Wall charger

Wall charger

Has anyone received the wall charger yet?

Tomas | December 25, 2012


rwang | December 25, 2012

was in the menlo park store. they are on massive back order. so far no HPWC yet.

given all the excuses everyone has been accommodating, all I can say is that the execution on delivery right now is best describe as chaotic at best, pandomonium at worst.

gimp_dad | December 25, 2012

Mine arrived a few days ago. SolarCity is scheduled to come on 2 Jan to install it. Everything looks in order. Can't wait to charge at twice the rate of my current NEMA 6-50 outlet.

I took delivery of my car on 4 Aug so it took a while but I assume they will start flowing now that they have UL listing. The build quality looks solid.

stevedar | December 26, 2012

HPWC Installation Guide is now available via the manuals link in your garage.

hammy16 | December 26, 2012

Have had mine installed for about a week. Did a self install and was very straight forward.
Seeing 79/80 amp charge rates.
Was told the cable holder was delayed about a month. I just put up a small garden hose
holder which works fine in the interim. Some folks just use a small basket to keep the
cable and connector off the floor.
The on-line manual was complete and no surprises

WSE51 | December 31, 2012

Anyone else received their HPWC yet? I took delivery of my Model S in late September and have not yet received my wall charger.