What should the GenIII sedan (and, I presume, a CUV) be called?

What should the GenIII sedan (and, I presume, a CUV) be called?

For those of us who, after wracking our brains and wondering and thinking about how we could afford a Model S or X and realize we would be financially wise to wait, it's never too soon to speculate what the GenIII models (sedan, and presumably, a CUV) should be called.

It cannot be the Model T because that is still protected as a "live" registered trademark owned by Ford Motor Company.

My start would be Model TS and Model TX. Not overly imaginative, but makes the point and might be just different enough to avoid legal trouble with Ford.

Actually, they might decide to keep the "Model __" system for the higher-end GenII product line, and actually go with regular names. That didn't occur to me until just now.

Enough of my rambling - what do you think?

Sudre_ | February 19, 2012

I don't think Model T would fit anyway because Nissan has already mass produced an electric car that is cheap enough for the masses. The Model T did not have a very good range so that's not a good comparison. Other car companies are coming out with them this year or the next. Tesla will probably be the first with a long range but the last to make the lower cost electric car.

How about Model³

Brian H | February 19, 2012

As I suggested elsewhere, Model 2T? Makes for some great rhymes ...


Volker.Berlin | February 20, 2012

I love "Model T". It's alphabetical ("R"oadster, "S", ...), it's the "T"hird generation platform, and of course it has it's great ancestry. Which is, as you noted, precisely the reason why it will not become the official name.

I cannot imagine that they will rename the next-gen Roadster to "Model R". Along the same lines, I think it makes sense to reserve the "Model _" naming scheme for the large platform (sedan, x-over, coupe, cabriolet, van) and use a different scheme for the smaller GenIII platform (which will likely offer an even broader range of different bodies, definitely including a 1/3-series competitor and the next-gen Roadster).

Vawlkus | February 21, 2012

I'd prefer Model T2, then they could market a silver/grey one as a "terminator" :)