Travel from Seattle WA to Page AZ

Travel from Seattle WA to Page AZ

Going to Lake Powell for a houseboating trip in September. I would like to know a route if anyone has ideas. Thanx Judi

Captain_Zap | May 21, 2013

Hit some of the regional threads for some good tips and help.
Telsa Motors Club is a good resource too.

Gas_Passer | May 23, 2013

Check out this drive from Portland to New York City in a 85 MS. He went south through LA and New Mexico, which is close to the route you're planning. But he also has a big fancy custom-made dual-charging device to hook up to two RV plugs overnight and get a full charge. Good luck!

DouglasR | May 23, 2013

@judimasters - If you have twin chargers and can borrow, rent, or buy a Roadster-to-S adapter, here is the trip we took from Seattle to the Bay Area:

This route brought us very close to the supercharger in Folsom, from which you can easily make it to southern California using superchargers. Had we gone that way, we would have hit Folsom on the afternoon of the second day of driving.

jjaeger | May 23, 2013

From S. CA (Barstow SC) two routes - north through Vegas, but need to charge somewhere between there and the lake, or east to Kingman AZ (many folks reporting the KOA there as a good stop) - and then Flagstaff and up with a stop somewhere on that route. If only the rumored Kingman SC would to appear, then you could go from Folsom to Flagstaff without a worry.