to tow even 5,000 if you go over the GVWR. But that will be less of an issue, I think, than the weight of the trailer for most people that need to tow.

Red Sage ca us | September 2, 2015

Due to the available torque, and a 2" hitch receiver, the Model X could probably move up to 8,000 lbs. -- around town. But knowing that there are places in the US where there are no restrictions on the towing speed on highways... And wanting to make sure that people can cover the distance between Superchargers comfortably... Tesla Motors likely decided to err on the safe side by making the official tow rating 5,000 lbs.

DonS | September 2, 2015

With a 5,000 lb trailer, I wonder if the X will have trouble getting to the next supercharger. Towing with the X could make long distance interesting again, much like when there were only a few superchargers for the S.

eric.zucker | September 2, 2015

My ex 3 liter V6 TDI Q7 was rated to tow 7'000 - 7700 lbs.

Used it with a 2200lbs trailer and was surprised at how little extra fuel was burnt with the trailer vs without on the highway with cruise control on.

In town, or in heavy traffic stop and go, or going uphill is another story. Rage is further affected with a braked trailer (all trailers above 1650lbs here), you don't get as much benefit from regen.

As far as my needs go, 5000 lbs (2200 kgs) is plenty for me.

Red Sage ca us | September 3, 2015

I don't like towing. I don't like using roof racks either. I've always felt that if it doesn't fit in the car, it ain't going with me. But yeah, among my Brothers and Cousins, there is a certain fascination with towing any chance they get. And on the routes that we are more likely to drive, typically they are posted with a maximum speed limit of 55 MPH for large trucks and towing vehicles. That doesn't stop them from driving in excess of 85 MPH anyway, with me praying for dear life from the shotgun position, the whole way. They seem to be immune to the rigors of horrible fuel economy while running V8s with a trailer at hyperspeed through headwinds and crosswinds that gust at up to 50 MPH. Scares the [FRIJOLES] out of me though. That said, 5,000 lbs would probably be 'enough' for them if it allowed them to hit each Supercharger en route at between 55 MPH and 75 MPH on the highway.

bevguy | September 3, 2015

Each pound towed past a certain minimum limit requires suspension changes to deal with the weight. And more vehicle weight too.
Since the S and X are body on chassis design , this can be dealt with better than the usual uni body. If someone wants to tow 8000 lbs, let them buy a gas guzzler SUV or pickup truck. For every one of them there are probably 10 buyers who don't care about towing heavy loads. Most importantly the X will be the highest performance crossover SUV by a wide margin.

Tesla hopefully will not compromise their biggest feature to satisfy a few. Who if they are into driving F250 and giant truck based SUV probably have no idea about good accelerating good handling vehicles. Or prefer other features more

Ankit Mishra | September 3, 2015


vrhunski | September 5, 2015

I wish someone can make examples what boats/yachts can be towed with Model X.
@EVino Thanks

Red Sage ca us | September 6, 2015

"The most important factor when choosing an SUV for towing a boat is to know how much your boat and trailer weigh together. As a quick rule of thumb, the average 21-foot boat trailer is between 500 and 1,000 lbs, while most boats in this size range hover in the 4,000 to 5,000 lbs range. This means you'll want SUV that is rated to tow between 4,500 and 6,000 lbs in total - a number that takes you out of the mid-size segment and pushes you towards a full-size hauler." -- autobytel, '10 Best SUVs for Towing a Boat'

rdalcanto | September 6, 2015

I have a 21ft Wakeboard boat (That is about as small as they get). With trailer it is right around 5,000 lbs. Most wakeboard boats are bigger and heavier than mine. Most fishing boats should be lighter.

Red Sage ca us | September 10, 2015

My apologies. I should have written 'accessory' instead of '2"' as the standard, included hitch receiver for Model X. I'm like, totally fallible and stuff.