Wanted -- bike hitch

Wanted -- bike hitch

Having my S, I did put my recumbent bike into it. It is a pain to move the front seat full fwd and to lift the bike into the car, even w/ its bike seat detached. The lift was eased by being able to partially roll the bike in albeit on a shallow angle. A 5+ person sedan is now 1 passenger, me.

Ditto, w.r.t. my old Hollywood strap on rack. Ignoring the TM warning about the aluminum body not being able to carry this load, there are 3 problems.
1. The rear window is too far from the rack. I could make my straps longer.
2. There is no horizontal bumper to take the wt. Worse, the bumper is steeply angled.
3. With a swappable pack, there is no under bumper attachment point. I could slip an L bracket under the rear battery bolts, but now I need bolts +1/8" longer.
4. Warranty issue if I do it; and, liability if TM does it. The S frame & battery weren't designed to be torqued by a cantilevered load. TM has to do it at 125 mph.

Yet one more reason I am glad I kept my old car, valued at $2500 trade in ( The rack works just fine there.

PS. w/o search, I posted this as a new thread.

Jhall118 | November 6, 2012
Tiebreaker | November 6, 2012

@DavidG: Just curious, the bike doesn't fit in the trunk? Maybe with one or both rear sits folded?

vouteb | November 6, 2012

Nearly read the subject wrong: swapped the b and h


mrspaghetti | November 6, 2012


Me too! haha