Toyota's Fantasies

Toyota's Fantasies

The Tokyo Auto Show is generally as far out as it gets, and Toyota is throwing a super-Segway EV against its wall to see if it sticks. Physorg has it as 3-wheeler:

and Gizmag has it as a 4-wheeler:

Consensus seems to be that it will never be made or sold.

The write-ups focus on its exterior and super-HUD enhanced reality functions, of course.

Timo | November 7, 2013

Close to what I had in my mind when I was talking about class of vehicles between motorcycle and a car. Just drop the "segway-type control" stupidity and that could be rather useful as small-range commuter (why not longer rides too, but for short distances for one person small lightweight single-seater is much better than seven person two-ton tank).


Much better aerodynamics than any normal car.

mekasper | November 7, 2013

What were the details and implications of their recent fuel cell car planned for 2015 delivery?

RanjitC | November 7, 2013

They would be better off making electric scooters/motorbikes. Europe is full of those. So are most third world countries.

TimC | November 8, 2013

I'm a proponent of the Lit Motors concept with the gyroscopic stability feature.

Timo | November 9, 2013

A bit shorter link for same:

Cool "bike". Just make is look a bit less "nerdmobile" and you have a real product. First of all, lose that white color.