Warning: SolarCity overbooked!

Warning: SolarCity overbooked!

Just warning everybody of SolarCity. For one, their communication is overly complicated. Emailed them before even placing firm order about 2 weeks ago, then again right after placing the order, then two phone consults a week ago and today, in between filling out survey & taking pictures of everything. Then today the guy tells me that they are overbooked and won't be able to do an HPWC install before vehicle arrives early April!!!

For Crying Out Loud! Couldn't they tell me that two weeks ago?!?

Anyway, deep breath, called Mr Electric at 254 745 2573 and they will come out in person for a site survey and give me quote on the spot.

Bottom line, if you call SolarCity, ask them if they can do the install in time, with firm commitment. Or go elsewhere.

biwamura | March 1, 2013

Odds are that you will not get you HPWC by April, on backorder and are filling sccording to vin#, but you can get the alternative installed but it will probably be two trip charges. Where Solar city will only charge once and come back when you have the HPWC.

Velo1 | March 1, 2013

I used SolarCity and in the end they did a fine job. I did have a few short delays getting the install scheduled, but overall I am satisfied with the service.

I did get the sense from the installer they were overwhelmed at the moment, but he never actually stated that fact. The installer just mentioned in passing that he had 2 other jobs left in his day, and it was already 4 p.m. when he finished my install.

So I just suggest you give yourself a time margin to get your install, should you go with them.

Captain_Zap | March 1, 2013

I have VIN# 0909 and the HPWC still hasn't arrived.

Solar City said that they would come and install my HPWC it once it arrived since they installed my temporary outlet originally. That could be adding to their workload.

hnashif | March 1, 2013

I am still waiting on my install. My rep initially that he will "work with me on timing". Their initial quote on 02/13 was for an April install. It took their contract people a whole week to counter sign the documents. After all said and done, they scheduled install on 03/08.

Captain_Zap | March 1, 2013

I have to add that Solar City did a beautiful job on my install and they took care of all the details.

jbunn | March 1, 2013

Please realize Solar City has nothing to do with the HPWC connector delay issue, since that's a Tesla item. Also you don't need Solar City to install the HPWC, any certified electrictian can do it, or as the home owner you can apply for the permit and do it yourself.

I do admire the trifecta of Solar City, SpaceX and Tesla though. I believe we are seeing the history of the future being made right here, right now.

jbunn | March 1, 2013

I should also note that overbooking may be a local issue depending on your area. So a blanket statement that Solar City is overbooked may or may not be true.

christurbeville | March 1, 2013

Heh Solar City sent me TO Mr Electric. They did a good if not a tad pricey job. But others are correct all you'll get is a 50AMP with disconnect HPWC are still unseen from what I can tell. Local service rep said he saw a pallet of them so maybe we'll see them soon.

BrianMRolfe | March 1, 2013

Solar City has been very upfront. Told me three times in the first phone call that they were four to six months out in scheduling installs. (I'm in TX)

djm12 | March 1, 2013

Is there any reason to think that this would not be a local issue? I decided today to go with Real Goods (the BMW-selected provider of solar) - they came in a little under Solar City, but it was close.

jbunn | March 1, 2013

Yes, there is every reason to think its local. Electricans have a service area.

Mark Z | March 1, 2013

Tesla is now shipping the HPWC to Model S VIN owners in the 600's. Mine arrived yesterday.

The electrician who previously installed an EVSE 200 amp meter panel for the TOU meter will estimate additional costs on Monday.

The charge cable is about 13/16" thick. It is heavy due to the wire gauge for 80 amps. The separate charge cable hanger shown on the cover of the installation guide is not included and not on the parts list. I called Tesla and they mentioned it would be manufactured in the future. Plan on hanging the cable over the metal mounting bracket.

Captain_Zap | March 1, 2013

Just today I proclaimed in this thread that my HPWC has not yet arrived. Lo and behold, it was on my doorstep in a couple hours.

That happened when I said my car wasn't here yet, my license plates were not here yet etc. The very day I said something they arrived!

So, lets try this: My Supercharger has not arrived yet!

DaveR75 | March 1, 2013

Solar City did an amazing job for us. Put in an entire 4.8 kW PV system and 14-50 outlet in under 2 months from initial call. Were polite and professional throughout. I've bough systems from other companies and Solar City was better in both cost and service.

Brian H | March 2, 2013

All the others were works in progress. When was the CapZap Supercharger contract signed? ;p

l9lafra | March 2, 2013

VIN # 044, still no HPWC. I am in BC.

I used a local electrician, no problem thus far but we are awaiting the HPWC before closing the wall...

gasnomo | March 2, 2013

Just an FYI, never considered using solarcity, used my electrician, no issues (and half the price), directions provided for him, according to him, were pretty straight forward. Also, because the HPWC was not available, requiring my electrician to come back, I received, in writing, from Tesla, a rebate of $ once I send them the second invoice...which is a very good cust service policy on Tesla's part (well done Tesla).

citizencipher | March 2, 2013

Re: Mark Z

With the HPWC are you still needing/using the EVSE meter panel for the TOU meter?

Does the TOU meter require the EVSE?

Solarenergy | March 9, 2013

it's always nice that Mr. electric himself can post a fictitious story ,and promote himself. I enjoyed the touch of adding the phone # for convenience. DUM DUM

inverts | March 9, 2013

@Solarenergy. Interesting conclusion, but way off.
Inverts does not stand for inverters, but for invertebrates.
Agreed, my rather unpleasant experience with SC is most likely a local issue. I have no problem with them being overbooked, but please be up-front about it. I don't hold TM or SC responsible for local utility either, but they are a fact that should be made known to prospective MS owners. TM and particularly the folks in the show rooms have my zip code, so should be aware of these issues and advise buyers. I sent one of the local sales people an e-mail to that effect.

It is the old n=1 problem. TM is in a position of seeing the situation from multiple buyers, so can see patterns, which I as an individual cannot.

Captain_Zap | March 9, 2013

I called Solar City to let them know that my HPWC arrived and they had me booked for the install within 4 working days.

We thought that Solar City didn't serve our area at all when we first called. They did a beautiful install of my temp plug.

nickjhowe | March 9, 2013

@Solarenergy - Mr Electric is the company that Tesla uses outside the Solar City coverage area (which is still pretty limited)

models60 | March 9, 2013

In bay-area, I think the service is pretty fast. They had given me march 3rd - April 3rd window and finished I installing on 3/8. They did a pretty good job.

ironmikeii | July 15, 2013

After 3 separate tries over 2 weeks I haven't heard back from Solar City and I'm concerned they are spread to thin (I call people back right away when they want to buy something from me). Now thinking I may have to go with a local electrician for my HPWC. We live in the NYC metro area. Anyone around here have experience with Solar City?

mikefa | July 15, 2013

Mr Electric (a national chain) is the company that Tesla uses outside the Solar City coverage area. You will be much better off financially by hiring a local licensed electrician to install your NEMA 14-50 outlet.

fritzlan | July 15, 2013

I get my new Tesla Friday. I called solar city and they told me they were no longer doing Tesla installs And referred me to Mr. electric. Both companies are growing crazy and are overwhelmed.

TeslaWeasel | July 24, 2013

Starting a month ago (in Bay Area):

1. We sent in questionnaire to Solar City for NEMA 14-50 install
2. Bugged Solar City to respond
3. Finally got referred to Mr. Electric from Solar City
4. 2 weeks to hear from Mr. Electric
5. They're going to contact someone in our area next week
6. We still haven't been 'contacted'
7. Called our local electrician
8. Gets installed in the morning
9. Car arrived last week!

Docrob | July 24, 2013

An HPWC install I can understand but why anyone would go with any sort of specialist electrician for a bog standard 14-50 installation is beyond me. Let the local guys deal with the 14-50's then Solar city is freed up to do HPWC's and accompanying solar arrays *hint hint* in a timely fashion.