Training Videos in backward states

Training Videos in backward states

I live in Texas and am expecting my S in a month. However I have now been told that the Tesla rep will not be able to show me how to run it because of the ridiculous Texas Auto Dealers lawsuit to prevent Teslas method of sales. The state, lead by a backwards governor, does not even offer incentives yet. The question is, has anybody seen these training videos and do they work? I'm pissed I cannot discuss with a live rep. Thanks

Cattledog | January 1, 2013

I've seen them - they are informative but pretty basic, about 20 mins. You're best short-term bet is to see if another forum member with a car will be your volunteer delivery specialist and walk you though stuff. A Texla Ranger!

Dennis | January 1, 2013

i wouldn't worry too much. i think you'll be surprised at how intuitive the car is. my car was delivered without a DS. the truck driver backed it off the truck and pointed to the D, R and P settings on the steering column and i was on my way. i figured most every thing else out on my own. i had a few questions, the majority of which were answered by ben's videos on youtube (search for ben goodwin/model s) and these forums. it's like taking a mac computer out of the box. it's pretty easy to figure everything out. just make sure you have a place to plug it in and you'll be all set.

Volker.Berlin | January 2, 2013

You can check out fellow-owner Ben Goodwin's videos on YouTube: