Upgrading Stereo System

Upgrading Stereo System

I am have been ready to finalize my S for two months but have been unable to confirm if I can upgrade the stereo system. I am looking to add an amplifier and subwoofers. Has anyone done this yet, or attempted to? I've been told it can be done and can not be done, both by Tesla. Being an audiophile, this is a big deal for me. Thanks for your feedback.

stevenmaifert | November 9, 2012

Like so many other systems on Model S, the stereo system is controlled by a proprietary software interface via the 17" touchscreen. I'm not saying that a user upgrade couldn't be done, but I think it would be quite a challenge.

dahtye | November 9, 2012

I seem to recall seeing wording in the agreement that we signed to purchase the car that we will not make any modifications to the car. I imagine there are exceptions such as window tinting, but tapping into the electrical system would be a different matter.

Anyone else notice this in the full MVPA?

jbunn | November 9, 2012

I'm going to guess that it would not be cost effective for Tesla to build amplifiers. Hopefully the head has standard outputs to a seperate amp that you can replace. I wonder who builds the amps?

dsterdee | November 9, 2012

I know it is managed by the touchscreen, although I ASSUMED it would have some sort of low level pre-out or even an amplifier somewhere that I can simply swap out and then replace the speakers. That would suck if it voided warrenty and a completely unrelated battery failure was not covered because of it!

jbunn | November 9, 2012

Some of the high power customizations have massive commections to the cars electrical system, but they are designed around an ice 12 vdc system which can produce a lot of amps. I dont think the tesla 12 volt system would need to be that large. No motor to crank, ect.

tsx_5 | November 15, 2012

Doesn't the high end sound system include at one sub? It is described as a 7.1 system...

Michael23 | November 15, 2012

Yes there is a sub in the rear. You might be able to tap into it somehow.

Captain_Zap | November 15, 2012

Any word on Tesla upgrading the system to play 5.1 discrete files?

I played a 5.1 DVDa on a system that couldn't acommodate 5.1 discrete a few days ago and it made the music painful to listen to. Popped it in another system that played 5.1 discrete properly and it was beautiful.

I know that this might be low on their update list, but is it at least ON the list?