Towing of non Charging Vehicles in Charge Spots

Towing of non Charging Vehicles in Charge Spots

A new California Law allows towing of vehicles parked in charge spots that are not charging.

I wonder if this includes SuperCharging Stations?

Sin Gas

centralvalley | June 25, 2014

This is an old law. Ya gotta read the context of the legislation and how it is incorporated into the CVC. The owner of the parking location must comply with the administrative requirements of the code, and that includes appropriate signage.

Since Tesla does not own the parking locations, Tesla cannot post or otherwise enforce these statutes. It would be up to the owner of the property.

(I am not privy to Tesla's lease agreements with the property owners, but I highly doubt that they would have agreed to permit Tesla to erect the appropriate signs and be responsible for towing.)

Until BEVs become more commonplace, and property owners are more educated, we are just going to have to realize that there will be times that charging stations will be unavailable.