Vibration at very low speed

Vibration at very low speed

My MS has always exhibited a mild whole car vibration when SLOWLY accelerating or decelerating at very slow speeds of 1 to 2 MPH. It equates to the feeling of going over small rumble strips but without the associated noise. It's not noticeable with more rapid accelaration or deceleration. It's only noticeable if you spend a few seconds at the 1 to 2 MPH speed. Just wanted to make sure that this is normal behaviour.

Brian H | April 3, 2013

Doesn't sound normal.

David Trushin | April 3, 2013

When i took my car in to get a few items done after about a month, i asked the service tech to go for a ride with me to check the car out and see if it was performing correctly. It was sufficiently diffrrent from any other car i had so i didn't know. He rode for about 15 minutes at various speeds and road conditions and reassured me that everything was good. Might be a good idea for you to do this as well.

nickjhowe | April 3, 2013

Does this happen every time, or only when you first set off? There is a strong vibration from the A/C that is very noticeable at very low speeds, but goes away soon after starting. And it doesn't happen every time. It is worse for some people than others, and it has been suggested that in some cars the A/C compressor vibrates against the underside of the frunk tub.

Generally I do NOT have any low speed vibration, so if yours is happening every time I'd say it is abnormal.

rockyb | April 3, 2013

It happens every time I test it, and the AC is never on. Keep in mind that it only happens if I'm going very slow at the 1 to 2 mph speed for a few secs such as when I'm inching foward at an incline or decline, and completely resolves when I get above 3 or 4 mph, or come to a stop. It's rare that any of us to spend any time at this very low speed. When regen breaking slows the car to 5mph, we generally brake and come to a stop quickly, and the same for acceleration, so is it possible that we're not noticing it? I would appreciate if any of you can try this out and confirm that this is unique to me, or is widespread. It'll save me a trip to the SC. Thanks in advance.

Brian H | April 3, 2013

None of those would be speed and accel -sensitive.

mdennick | April 3, 2013

Rockyb, I've noticed something like this maybe twice in 4k miles. I didn't think much about it. I'll see if I can reproduce it tomorrow.

Vawlkus | April 4, 2013

I'd get your tires checked, it sounds to me like one maybe loose, or possibly a piece of the suspension or steering. Shouldn't be hard to check those, but if you're not looking specifically for it, you might not notice.

mdtaylor69 | April 4, 2013

My P85 rumbles occasionally on startup when climate control starts with the car door opening. It feels like an ICE car idling. I only really notice it when getting in and backing out of the garage slowly. As soon as I start moving, it seems to go away. I have never been bothered by it. Turn off climate control before getting out of the car, and see if it still vibrates at low speeds to rule out AC/climate causes.

Hans (Amsterdam) | April 4, 2013

Probably the 3 phase 4 pole induction motor.
At very low rpm you feel the rotor moving from pole to pole.

I have had similar experiences in my Nissan Leaf, Renault Kangoo Z.E. and own built Smart EV.
The effect is much stronger with Permanent Magnet motors.

jcadman22 | April 4, 2013

@RockyB I have experienced this a couple times now in our horrendous DC traffic. What I have felt is more of a shudder, like what @Hans described, than a vibration. I have been able to reproduce on the same stretch of recently paved, i.e. smooth, slightly inclined roadway and it truly is at VERY low speeds, like creeping at 1 MPH either accel or decel. I don't really think there's anything wrong, it just may be the motor moving or something in software that is struggling to figure out if it should be accelerating or regenerating.

lingle.chris | August 19, 2015

Rockyb, Did you ever resolve this vibration issue? I have a relatively new (2 months) MS 85D, which exhibits a very similar vibration. I like to avoid using the brake as much as possible to am often decelerating into the 2 mph range, which is where I feel this. It definitely seems to be located in the front. It disappears if one uses the brake and it disappears as soon as one begins to accelerate again. If one simply brakes before ever slowing towards 2 mph, one never feels it.

netgroover | August 21, 2015

I have the same behavior in my 85D; it started after about 9000 miles or 5 months. Has anyone had this diagnosed?

buchholtz3 | August 21, 2015

I just noticed this same issue in my 85D this week. Has happened about three times just as described above. Makes me wonder, "WTF?" 5300 miles on the odometer, four and a half months old.

jhollyusa | August 22, 2015

I have had my 85D for 3 weeks and just noticed it. It happens every time for the last week at exactly 4mph while coasting down with regenerative in Standard. The shudder is gone at 3mph and does not occur with any other circumstance I have tried like regenerative brake in Low, while accelerating or if I am applying brakes. It feels like it is coming from the rear of the car but it is hard to tell. I will call and ask later today.

theoober | August 22, 2015

I have my 85D for 2 month's with 7000km and since this week when i slow down with regeneration brake i also get a vibration at the moment the regeneration brake stops and the car rolls further in ''neutral''.
next week tesla will look at it.

tdavis1198 | August 22, 2015

I have the problem on my brand new (4 days old) 85D. After delivery it was great, then the latest software update and the vibration began. There was another long thread on this forum about the problem and attributed to the latest software release.

theoober | August 22, 2015

For me indeed it was right after the latest update

promano | August 22, 2015

I noticed this on my 85D on August 14. I had already been driving it for over 5,000 miles, so I'm convinced that it is related to a software update. This is also supported by no posts to this thread for almost 2 1/2 years. Then, suddenly this month there's a half dozen posts. It's also interesting that all posts appear to be 85D...

electricBear | August 22, 2015

I noticed something very similar when rolling into my garage at similar speed ~2-5mph. Key difference from out on the street is I'm at near neutral accelerator "coasting". At first I thought it might be some rough driveway surface I just started noticing in the past few weeks but I'm starting to pay attention when I can "coast" at low speed out on the street and think I'm feeling the same thing.

sfelaw | August 22, 2015

Just got my 70D a month ago. Love the car, but also recently noticed a subtle rumbling/vibrating sound/feeling at low speed when coming to a stop. Based on the posts here it seems fairly common. Has anyone heard a response from Tesla?

brian sullivan | August 23, 2015

For the record, I got my 85D five days ago and am experiencing the same rumble sound when coming to a stop. I previously owned a 60 which never made that sound. I'm not worried though, I know TESLA will make it right.

daniel.laberge | August 25, 2015

I have also noticed the same low rumble sound in my 3 weeks old 70D.

I feel like I haven't seen this before the last update.

rxlawdude | August 25, 2015

So here's a summary of what's been posted here:

Who is affected?
(presumably) 90D

Who is not affected?
(presumably) 70

So, what's common to all the affected models? Matched front and rear motors. I think the person who described this as a battle between the motors with one trying to motivate and the other to regenerate seems the most plausible explanation.

Has anyone who had Tesla look at your car actually had it resolved? I'm thinking not, until another OTA update.

jsdowns1 | August 25, 2015

So, I have not done the update for my 70D. I keep postponing it due to information on this thread and the hope that Tesla addresses it. Then again, not all Ds seem to be effected. Does this vibration also occur when you are in "low" mode on the braking?
The question is should I take the chance and install it and see what happens. Were there any positive things in this update that I am missing out on?

jll9 | August 25, 2015

It happened when they updated the software last week. There is a thread about it on here somewhere. At 4mph it rumbles. I have a 3 week old 70D with 800 miles on it.

ca-blessed | August 25, 2015

Yep - I also have the 4mph Harlem shake!

70D. July Delivery.

promano | August 27, 2015

I got this response from the local service concierge:
This is a known firmware issue that we are working on, and it will likely be resolved in an upcoming firmware update. We do not have any more information at this time, but I would like to assure you that your car is safe to drive.

rxlawdude | August 27, 2015

There are two ways to eliminate it (thanks to poster at TMC):

Turn Range Mode on.
Turn Regen to low.

Tesla is more than aware of this, yet they still seem to be asking people to bring their cars into the Service Center. I don't see anything to be gained, as they should have ample data establishing the root cause and mitigation.

Another OTA will fix this, probably very "soon."

rxlawdude | August 27, 2015

To clarify, you can EITHER turn Range Mode on, OR turn Regen to low to eliminate the shudder.

Sh3xCod | August 27, 2015

Widely discussed issue ..... motors are out of sync as I heard. Would be fixed in upcoming OTA. Hope very soon.

hammer @OR-US | August 27, 2015

I did some testing and is indeed related to the 2.5.36 update. I can also confirm that it does not occur with range mode on. I did not test with low regen cause I'm just not going to drive with low regen.

Red70D.Martinez.CA | August 27, 2015

A couple of observations on this issue:
1. If Creep mode is on (My wife prefers it that way), the shudder happens at 5-6 MPH instead of 4MPH with creep mode off (my preference)

2) If I slow to 15, tap the brake ever so slightly, the shudder doesn't happen at 5-6 or at 4 MPH (ie brake at 15 to 14MPH then foot off brake)

Not sure if anyone has noticed these variances.


WØQR | August 28, 2015

Well, just to be a part of the group..I have this also. Got car in June and have 1100 miles. But does seem to have been noticed at the last software update. Now, notice they don't say anything in the update notes that they did anything with power/torque management. I'll go with the range mode on and see how that goes. It's a shudder just as described.

jfain | August 28, 2015

I have 3,000 miles on a 2 month old 85D that rumbles at 4 miles. My assumption is that the regeneration doesn't drop off smoothly and grabs on and off as it drops creating the rumble. I'm hopeful like the rest that they will figure it out soon.

marc.schulz | August 28, 2015

this seems as good a place as any to make my first post!

also noticed this rumble at 3mph in my 70D, July Delivery. noticed right after the update, and also can confirm range mode prevents it, as does using the actual brake before reaching 3mph.

loving the car and looking forward to uselessly (and hopefully sometimes helpfully!) contributing to threads in the future!

Red70D.Martinez.CA | August 28, 2015


Yet another way is to lightly tap the brake after lifting foot off of the Go Peddle

ca-blessed | August 29, 2015

Welcome, Marc & Congrats!
I'm also a July 70D delivery...

kawdennis | August 29, 2015

My. P85 had a new touchscreen installed with latest software and it does it now

LMW | August 30, 2015

Thanks for the tips. I turned the range mode on and it seems to have worked in eliminating the shake. I have 70D with about 2000 miles on it and just noticed the shake in the last week or so. I had called SC and have ranger coming out this week to take a look. Thought it was interesting that the rep had no clue about the vibrations when I spoke to him when making the appointment. Glad to hear from other owners that I was not the only one. Lets hope the software update comes soon.

bradley77 | September 11, 2015

I just got my 70d yesterday and I seem to have the same issue. Other then that I love the car.

doniskd | October 14, 2015

got my 85D few days ago (in Ukraine, yes :) ) and I have this problem too. I waiting for solution in next software update...